GOP state Sen. Leah Vukmir says she’s ‘seriously considering’ U.S. Senate run

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Leah Vukmir

MADISON — Republican state Sen. Leah Vukmir says she was seriously considering running for U.S. Senate before U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy announced he would not be a candidate.

And Vukmir said Thursday, February 16th with the news that he’s out, she is moving forward with evaluating whether to get in. Vukmir says she has no timeline for when she will make a final decision.

Vukmir lives in Brookfield and has been in the state Legislature since 2003. She is one of several Republicans considering a Senate run next year against Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin.

Vukmir says she is evaluating whether she’s the best person to run, if she can put together a team and raise money for the race that’s expected to be a target for both Republicans and Democrats.


  • Perfecto Rivera

    Lea Vukmir is a super woman and would be a great Senator to represent the great State of Wisconsin ,,, Perfecto

  • Scott Enk

    If Leah Vukmir, one of Wisconsin’s most arrogant, out-of-touch legislators, indeed runs for Tammy Baldwin’s U.S. Senate seat, thousands, even millions, of us thinking Wisconsinites will be mobilizing to make sure she loses and that Ms. Baldwin is reeelected decisively.

    Right now, were I Vukmir, I’d be worrying far more about losing a certain current Wisconsin Senate seat after our federal courts, at long last, put an end to her and her party’s gerrymandering of our state’s legislative districts and her and its resulting theft of our democracy. Which others among Vukmir’s GOP political playmates will have to give up seats once fair districting is restored? Neither Scott Fitzgerald nor Robin Vos nor any others among her legislative pals, nor ALEC nor even Scott Walker himself, will be able to save her and many of her buddies from losing their jobs — and their ill-gotten legislative majority — once she and they finally and fairly face “We the People.”

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