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Powerful winds calm in SE Wisconsin; crews head out to clean up the damage

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WHITEFISH BAY -- Cleanup began on Thursday, March 9th -- the day after powerful winds uprooted trees, ripped off shingles and caused extensive damage throughout southeastern Wisconsin on Wednesday. Contractors said they're booked through next week as folks look to pick up the pieces after the wind's destruction.

Crews with M&M Tree Care were busy Thursday -- lifting, cutting and shredding fallen trees.

"We were here till almost dark (Wednesday) night just getting it off the roof, getting it safe, so we came back (Thursday) to do the cleanup," said Bob Miller, M&M Tree Care owner.

At a home in Whitefish Bay, Wednesday's relentless wind got the best of a tree trunk.

"It was between the sidewalk and the street and when it uprooted, it lifted up some of the sidewalk cement panels," said Miller.

In Milwaukee, the owner of JK Contractors, said his employees were 10 times busier Thursday, than on a typical spring day.

"Up until now, we've probably received 40 phone calls. It's all wind-related," said Jeff Kurz, JK Contractors owner.

Some jobs involved replacing a few missing shingles,while others will require a whole new roof.

"There was just no way of repairing it and putting it back together," said Kurz.

With snow in the forecast early next week, and jobs booked through the end of next week, both companies say time is running out for people who are still in need of service to get help.

"The calls keep coming in," said Miller. 

"It's very important that these repairs get done sooner rather than later -- otherwise you might have drywall damage and all of a sudden you have $1,000 repair," said Kurz.

If you do notice a tree is leaning, experts say stay away from it and call an arborist to find out if it needs to come down.