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It is a dream to be able to tell the stories of Milwaukee and southeast Wisconsin. Since joining the Fox 6 news team in April of 2011, I have traveled across state and the country as an anchor/reporter for Wisconsin’s largest newsroom.

I am proud to call Milwaukee’s east side my home. My journey here brought me out of the woods of Connecticut, and through some of our country’s largest farm fields in Illinois before finding a home in the brew city!

I grew up in northwest Connecticut, and graduated from Quinnipiac University (GO BOBCATS!). A desire to be a professional storyteller helped me land my first job at ABC affiliate WICS in Springfield, Illinois. I was promoted and sent to sister station WICD in Champaign, Illinois where I met my wife. At the the time she was a reporter for the competition. I’m happy to say Ashley Sears and I found a way to be on the same team when we both moved to Milwaukee to work at FOX6! We enjoy working together a lot better than against each other.

Here in Milwaukee, I have anchored and reported on every newscast from morning to night. Currently I can be found anchoring weekend evening newscasts and reporting for FOX6 news at nine and ten throughout the week. In my time here I’ve covered some of Wisconsin’s biggest stories from the Sikh Temple and Azana Salon shootings to the unrest in Sherman Park in 2016. I’ve walked with Brett Favre during his return to Lambeau Field and helped push cars stuck in the snow during several Wisconsin winters.
I’ve been sent across the country where I’ve seen the destruction of an F-5 tornado in Oklahoma and the heartbreak left behind following the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando. In Dallas, I saw the resilience of officers who had to head back to work after five of their coworkers were killed, and have stood feet away from Air Force One for two different presidents.

My work has received recognition from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Midwest Broadcast Journalists Association, Wisconsin Broadcasters Association, and the Milwaukee Press Club.

In Milwaukee, you can often find Ashley and me jogging along the lakefront or attending one of the million festivals in our great home city. In 2016, I started a goofy boat blog to share pictures of Milwaukee’s vibrant shipping industry (http://www.bigboatsmke.com) I am on a lifetime journey to sample as much Mexican food as I can find. I am always looking for story ideas or recommendations for my next adventure. Feel free to reach out Ben.Handelman@fox6now.com. Let’s connect on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Recent Articles
  • Caught on camera: Thieves target apartment complex twice in Walker’s Point

    WALKER’S POINT — Thieves are caught on camera not once, but twice! The images are so crystal clear police believe if you take one look you may be able to solve two crimes. In Walker’s Point, at the Trio Apartments complex — near 1st and Washington — Milwaukee police are looking for a criminal duo and maybe more. Police say it all began Saturday, November 11th, when a man picked his way into the lobby. “He’s got the pick in […]

  • “Shaken up by it:” Elderly man tied up and robbed twice by 19-year-old neighbor

    KENOSHA — Months after a 78-year-old man was tied up and robbed in his home not once, but twice, prosecutors have announced charges. A 19-year-old man is now behind bars. Neighbors are shocked to learn the man police were looking for lived just a stone’s throw away from his victim. Anthony Kimmons is now facing eight felony charges, from armed robbery to kidnapping. Police say he told them he robbed the man because it “made him feel better.” The elderly […]

  • “Thank God:” Fallen Hartford officer’s stolen hat recovered from retention pond

    HARTFORD — Hartford police announced Wednesday, November 15th a fallen officer’s hat, allegedly stolen by a 31-year-old man, has been recovered from a retention pond. According to a news release from Hartford police, the hat was located on Wednesday afternoon — recovered from the bottom of the retention pond where the suspect, Scott Moen, reportedly discarded it. Hartford’s Wastewater Treatment department facilitated the recovery. The majority of the more than 500,000 gallons of water in the retention pond was pumped […]

  • Complex investigation: Arrest made in theft of late officer’s hat, but police doubt they’ll get it back

    HARTFORD — Hartford police announced Tuesday, November 14th a suspect has been identified in connection with the theft of a fallen police officer’s hat, which was apparently destroyed by the suspect. Police said the suspect turned himself in on Tuesday morning. The identification of the suspect was possible thanks to a tip from an individual who informed police that the hat was seen in a home on Hartford’s south side as recently as late October. The uniform hat belonged to […]

  • Police: Man suspected in hit-and-run crash on Milwaukee’s south side turns himself in

    MILWAUKEE — A ten-day manhunt to find the driver who fled the scene of a fatal wreck is over. Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn announced on Friday, November 10th, the hit-and-run driver in connection turned himself in to authorities on Thursday. On Becher and Muskego in Milwaukee, a dark night was illuminated by a spectacular crash on Wednesday, November 1st. Hector Hernandez, 36, was pulled from his burning vehicle but later passed away. Chief Flynn says public pressure helped bring news the […]

  • “A huge shock:” Woman accused of having sex at State Fair says she’s unknowingly connected to Greendale homicide

    GREENDALE — The woman accused of having sex at the Wisconsin State Fair tells FOX6 News, much more serious trouble has found her. She says she unknowingly led a killer to his victim in Greendale. Desiree Anderson, 28, admits some of the trouble that has found her in the past is due to her own choices — but not this time. Down on her luck, Anderson says she could never imagine a trip to pick up a debit card would […]

  • Courtroom getaway on camera: Video shows Dwayne Chaney walking out of his murder trial

    MILWAUKEE — A courtroom runaway, caught on camera: Multiple surveillance cameras captured Dwayne Chaney, once one of Wisconsin’s Most Wanted, as he walked out during his own murder trial. It happened the day before his conviction — and led to another manhunt for Chaney. Chaney was convicted in the death of Michael Prescott, which happened in 2015. Prosecutors say Chaney killed Prescott in a jealous fit of rage. Five surveillance cameras captured Chaney as he walked out of his trial […]

  • “Grow up:” Judge more than doubles prosecutors’ recommended sentence in Racine beating case

    RACINE COUNTY — A Racine drug dealer admitted he beat his neighbor with a bat. This, as part of a plea deal. During his sentencing hearing Tuesday, November 7th, the judge threw a curve-ball. 62-year-old Gary Petty admitted to the beating and that he was in possession of a large amount of drugs, and in return, prosecutors told a judge they felt four years in prison would be an appropriate sentence. Racine County Judge Mark Nielsen thought otherwise. “He hit […]

  • “Person of interest” to be questioned in connection with Somers home invasion

    KENOSHA — A pursuit and crash on Friday, November 3rd, led police to a person of interest in a violent home invasion in the Village of Somers that happened on October 27th. Officers have now brought that person in for questioning. Outside the Draeger-Langendorf Funeral Home in Mount Pleasant, employee Bob Maynard is used to dealing with the unexpected. He’s never seen this. “Saw that opening there between the bushes and the tree,” said Bob Maynard, witnessed arrests. Tire marks […]

  • “Bad look for Wisconsin:” Potential consequences dished out in State Fair sex scandal

    WEST ALLIS — The video made headlines in media and tabloids across the country — a couple seen having sex on the bleachers inside the State Fair Coliseum in August. The viral video brought outrage and disgust to fairgoers. Nearly three months later, potential consequences are being dished out but only one of the two is facing criminal charges. Robert Beasley, 29, is facing one count of disorderly conduct — a misdemeanor. Desiree Anderson, 28, will be issued a municipal ticket […]

  • Investigators: Murder of Greendale man happened after package delivered for friend of his daughter

    GREENDALE — FOX6 News has learned new details about the murder of a 76-year-old man in Greendale, as two homeless men accused in this case were in court for the first time Wednesday, November 1st. The suspects did not know the victim, but sources close to the investigation say this was no random act of violence. It appears it all started with a piece of mail. The accused are 42-year-old Calvin Fleener and 22-year-old James Johansen. The charges are as follows: […]

  • Prosecutors: Man with terminal cancer suffocated by homeless men; suspects got $160

    GREENDALE — Two homeless Milwaukee men are charged in connection with the death of 76-year-old Kenneth Latus at a residence in the Village of Greendale on Saturday, October 21st. The accused are 42-year-old Calvin Fleener and 22-year-old James Johansen. The charges filed against Fleener and Johansen are as follows: First degree reckless homicide, as a party to a crime (Fleener) Robbery, use of force, as a party to a crime (Fleener & Johansen) Burglary, battery to a person, as a […]