“Seated football,” “couch pouch,” food, fun! Folks get creative while waiting for U.S. Bank Fireworks

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MILWAUKEE -- A big show like the U.S. Bank Fireworks display takes a lot of planning -- for both the show organizers and visitors.

Some who drove up from Chicago for the big show said the U.S. Bank Fireworks are better than the fireworks at Navy Pier, and we'd have to agree!

People camped out along Milwaukee's lakefront for hours ahead of the big show on Monday, July 3rd. Some said they'd been out since 9:30 a.m. -- and they found unique ways to pass the time.

"Seated football" along the lakefront

FOX6 News found a group playing "seated football," which was a sight to see.

It was an extra special day for Andreanna Lavora, celebrating her 21st birthday!

"I've got a big bottle of Hennessey that I plan on finishing," Lavora said.

Lakefront ahead of U.S. Bank Fireworks Show

Everyone said they were looking forward to a beautiful night, and a show that gets bigger and better each year. That is, everyone except seven-and-a-half-year-old Vivian Clutts, whose patience was running thin.

Vivian Clutts

"Overnight...just for 10 minutes of fireworks? It's just not that much. We're not staying for the fireworks.," Clutts said.

Clutts and her family had a pretty great spot for the fireworks, and FOX6 News even found a woman with something called a "couch pouch," which can only be described as the greatest invention of all time! We're certain she'll enjoy Monday night's show in comfort!

"Couch pouch"

Lakefront ahead of U.S. Bank Fireworks Show

Lakefront ahead of U.S. Bank Fireworks Show