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It’s unusual for a 9-year-old child to be captivated by the news. But my parents can attest, I was that strange kid who stayed up past my bedtime to watch the evening news. Sometimes, I have to pinch myself knowing that I’m living out my dream every day. Here I am all grown up, still staying up late for the news.

I joined FOX6 in June of 2012. I’ve had the privilege to share stories of courage, tragedy and triumph across southeast Wisconsin. You can find me on the nine and ten o’clock newscasts, but I’ve reported on every shift at FOX6. I’ve covered some of the biggest stories in the state. I was one of the first on the scene during the Sikh Temple shooting, standing with victims’ families trying to gather information about what took place. I extensively covered demonstrations following the death of Dontre Hamilton. And I reported for hours on live television in the middle of the Sherman Park unrest.

My work has been recognized by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. I’m a three time Emmy nominee.

Prior to Milwaukee, I worked for WCIA in Champaign, Il. Before that, I spent a year at WAND as a Champaign bureau reporter. My time in Illinois led me to my husband, Ben Handelman. You might know him as the weekend anchor here at FOX6.

I was raised in Northwest Indiana, where my parents always encouraged me to follow my passion, not my pension. I earned a Bachelor’s degree in political science from Indiana University. Go Hoosiers! I earned my Master’s degree from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

I love telling your stories. Keep sharing them with me. You can find me on Twitter and Facebook.

Recent Articles
  • Driver dies after fleeing traffic stop, crashing into tree near 59th and Locust

    MILWAUKEE — A man is dead after police say he sped off following a traffic stop and slammed into a tree near 59th and Locust. It happened shortly after 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, December 16th. “It was so quick,” said Aracelis Negron, witness. “The car was twisted.” Aracelis Negron was inside her home with family at the time. She heard a loud boom and ran out to the crash scene in front of her home. “When I looked outside and […]

  • Charges filed against 26-year-old man accused of lying to police about child abduction

    MILWAUKEE — A Milwaukee father is charged after police say he lied about his daughter being abducted. The fake kidnapping prompted a huge search on Tuesday, December 12th. Police say 26-year-old James Murdock told them he lied so something would be done about finding his car. He now faces time in prison because of it. According to a criminal complaint, 26-year-old James Murdock told police while he was warming up a Hyundai Accent, he put his four-year-old girl in the […]

  • Teen left in wheelchair after 2013 crash uses settlement money to help others

    MILWAUKEE — It is not easy for people to turn a tragic situation into something positive. But that is exactly what a Milwaukee mother and son are doing. They are giving back after a horrific crash left the teen wheelchair-bound. There are few bonds stronger than that between a mother and child. For Shalonda Ezell and her son, Ja’Vaire Ezell-Hollins, the bond has only been strengthened through adversity. “We’re doing what we know is best,” said Ezell. In 2013, when […]

  • “He didn’t make trouble:” Friend hopes for justice after news of arrest in murder near 14th and Mineral

    MILWAUKEE — Ricky Riggins, 44, was shot and killed in an alley near 14th and Mineral on December 4th. There’s been a break in the case, but a friend of the victim says he’s cautiously optimistic. “We just heard like, ‘pop, pop, pop,'” said one neighbor. The gunfire echoed from the alley, and took Riggins’ life. “He didn’t make trouble. He wasn’t a troublemaker,” Harold Phillips, Riggins’ friend said. It’s a crime that has left those who knew Riggins with so […]

  • “Our trucks are loaded and ready:” West Bend DPW gears up ahead of expected snowfall

    WEST BEND — A winter weather advisory takes effect Wednesday morning, December 13th, and the snow in the forecast will make for a messy morning commute — with slick roads and poor visibility. Blowing snow could make for a tough drive, but officials in the City of West Bend said Tuesday they’d been preparing for the snow since the moment they finished cleaning up the last round on Monday. “Our trucks are loaded and ready to go as soon as […]

  • “They got spooked:” Horse drawn carriage collides with 2 vehicles in Oconomowoc

    OCONOMOWOC — It was a wild scene in downtown Oconomowoc on Saturday, December 9th. A horse drawn carriage collided with two vehicles near South Main Street and Wisconsin Avenue. Witnesses say, it was just a matter of seconds before people ran to help. “You just don’t expect to see something like that,” said Emily Mamerow, manager at Bella Gusto Italian Market & Deli. It is not the way Emily Mamerow thought her afternoon would turn out. “I was expecting to walk out […]

  • Waiting for winter: Sheboygan Co. salt truck drivers ready to get to work

    PLYMOUTH — People across the area are getting ready for the snow. It began to fall in Plymouth around 7:30 p.m. Friday, December 8th. For some it means work, and for others it means fun. “First, we applied brine to the roads,” said Jason Blasiola, Sheboygan Public Works. At Sheboygan Public Works, the first measurable snowfall means a busy night. “When the weather changes over and the roads start to cover, we’ll bring in 12 trucks and we first start […]

  • “He will never be the same:” 27-year-old man struck by 3 hit-and-run drivers in a row

    MILWAUKEE — A Milwaukee man is seriously injured in a hit-and-run on the city’s north side. He was struck by not one, but three passing vehicles as he crossed the street. Not one of those drivers stopped to see if 27-year-old Pierre Mack was alright. His family tells FOX6 he is left with broken bones and long recovery ahead. “What is this world coming to,” said Charlesha Williams, victim’s sister. At 16th and Center, cars speed by. There are no […]

  • Prosecutors: Man charged with torching SUV in auto shop parking lot too drunk to remember it

    MILWAUKEE — A man was caught on camera setting an SUV on fire outside a Milwaukee auto shop. Police say even though he recognized himself in the surveillance photos, he told police he didn’t really remember committing the crime. Sharon Haapakoski, owner of Twenty First Century Auto said she’s baffled by the fact that someone would just walk off the street and do something like this. “Why? Why? I don’t understand why you would just go someplace and torch a car. […]

  • “‘Poof,’ it exploded:” Man caught on camera torching SUV parked outside repair shop; gutting it

    MILWAUKEE — An SUV was torched and gutted outside an auto repair shop in Milwaukee, and it was all caught on camera. The owners of Twenty First Century Auto said they’re thankful this wasn’t worse. “Just poof! It exploded,” Sharon Haapakoski, auto repair shop owner said. There wasn’t a whole lot anyone could do to stop it from happening. “There were a lot of flames,” Haapakoski said. In just a matter of minutes, a man walked from Morgan to Forest […]

  • Woman who lost husband to gun violence to give toys to kids this Christmas: “Something he would’ve wanted”

    MILWAUKEE — Turning tragedy into hope, a woman who lost her husband to gun violence is giving back. It has been nearly a year-and-a-half since Latasha Brown’s husband was shot and killed. It was a tough year but she’s found giving to others is helping her move forward. “I went out and I purchased toys on my own,” said Brown. Inside Brown’s living room, a stack of toys are ready for the holidays. “I purchased Barbie dolls, Monster dolls, blocks,” […]

  • “Very, very stupid:” 2 men caught with heroin, weed after parking car in police chief’s spot

    GLENDALE — Two men were arrested for committing a crime in the parking lot of the Glendale Police Department. To make matters worse, it happened in the police chief’s parking space. “Why would you do that?” said Maayan Montoute, who lives in Milwaukee. It’s the kind of story that almost seems made up. “I don’t know what goes through people’s heads some days,” said Montoute. According to Glendale police, two men pulled into the lot for a municipal court hearing […]