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Dramatic moments in court: Victim’s family helps officials tackle homicide suspect after man’s overdose

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KENOSHA COUNTY -- Deputies say a suspect in Kenosha County tried to make a run for it, but she didn't make it far, thanks to some help from the victim's family.

30-year-old Elizabeth Cooper is accused of providing a fatal dose of heroin to a Salem man.

Elizabeth Cooper

Elizabeth Cooper

"The person who was found passed away, he was found in his garage," Sgt. Eric Klinkhammer with the Kenosha County Sheriff's Department said.

In July, 31-year-old Christopher Stachura was found dead on his mother's property. Family members said Stachura struggled with drugs, but was clean until he met Cooper.

"The cause of death was an overdose of heroin," Sgt. Klinkhammer said.

Family members said Cooper provided a fatal dose of drugs to Stachura and then left him to die.

She's facing three charges: First degree reckless homicide/deliver drugs, possession of narcotic drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia -- but she hasn't spent much time behind bars. After posting a $5,000 cash bond just days after her arrest, Cooper has been out of custody.

Christopher Stachura

Christopher Stachura

On Thursday, January 12th, she was back at the Kenosha County Courthouse, but she apparently didn't know she was about to be taken back to jail after she was arrested in Lake County, Illinois on retail theft and drug paraphernalia possession charges -- a violation of her bond in Wisconsin.

Elizabeth Cooper

Elizabeth Cooper

Elizabeth Cooper

After a judge ordered that she be taken into custody, deputies say she slipped her restraint -- but her life on the run was short-lived.

After running past the victim's family, deputies struggled with her inside the courthouse.

A family member said he grabbed her legs before she was finally taken away.

Elizabeth Cooper

Family members of the victim said Cooper will be back in court on Friday. Court records show she's being held on a new charge -- resisting an officer.


  • Opinion8d

    I’d be curious where she met him?!?! Was it at a rehab?? I’ve heard lots of ‘bad connections’ during rehab that end up making things worse……time to get tougher of heroin dealers!!!

    • Mike

      She knew him because she grew together in Antioch. Unfortunately Antioch has a large herion promble. Her kids dad who I knew since he was 14 died of pills overdose. She is not a dealer just a sad user. Charging her for his death isn’t gonna fix anything. I was a user for about a year. About a month before Chris death he tried to get me to take him to get dope. Luckily I’m smart enough not to help anyone further there sickness. When using I always used alone. In antioch I have seen 7 overdose deatu. 3 from pills. So so sad. Many people can not escape. I’m one of the few

  • Mike

    I knew Chris. I also knew Beth. Chris was a 2 time felony for breaking and entering of house. Spent many years in prison. It’s sad what happened but charging her for his death is uncalled for. If he didn’t get the dope from her he would of got it from someone eles. He made the choice to stick that needle in his arm, she didn’t force him. So sad.

    • Really

      You really have room to talk last time I checked didn’t you get 4 counts of burglary against you . Oh and how about those headhunters in Colorado. Shame on you for talking poorly about a deceased person. You all need help. Get over yourself brogan

  • Mike

    Also if you want to charge anyone for theses kids death start charging the doctors that freely prescribe opiate pain pills for minor injuries. I got hooked because of a 3 month supply of pills from a dentist

  • Juneau Ave

    its just so sad.. so many families and little people having to live with what has been done and they are left behind.. I am sorry but someone tell me why legalizing one drug like weed is going to help stop the problems… so many I have see as kids under 12 years of age start out smoking that stuff and then they have to walk up that terrible terrible ladder to death.. or jail .. its just so sad.. prayers and hopes for a better tomorrow.. please help each other and stop and think about the children that are in the families..

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