“I’m lucky I wasn’t shot:” Summerfest vendor finds loaded handgun in his rental SUV

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MILWAUKEE -- A man in Milwaukee to sell posters at Summerfest got quite the scare when he found a loaded handgun in his rented SUV! Louis Medrano, who is from Los Angeles, said he was driving the vehicle for several days before he discovered the weapon inside.

His plan was to make a profit by selling graphic art posters for his company Garageland, and explore the city of Milwaukee during Summerfest's 50th edition. On Friday, June 30th, the trip took a turn.



"I was driving into our hotel. I was in our rental car and I made a left hand turn and out of the blue something hit me on the foot," Medrano said.

The object was a handgun.

"I didn't touch it because I was worried about where it came from and who may have touched it, so I got out and immediately called police," Medrano said.

He said when Brookfield police arrived, they informed him the gun was fully loaded, the safety was off and the serial number was scratched off. He was also informed that the license plates on the SUV he rented had been swapped out. He said the incident took up a large portion of his time, and he said he's since thought about what could've happened, since he'd been driving the vehicle for several days before the gun was discovered.

Louis Medrano

"I'm lucky that I wasn't shot, really. Also lucky that we weren't pulled over. They could've found that gun and we may have been attached to it," Medrano said.

He began contacted Enterprise Rent-A-Car, the company he leased the SUV from.

"It was very frustrating that Enterprise wasn't getting back to us," Medrano said.

Medrano said he feels the company wasn't taking him seriously, so he took to social media and tweeted out the images of the handgun. That's when, he said, he was contacted by the company.

"They switched us out cars, but it was just a real hassle," Medrano said.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

He said he's outraged that a vehicle was rented out to a customer without a proper inspection, and he's demanding a full refund.

"A very memorable trip," Medrano said.

Louis Medrano

On Sunday, July 2nd, Medrano was still waiting for his refund, but he did delete his tweets. He said because Enterprise responded, he didn't feel he needed to keep them posted.

FOX6 News reached out to Enterprise and we're waiting for comment on this story.

Brookfield police did not have a spokesperson available Sunday.