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“He’ll fight every police officer:” Search is on for Nasar Gregory, accused of fleeing standoff

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WAUKESHA -- A Waukesha neighborhood is cordoned off as law enforcement rushes to help a mother and her three children. They were trying to escape harm, and now that suspect is on the run.  Waukesha police are currently searching for 24-year-old Nasar Gregory -- after he got away from authorities during a standoff in Waukesha early Friday morning, July 7th.

Gregory is now facing the following charges:

  • Strangulation and suffocation, domestic abuse
  • Felony intimidation of a victim, domestic abuse
  • Two counts of physical abuse of a child, domestic abuse
  • Misdemeanor battery, domestic abuse
  • Disorderly conduct, domestic abuse

Nasar Gregory

It all began around 1:30 a.m. near Main Street and Caroline Street, and it resulted in the victims dramatically escaping -- but it doesn't end there.

As officers arrived on scene, they observed people climbing out a window of the home. The victims were two women --  and children who are 10, 12 and 17 years old. At that time, officers learned that a man inside the home was possibly barricading himself inside with a knife. The male subject was later identified as Nasar Gregory.

According to the criminal complaint, Nasar's girlfriend, Tiffany, told police that an hour prior to the 911 call she had been with Gregory in the lower level bedroom, when she became warm and decided to sleep in a different room in the house.  Tiffany claims Gregory had been drinking and that when she said she would sleep in another room, it set him off.

Tiffany says Gregory had been getting agitated very easily lately, and that on this occasion he blew up and spit in her face three times. She claims Gregory then threw a cup of water on her head, which she believed was an attempt to electrocute her.

According to the complaint, Tiffany explained that "on the afternoon of July 6th she was at Waukesha Memorial Hospital and received treatment for a seizure or neurological disorder. As a result of that treatment, she had wires attached to her scalp, which she was to wear for 48 hours. She believed the wires to be connected to an electric power source, as the wires were connected to a box which were clipped near her belt line. She was wearing this device at the time the defendant dumped water on her head."

The victim told investigators she was able to get her and the children into a lower level bedroom where they climbed out the window to escape.

Later, police discovered that while officers were securing the victims the suspect had fled the residence. Police later received information from a Waukesha Metro Transit bus driver that Gregory was on the bus and had transferred to another bus to an unknown location.

Police say Gregory made statements that he was not going to go back to jail.


"He's not going to turn himself in. He says he's going to go full force against the police. He'll fight every police officer he has to so it's going to be bad," said Tiffany, victim.

Tiffany pleads for Gregory to turn himself to community activist Tory Lowe for help.

Tiffany, Tory Lowe

"He'll make sure you're safe and nobody hurts you," said Tiffany.


FOX6's Myra Sanchick: "So after all this you're concerned for his safety?"

"He's not a bad person, he has mental and anxiety problems," Tiffany said. "For him to act like this is so confusing for all of us," Tiffany said.

The last FOX6 News heard is that there were conversations between Tory Lowe and Gregory. So far, no further update but Gregory is believed to be somewhere in Milwaukee.