Wisconsin students demand free tuition for African-American students


MADISON — The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s student government is demanding free tuition for African-American students.

The Associated Students Of Madison adopted a resolution Wednesday, February 15th saying African-Americans were legally barred from education during slavery and that the flagship school remains out of reach for students of color. The resolution demands free access, tuition and housing for all African-American people, including former inmates.

UW-Madison spokesman John Lucas says university officials are reviewing the resolution. The proportion of African-American students at the school has grown from 11 percent to 15 percent over the last decade.

State lawmakers set tuition rates. Representatives of the Legislature’s budget-writing committee didn’t immediately comment.

A series of racially tinged incidents have marred campus life in recent months, including a fan wearing an offensive costume to a football game and the arrest of an African-American student for anti-racist graffiti.

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  • PH

    “Americans were legally barred from education during slavery and that the flagship school remains out of reach for students of color”

    Come on? None of these kids or any of their relatives have ever been harmed by slavery? Are you kidding me?

    • Chuck

      While I may not agree with free tuition, stating slavery does not harm them is a bit inappropriate. The generational effects of black subjugation and white elevation have given whites a significant advantage in this society. The dark history of this country cannot be erased.

  • Wow, another purely racist proposition

    Talk about your racist propositions… It doesn’t get anymore racist than this.
    I have news for you.. it isn’t money keeping them out of that school.. there are all kinds of scholarships specifically and only for people of color. The flagship school is out of reach because they don’t have the grades to get in there. Enrolling them simply because they are of African descent is completely and purely racist. If they want to go to UW-Madison they can work hard in school and get the grades and perform well on the SAT and ACT tests to earn their place at the college just like everyone else. Free handouts based on color is not the way to fix the problem. This problem like every other “problem” plaguing the African American community begins in their homes and their culture of entitlement. Until they change their culture and realize they must work for what they want they will always be “second class citizens” in their own eyes.

  • rocking aunt

    College is earned, not given. By athleticism, academics, societal contributions. The #1 reason I did not vote for Hilary or Bernie was the free college. A student should desire college from middle school(at least) and on. Earn that college with scholarships, working jobs(many jobs), interning. There are also many programs specifically for African-Americans. Like the United Negro College Fund. Many companies offer a scholarship. The armed forces offer some help. I will not pay for someone who I do not know, am not related to-to go smoke weed, drink alcohol, sexual indiscretions and flunk out in the 1st year because they feel they have a “right”. You want it, you earn it.

  • Thomas Paine

    The UW owes them nothing. The administration, the faculty, students and Wisconsin residents are not legally, morally or financially responsible for wrongs they did not commit. The UW system IS open to all. If a student is denied admission to UW-Madison, they have the option of attending another school in the UW system. If a student cannot afford it, there are loans, grants, scholarships and jobs available to all students in need. This entitlement ideology is simply flawed and destructive on so many levels.

  • Zebby

    How about all kids who drop out of high school immediately go to prison until they earn their GED and an essential public trade, alternative, the army till they earn their GED and an essential public.

  • Had enough!

    What is going on around here? As a society, we are doomed because people just don’t make any sense anymore and it’s just a matter of time before we kill ourselves with stupidity…

  • Greg Bores

    Kids these days, don’t know facts from a their ass. The flagship school remains out of reach for students of color…also states the percentage of blacks enrolled today is about 15%. Considering the population of blacks in the US is about 13%, I’d say everything is as it should be.

  • RedHot

    “The resolution demands free access, tuition and housing for all African-American people” . . . . . . . OK, so they’re supporting immigrants from one continent who have become citizens of the USA. That covers lots of countries, though, from South Africa, Libya, Ivory Coast, Egypt, Senegal…
    And how exactly is someone who has immigrated here from (let’s say) Egypt & become a US citizen disadvantaged by what happened over 100 years ago in the Confederacy? . . . . . . .
    It’s nonsense. It’s treating people differently based only on their heritage, and therefore illegal. . . . . . .
    If those students want to use their own money to pay for any student of their choice to attend any school of their choice, fine. Their money, their choice. They can decide how to pick a student & how long to support him/her/it/zie/whatever, and to what degree.

  • jyychem

    This is totally absurd and demands and behaviors such as this from this far-Left university from which I have a degree are why I refuse to donate a single penny to them when they fund raise.

  • Jennie

    I cam from the inner city while working various jobs, studied hard to obtain student loans and matriculate from that fine institution, I object! It is highly offensive. They already provide help for black students if their grades are good enough enroll, its called incentive.

  • DL

    If they give “people of color” access to a free college education, where they already have some advantages getting scholarships, they need to give that same free education to every single student. This is asking for trouble.