Thieves target stores for Crest White Strips, Rogaine for Men

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GREEN BAY — Green Bay police issued a statewide alert after responding to a total of five thefts involving large amounts of Crest White Strips, Rogaine for Men and shaving cartridges — all high-dollar items. Walgreens and CVS stores are the primary targets of these thefts.

Police said some of the thefts were discovered after inventory numbers revealed a shortage.

The losses total nearly $7,000.

Officials issued the statewide alert to warn drug stores/pharmacy-type businesses to safe guard these items — as well as in the event this crime trend spreads.

Below you’ll see¬†photos from one of the incidents that took place on January 10th.¬†The vehicle is very distinct as it has dark, tinted windows, only has one driver side front hubcap, and no front plate.

The subject was seen in two of the incidents that took place in Green Bay and Appleton.


Police have not said if the thieves are using the teeth whitening strips of if they’re being sold.

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