Firefighter injured rescuing dog from fire near 83rd and Sheridan

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MILWAUKEE -- Two families are left without a home and nine dogs are displaced near 83rd and Sheridan after a bedroom fire claims most of a duplex. The blaze left a damage of at least $35,000. A firefighter was also bitten multiple times as he tried to rescue one of the dogs trapped inside.83rd-and-sheridan-fire

It seems the fire was caused by knocking over a candle.

Milwaukee fire officials say the bulk of the damage is in the interior.

Four adults and six children were outside when crews arrived. Milwaukee Deputy Fire Chief Aaron Lipski says several pups were still trapped inside.

"Firefighters mounted an aggressive fire attack. They extinguished the fire, conducted a search and rescue and they were able to get all nine dogs out -- not without cost," said Lipski.

Aaron Lipski

Aaron Lipski

Most of the dogs inside were puppies. But the noise and commotion startled the larger dogs. When a firefighter reached to rescue a Rottweiler mix, the dog fought back.

"One of the larger dogs reached out and bit one of our firefighters several times on his hand. It caused quite a bit of damage," said Lipski.

All nine dogs were successfully rescued and the injured firefighter received medical attention.83rd-and-sheridan-fire1

"You can't predict all the variables in advance. In this case, our firefighters did exactly what we would've wanted them to do. We do everything we can to reduce the risk to our firefighters but sadly things like this happen," Lipski said.83rd-and-sheridan-fire2

As of now, it's believed the blaze originated in a bedroom when a child knocked over a lit candle.

Those displaced are being assisted by the American Red Cross.

Other fire safety tips to keep in mind this holiday season is if you have a live tree make sure it is constantly watered, check that your smoke detector is working and that you have a carbon monoxide detector.