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“We’ve got some issues:” Silver Lake residents still trying to dry out after major flooding

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Kenosha County flooding

KENOSHA COUNTY -- Kenosha County is still dealing with the aftermath of two flooding events this week. SKYFOX was out there again Friday, July 14th finding roads and highways in the area are still covered in water. Thousands are still dealing with the very soggy reality.

It's an unwelcome visitor in the Silver Lake neighborhood.

"As you can see, we've got some issues," said Dan Kessel.

Dan Kessel

Water -- and a lot of it.

Kenosha County flooding

Dan Kessel is a resident of Silver Lake, and water from the Fox River has invaded his home.

"Probably a block from the Fox River, and it has crested, and we're under water," Kessel said.

Kessel's not alone. Entire neighborhoods along the Fox River are under water. It's been that way since Thursday. Kessel says many residents who live there chose not evacuate because they had nowhere else to go.

"Because this is my house, this is what I have, this is all I've got. So if I'll go down, I'll go down with the ship if I have to," said Kessel.

Kenosha County flooding

Kenosha County flooding

Kenosha County flooding

People who live in the area say until the water goes down, they can't do much. Their biggest issue besides the water though is people driving and playing in the water.

"I've seen a couple trucks with some tubes, pulling kids though -- up and down here -- and that's kind of an issue because you get the wake on the houses and stuff," said Kessel.

Despite it all, Kessel says he's trying to handle each problem as they come and look on the bright side.

Kenosha County flooding

"The most surprising thing is watching the carp swim past my driveway," Kessel said. "I think I'm going to grab a fishing pole and go put some worms on there and catch some carp!"

Kessel says despite water being in portions of his home, he is going to continue living there. Until it becomes incredibly unsafe, he won't be leaving.

Kenosha County flooding