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Retired Wisconsin brewery head Jake Leinenkugel joining Pres. Trump’s administration

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Jake Leinenkugel

CHIPPEWA FALLS — The retired head of the Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co. is joining President Donald Trump’s administration as an adviser on veterans issues.

The Chippewa Herald reported Tuesday ( that Jake Leinenkugel had accepted a position as a senior White House adviser to the Office of Veterans Affairs. The White House would not confirm the appointment Tuesday and it had not been publicly announced by the Trump administration.

Dick Leinenkugel says that his brother served as a captain in the U.S. Marine Corps and is the father of two veterans. He says the job will allow Jake Leinenkugel “to make an impact on policies helping those who have served and protected our nation.”

Jake Leinenkugel ran the beer company for 25 years before retiring two years ago.


  • Metal Maniac

    The media still can’t get ENOUGH of Trump. They the money he makes them so much! Half the posts on here are about him.

  • Jane White

    I am delighted to hear this wonderful news! I have been advocating for veterans for over 25 years! I live in a small city 17 miles from Miwaukee. My husband is a decorated Vietnam Vet that served under” Stormin Norman!” He has been injured twice in the VA Hospital in Miwaukee. The last time, he was misdiagnosed. He was never treated, just kept giving him meds!! They , the VA watched him deteriorate for five years and did nothing! FInally, when my husband could no longer stand the pain, he ask for a MRI! It was taken and revealed he very much needed spinal cord and brain surgery. The Va , again, failed to treat him, telling him to return in 6 months and they would “talk about it!” We were forced to seek out a private neurosurgeon. He is wonderful, but to late for my husband. The disease was to far advanced, he has permanent damage and is facing more surgery ! The surgery was. $226.000.00,. The COS , VA Hospital apologized to my husband, that is as far as it went!! We need help! I am so very grateful Jake has been appointed and has excepted! There is hope for all veterans! My question, how do I contact Jake Leinenkugel? I can be reached at Thank you, Jane

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