“A movement:” The Juice Kitchen, a locally sourced juicing company, uses fresh ingredients

MILWAUKEE -- Brian Kramp spent the morning at The Juice Kitchen in Milwaukee's Lindsay Heights neighborhood. It's a locally sourced juicing company that uses fresh organic ingredients in its drinks created by their juice-ologists. Local couple JoAnne & Maanaan started juicing in an effort to cure their son's illness. It was his famous words that branded the business. He said "This is business...let's call it the Juice Kitchen."

About The Juice Kitchen (website)

The Juice Kitchen is a movement! A space and a recipe made with love for our community. Our vision is community ownership and wellness through living foods. When you purchase products from The Juice Kitchen you are boldly investing in our neighbors, our youth, and impacting your own personal wellness. We combine fresh fruit and vegetables to create life affirming mixtures.

We came together as a family and began to juice in an effort to cure our son Taj’s illness. His famous words branded us! “This is a business…let’s call it The Juice Kitchen." So here we stand still juicing, thriving, and at the service of our greater family and the community in which we live. Join us!

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