“Destined to do great things:” MPS event helps young men find hope, opportunity

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MILWAUKEE -- Wednesday, March 15th was dubbed "A Day of Destiny" for the African-American male students at North Division High School. The point was to empower the young men and stop violence in their communities.

Close to 150 young men gathered in the auditorium at North Division High School on Wednesday. It was all part of the "I Will Not Die Young Campaign."

"Life is real. You have to be really careful out here as an African-American male," said Greg Norwood, senior at North Division H.S.

Middle and high school students from the 53206 ZIP code and the Sherman Park neighborhood took part in the special program.

"One of the things we are trying to overcome here is just a sense of hopelessness a lot of our young men feel," said Keith Carrington, principal at North Division H.S.

During the event, the young men saw videos of grieving mothers, a coffin on stage -- and the presenter Kwabena Nixon sending a powerful message.

"They are just kind of uncertain about where they want to go and we believe they're destined to do great things if they can get past some of the trauma that is in their lives," said Kwabena Nixon, "I Will Not Die Young Campaign" presenter.

The event connected students with role models, such as Peter Feigin with the Milwaukee Bucks, to guide students towards success.

"The earlier we can talk about accountability and how to get kids on the right path, the better," said Feigin.

It was an event aimed at inspiring Milwaukee's youth and showing them a better future is possible.

"We are here. We are relevant -- and we can make a difference," said Norwood.

"Don't give up. Take this as a process to build," said Nixon.

Break out sessions with mentors and students followed the presentation. The event was open to students in 10th through 12th grade at North Division High School.