“It’s really exciting:” Whitefish Bay family of bottle flippers becomes internet sensation

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WHITEFISH BAY -- One of the internet crazes of 2016 was the water bottle flip and it's far more difficult than it might appear. A group of kids from Whitefish Bay used that craze to reach viral video status.end-family

With a swish, a flip and a celebration, the End children from Whitefish Bay have found that most hallowed ground of the 21st century -- internet fame.

"That one got one million views in the first day," said Tommy End.

They're like the Von Trapp family of trick shots, five kids between the ages of four and 15.

Tommy, Matthew and Colin End

Tommy, Matthew and Colin End

"It's fun having the family together because everyone cheers each other on and stuff," said Maggie End.

"It teaches them to work together as a team and depend on each other," said Laura End, mother.

Tommy and Matthew got things started, inspired by clips they found online.

"It's kind of cool, every video, to see what amazing thing you can do next," said Matthew End.end-family

The girls, Maggie and Isabel, were skeptical at first.

"I really did not like the sounds," said Isabel.

"It was so loud," Maggie said.

But the girls didn't want to miss the train to viral video status.

Maggie and Isabel End

Maggie and Isabel End

"Since I figured out they were becoming famous, I wanted to be in the video camera so I could too," Isabel said.

And four-year-old Colin provides a certain je ne sais quoi.


"He's little and he can do all these cool tricks -- and he also provides a lot of entertainment throughout our video," said Tommy End.


Their YouTube channel, "That's Amazing," really took off when their second bottle flipping video landed in September. That alone now has more than 19 million views.

"Seeing that we're all the way here in like four months or five months is astounding to me. It's really exciting," said Tommy.

So what's next for the first family of bottle flipping?

Laura and Jim End

Laura and Jim End

"As long as they keep having fun and that shows through in the videos, I think there are going to be a lot of people who want to watch them," said Jim End, father.