TMZ: President Obama’s dog ‘Sunny’ bites White House guest in the face

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FOX6 News has learned President Obama’s four-year-old dog, Sunny, bit a family friend visiting the White House on Monday, January 9th — according to TMZ.

TMZ says sources of the girl who was bitten tell them she went to pet and kiss Sunny, and the dog “bit her on the face.” Leaving a pretty large and bloody gash.

According to TMZ, Obamas’ family physician checked the girl out and decided she needed stitches. She will be OK, but will likely have a small scar — TMZ says this is upsetting to the girl.

Courtesy: TMZ

Courtesy: TMZ

Four-year-old Sunny is a female Portuguese Water Dog. The bite is out of character for the breed, as they are typically not aggressive in family settings.

Courtesy: TMZ

Courtesy: TMZ

The Obamas own two Portuguese Water Dogs — eight-year-old “Bo” has the title, “First Dog.”

The White House has not commented as of yet.

Monitor FOX6 News and for updates on this developing story.



  • Lee Ann Heiden

    Makes me wonder what the circumstances were surrounding the incident! Did the dog get spooked? A dog that is not normally agreessive usually only reacts if spooked or in pain!


      It said she tried to kiss the dog……you get that close to a dog’s face a lot of times it’s gonna snap at you. Not always, but I’ve seen it happen a lot.


    It was sentenced to death but……..surprise……. Obama commuted it’s sentence. First Commute that makes sense.

    • Bobby Digital

      Your mother should have commuted your slimy mug to the trash. That woulda been the first commute that makes REAL sense.

  • Blake Cunningham

    I was thinking the same thing…hope they don’t overreact to the situation. People who are not familiar with dogs may not know you should not get that close to a dog’s face, especially if you are unfamiliar to the dog. Imagine a stranger walking right up to kiss your face; most of us would at least pull back and be uncomfortable.

    • LeeAnn Heiden

      I am defending the dog. You never put your face by a dog, I don’t care how well trained it is. If you scare it for whatever reason, it will react. Natural instinct! Not the dogs fault. Period.

  • Paul Miyagi

    I am a dog owner, it’s always easy for everyone to blame the dog, but they are just doing what comes naturally, and reacting to situations.

    TMZ says this is upsetting to the girl…..right, let it go, odds are YOU are the one that did something to excite the dog and cause the reaction that ended up with you getting a little scratch.

    Makeup works wonders!


    that little ass cut doesn’t need any stiches, and who is she anyways coming to the white house all in the dogs face as if you were close tot the dog. you could’ve expect something coming if your trying to kiss the dog. be glad you are alive. hahahaha!

  • Tazmanian

    Mimicking the stupid puppy commercials where they cuddle and kiss the dog, oh such a good pooch, awe, how cute, until they get their face ripped off. Liberals will save a drowning dog, give 20 bucks a month to asspa or what ever the hell it’s called with their stupid commercials that target bleeding heart liberals, before they go down the street and help a starving homeless person. Try a food drive for a pet at your local foodstore and you will have a truck load, try doing it for a homeless person and everyone will walk right past the contribution booth.

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