“Dangerous for everybody:” Meth cook ignites inside hotel room, woman burned, man arrested

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LAKE GENEVA -- A woman is in serious condition after suffering burns inside a room at The Cove in Lake Geneva -- and a man has been arrested.

Meth explosion at The Cove in Lake Geneva

Meth explosion at The Cove in Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva police responded to the hotel around 3:15 a.m. on Monday, January 9th for an "activated fire alarm." While en route, officers received a second call for service of a female yelling for help at a hotel nearby. She was the burn victim.

"It's dangerous for everybody involved. Obviously for the people cooking the meth, it's very volatile -- even if they do know what they are doing. We've learned something like this can happen very quickly," said Lieutenant Edward Gritzner, Lake Geneva Police Department.

Police say a 35-year-old woman suffered first-degree burns to her upper body and face following a meth explosion inside her hotel room at The Cove. For unknown reasons, she ran to the nearby Mill Creek Hotel for help.

Police connected her injuries to the explosion at The Cove.

Meth explosion at The Cove in Lake Geneva

Meth explosion at The Cove in Lake Geneva

"We have seen meth cooks, but not at a hotel of that caliber," said Gritzner.

Several first responders at the scene also had to be treated for injuries.

"Two Lake Geneva police officers, two Walworth County deputies, one Lake Geneva firefighter and a security guard at that location were exposed to some of the smoke from the explosion," said Gritzner.

Meth explosion at The Cove in Lake Geneva

Meth explosion at The Cove in Lake Geneva

A second occupant of the room, 50-year-old Patrick McBean, a Lake Geneva man, was arrested and booked into the Walworth County Jail. Charges for possession of methamphetamine waste product, possession of drug paraphernalia related to methamphetamine manufacturing and bail jumping have been referred to the Walworth County District Attorney’s Office.

Patrick McBean

Patrick McBean

Police asked that viewers to be aware of the signs associated with meth production.

"If you see changes in behavior of anyone you know -- if you see anybody purchase methamphetamine cursors, contact your local law enforcement," said Gritzner.

Police are waiting to interview the 35-year-old woman hospitalized at St. Mary's for treatment of her injuries.

The Cove officials had no comment on the incident, but FOX6 News was told the room this occurred in will need carpet and drywall replaced.


  • Dennis

    And the taxpayers will be the one who have to foot the bill for her medical bills, the damage at the hotel, and emergency response. All because our politicians in Madison like Walker and Nygren has given her immunity from prosecution.

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