Close encounter of the wild kind: Bus driver avoids collision with deer at crossing

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MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee County Transit System posted video on Facebook on Thursday, February 16th of a close encounter between a county bus and a deer.

According to captions within the video, MCTS driver Alfreeda Gogins was driving on Good Hope Rd. on a recent evening — when something caught her eye. It was a deer trying to make its way across the road — at a point in the road where there is a posted deer crossing sign.

Gogins reacted and was able to brake early enough to avoid striking the deer. The video from the bus even shows the deer got away unharmed.

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    You are kidding? Report on a deer running in front of a bus on Good Hope rd.? Maybe the folks at MCTS have a bit too much time on their hands. I now see why they have a need to tack on more fees to operate.

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