10 more victims allege sexual assault by retired Slinger band teacher, but he won’t face charges

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SLINGER -- Nearly a dozen Slinger High School graduates have now come forward, accusing a retired band teacher of sexual assault. This, after David Hanke was charged on January 11th with sexual assault of a student by school staff for allegations dating back 17 years. FOX6 News has learned Hanke will not face charges related to these new alleged victims.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office is investigating the complaints against Hanke -- alleged crimes that happened up to 20 years ago.

David Hanke

David Hanke

"He might show up at where they work. Talk to them. Talk them into either coming over to his house or going out to eat and then ending up at his house. He would be massaging the victim, and then ultimately, it would extend past that to where he was touching inappropriately," Lt. Bob Konstanz with the Washington County Sheriff's Office said.

That series of events is similar to the ones outlined in a criminal complaint filed on January 11th.

According to a criminal complaint, the victim in this case is now 34 years old. The alleged sexual assault occurred when the victim was a student at Slinger High School and Hanke was her band teacher.

The complaint indicates the victim told investigators in either 1999 or 2000, when she was 16 or 17 years old, she was invited to Hanke's home on Highway 175 in Hartford after school. The alleged victim indicated Hanke offered her beer, which she drank, and they talked -- with Hanke eventually inviting her to take a look at the basement.

In the basement, the complaint says the victim told investigators Hanke offered to give her a back massage. The victim said Hanke suggested she remove her shirt and bra so "he could provide a proper massage." She said she "felt awkward" and "didn't know what to do."

She said she was lying on her stomach and Hanke was "straddled over her, giving her a massage."

David Hanke

David Hanke

She told investigators the massage quickly turned into inappropriate touching, according to the complaint. The victim said she "froze." She said "she was so scared and she did not know what to do."

The victim told investigators she recalls standing in Hanke's driveway, and him making some sort of statement about their "circle of trust." The victim said she remembers that she "could not get out of there fast enough."

According to the complaint, the victim said she never spoke of this again until college. She said she and Hanke never spoke about what happened, and "acted as if nothing had happened between them." The victim told investigators she "didn't want to ruin her friendship with Hanke," but she said she "didn't trust Hanke" and "never returned to his home."

In late October or early November of 2001, the victim told investigators Hanke came to visit her at college. She said Hanke took her out to dinner and "provided her with cocktails." The victim said she was "very drunk" and thought Hanke would be taking her back to her dorm, but he instead took her to a hotel, according to the complaint. The victim said it was "awkward" and she "just wanted to go home." She said she found some people to hang out with for a bit, but eventually found herself back with Hanke, who was apparently upset she was hanging out with other people. The victim said she eventually laid down on the bed in the hotel room and pretended to sleep.

That's when the victim said Hanke touched her inappropriately again, according to the complaint.

The complaint says when the victim was startled by Hanke's touching, he immediately stopped, and the next morning, he acted as though nothing had happened. The victim said after this, she never spoke with Hanke again.

According to the complaint, in 2004 or 2005, the victim wrote an anonymous email to the Slinger High School principal. She said she wished to remain anonymous, so she did not respond to an email from Slinger High School officials requesting her name.

In 2016, the victim told investigators she sent another email to the principal -- this time including her name and the specific allegations.

Lt. Konstanz said that case prompted several others (10 in all) to come forward -- alleging Hanke sexually assaulted them soon after they graduated from Slinger High School.


"Based on the time frame of when the events occurred until now, the statute of limitations doesn`t allow us to charge in the cases where the victims have come forward recently," Lt. Konstanz said.

According to state law, the statute of limitations clock stops ticking for sexual assault allegations at different times, depending on the circumstances. For felony sexual assault of someone 18 or older, the victim has until six years after the crime occurred to report it to authorities. For sexual assault of a student under 18 by a school staff member, the victim has until the age of 45 to report the crime.

Hanke has been retired from Slinger High School since 2012. He worked at the school for 37 years.