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Wisconsin lawmakers ditch plans to end daylight saving time

MADISON — Two Republican lawmakers have scrapped a bill to end daylight saving time in Wisconsin amid a backlash on social media and now want to make the sunshine-extending time change permanent year-round in the state.

Reps. Samantha Kerkman and Michael Schraa introduced a bill last week that would have eliminated daylight saving time in Wisconsin. The change would mean the summer sun would set an hour earlier.

Schraa said Friday the news release went out prematurely and sparked a backlash on Facebook from people who didn’t want their summer evenings shortened. He said he and Kerkman are now working on a bill that would make daylight saving time permanent, which would mean the winter sun would set an hour later.

The state would need a federal waiver to make that change.


  • SMM

    Why did you cave to the pressure? Man, I have been wanting this for years! Get rid of it! And get us on the metric system while we’re at it!

  • Emma Jones

    Thank you for your efforts. This is something I’ve wanted for years. It is so disruptive, and for what purpose really? Early morning sunshine brings so much joy. Keep trying.

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