Officers credited with restraint in arrest of homicide suspect who had fully-loaded pistol

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Hakeem Tucker

Hakeem Tucker

MILWAUKEE -- Hakeem Tucker, the suspect in the January 3rd homicide of Stephanie Jones, was arrested on Thursday, January 5th by four officers from Milwaukee Police Department District 7.

The officers involved in this arrest include:

  • Evan Domine, 3.5 years of service
  • Omarlo Phillips,  just under 8 years of service
  • Andrew Schnell,  2 years of service
  • Richard Voden,  4 years of service

In a news conference held on Friday afternoon, January 6th, Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn said four officers on patrol in two separate squads noticed a vehicle near 72nd and Capitol Dr. that was wanted in connection with a homicide. The officers approached the vehicle with two subject inside around 4:45 p.m. on Thursday.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn

One officer detained the person who was driving the vehicle. Officers noticed Hakeem Tucker was in the passenger seat of the vehicle. An officer got Tucker out of the vehicle and began patting him down.

"When I went hands down to make sure he didn't have any weapons he moved a little bit, and I told him keep his hands where I could keep them next thing I know there is a gun coming over his shoulder," said Milwaukee Police Officer Evan Domine.

After refusing commands to show his hands, Tucker produced a fully-loaded pistol.

"He aimed this pistol over his shoulder at the officers and was heard to say, 'Shoot me, shoot me," Chief Flynn said.

One of the officers took control of Tucker's hand and twisted the firearm out of his hand. Tucker attempted to flee on foot. But the officers prevented him from doing so -- and took him into custody.

"It was just reactionary to grab it right away because I didn't have my gun out at the time and I was between all my partners from if they needed to use deadly force which... grabbing it was the first thing that came into my mind," said Officer Domine.

Officers involved in the arrest of Hakeem Tucker

Officers involved in the arrest of Hakeem Tucker

"I am here to present them with some Challenge Coins and extend to them my appreciation for exhibiting so conspicuously our core values, particularly courage and restraint under very dynamic and stressful circumstances," Flynn said.

Challenge Coin

barrett2"I was amazed and impressed with the professionalism of the four men standing behind me," said Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. "I'm here today to say thank you to each and every one of you for your valor, for your courage, for your professionalism, and for your restraint."

Jones was shot and killed inside her home near 41st and North Ave. on January 3rd. Jones' father, age 54, was also wounded in the shooting.

Tucker is the ex-boyfriend of Jones and the father of her child.

Stephanie Jones

Stephanie Jones

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  • #whitelivesmattermorebecausetheypayforstuff

    These officers did a fine job but it sounds like they missed a GOLDEN opportunity to save the state THOUSANDS in “rehabilitation” costs. Who knows, he could be the next Eisenstein. Let’s spare no expense finding out.

  • NH

    FULLY LOADED!!!! Amazing simply amazing. I wonder how things would’ve turned out if the weapon was HALF LOADED!?!

  • Jeff hog

    Thats how its going to be now, afraid to pull weapons and shoot these low lifes for fear of having their lives in the spotlight on top of thug marches and destroying property, on top of threats to officers family on top of all the other bullsh-t that comes with a officer doing his job! Fricking pathetic!

  • Nijee Taylor

    So the police peacefully arrest a HOMICIDE suspect but murder minority citizens for shoplifting, selling DVDs, sleeping in the park and reaching for driver’s licenses? I congratulate the officers for doing a “good job” even though it’s just their job anyway lol.

    I congratulate the following for doing what was a basic expectation of their occupation….yay…
    now how about teaching the rest of the force to do the same for citizens accused of petty crimes.

    Evan Domine, 3.5 years of service
    Omarlo Phillips, just under 8 years of service
    Andrew Schnell, 2 years of service
    Richard Voden, 4 years of service

  • Proud supporter of MPD

    Job well done! Officer Domine did a very selfless & courageous thing by risking his own life and unarming a very dangerous individual. I can’t help but wonder where all the crowds of people are to THANK those 4 officers involved for their bravery & outstanding service. There is no doubt that there would be groups to protest their job performance if the “alleged” killer was somehow injured in his attempt to shoot his way out of that situation. This dedicated police force that goes out EVERY day risking their lives to protect all of us deserve the same kind of support from and recognition from the public as well. Thanks to each of the 4 officers in this situation, along with ALL the men and women of the MPD for their fearless dedication to protect and serve as well as their continued work towards making our city a safe and respectable community.

  • Step up or shut up!

    A few of you ought to be more thankful those officers did ” their job” despite the risks. Because IF the suspects loaded weapon went OFF someone could have lost their life. If it was the dirtbag that killed the mother of his own child or an innocent bystander; protests erupt and accusations calling MPD unethical or killers. If one of the officers got injured; people (including some of you) simply brush it off as if the officers deserved it. Yes, they took an oath to protect and serve and risks come with that oath. But they take far too much crap and disrespect from the public they serve. They continue to do their jobs and put their lives on the line daily for a community that tends to blame them rather than THANK them for stepping up. They too, could easily choose to sit at home, collect government assistance while disregarding common decency like far too many in this city. Instead they choose to patrol, keep control & protect this community. Even the ungrateful ones!

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