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WATCH: Milwaukee Bucks’ Jabari Parker speaks out about racism, his experience with discrimination

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MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee Bucks forward Jabari Parker is speaking out about racism.

In a new video posted by The Players’ Tribune, Parker talks about his personal experience with discrimination and his opportunity to stand up for those who have been discriminated against.

The STAND UP campaign uses the power of the biggest names in sports to support ideals of unity, togetherness and love.

Parker is no stranger to helping others. In November of 2016, he distributed 150 turkey dinners he donated to Milwaukee-area families at the House of Peace — a Capuchin ministry.


  • Pandabucks

    Parker is an intense anti-conservative bigot. He inserts politics or plays the race card at every opportunity. For Republican Bucks fans myself, this race-baiting leftist’s hatred really kills my love for the team. His unprovoked attacks on my political choices show his complete hatred for me and my belief in liberty.

    I still feel bad for his injury, as I’d wish that on no one. Unlike Jabari the Hater, I don’t play racial or political favorites. I wish the best for all people. But to Jabari, I’m just worthless.

    And thanks to him and his hate-monger team owners, the Bucks are now worthless to this lifelong fan. Their hate has ruined it for me.

  • Libsareliars

    If Jabari wants to take up a cause he should go back to his hometown of Chicago and try to end the black on black killings instead of playing the race card. You know Jabari the same people you ridicule who pay big money to watch you play? Hypocrite!!

      • Pandabucks

        Well Chip, Jabari has talked about Chicago, but he has done NOTHING about the rampant killing there. Has he spoken about how those communities need to stop blaming others and start taking responsibility? NO. Instead, he fans the same racist fires driving their rage.

        Then he hosts basketball clinics…while his enraged brethren keep killing each other. Wow, what a guy.

        Here is the result of racists like Jabari inflaming a community of people: The average black person in America is over 800% more likely to kill a white person than the other way around. That’s FBI stat fact, Chip. All you do is take the relative populations of each group and compare by how many of the other group they kill. Over 800% more likely.


  • Z

    Shut up Jabari. Your just another brain-dead athlete. So glad he got injured. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving moron.

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