Gov. Scott Walker signs pro-cheese bill, first to pass this year

gettyimages-484685640 cheese

MADISON — Gov. Scott Walker has signed into law the first bill to pass the Legislature this session, a measure designed to help Wisconsin’s cheese industry.

Walker on Thursday signed the bill making it possible for tax incentives to be extended to help finance construction of a $30 million cheese packaging and distribution plant in the Village of Oostburg near Sheboygan.

Plymouth-based Masters Gallery Foods is looking to construct the new facility. The new law will allow Oostburg to create a new tax incremental district to help subsidize construction of the 150,000-sqaure-foot facility.

It is expected to create 120 jobs over three years.

Walker says the bill is good news both for the Oostburg community and the state.

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  • Scott Walker is Trump's Toadie

    Scott Walker ruined Wisconsin. He cut the cheese, we wete left to linger in his stinky funk. Just another career politician wanting to be Governor for Life. Thanks for nothing, stinky.

  • Retardican'ts hate freedom and they stink really really bad

    Scott Walker the stinky cheese man wants to be Governor for Life because he can’t survive in the private sector or the free market! Walker is just another career politician and big government MOOCHER!