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It is a dream to be able to tell stories for a living. Since joining the Fox 6 team in April of 2011, I am thrilled to be working, living, and telling the stories of Milwaukee and Southeast Wisconsin.

I’m not a Midwesterner by blood, but have lived here for all of my professional television career. I am proud to call the East Side of Milwaukee my home. Let me tell you how I got here.

I grew up in a small town in northwest Connecticut. My high school graduating class was 89 people. So I consider myself a small town kid. While I grew up a lifelong UConn fan, I decided to pursue my passion for broadcasting at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT. Four years later, with a degree in broadcast journalism in hand (and no job), I decided to trek across the country on a bicycle with friends. While I had no prior biking experience (except around my driveway when I was 10) I survived the summer long trek from Connecticut to San Francisco. In the process I helped raise thousands of dollars for habitat for humanity.

When I made it back to Connecticut I realized maybe I better start sending out resumes. My first bite was in Springfield, Illinois. While I had no friends or family within an 8 hour drive, I took the job over the phone and took a chance.

I haven’t looked back since. As a general assignment reporter for ABC affiliate WICS I covered the rise of Barack Obama, the fall of Rod Blagojevich, and everything from tornadoes to relays. Eventually I was asked if I would like to take a job as the weekend anchor at our sister station in Champaign. I jumped at the chance.

I arrived at WICD just in time for one of the largest scandals in the history of the University of Illinois. I covered the downfall of the school’s president after students with political ties were allegedly given special treatment in the admissions process. In Champaign, I learned to appreciate Big Ten sports. I also happened to fall in love with a reporter from the competition. I am lucky Ashley Sears not only agreed to marry me, but also is no longer competing against me. Ashley is a general assignment reporter here at Fox 6! We no longer fight about who got the exclusive over who.

You can find me anchoring Friday and Saturday nights here at Fox 6. During the week I may be anywhere from Lake Geneva to Sheboygan or Milwaukee to Madison as a general assignment reporter. I am addicted to social networking and hope you’ll add me as a friend on Facebook and Twitter. Email me anytime if you have a story idea or want to share some advice on the best Mexican restaurant in town (my favorite).

I look forward to hearing from you.

Recent Articles
  • Uber

    Class action lawsuit: Wisconsin Uber drivers sue Uber

    MILWAUKEE — Uber is being sued by its own drivers! A lawsuit was filed in federal court on Friday, June 24th. It’s impact could redefine ride-sharing in Wisconsin. It’s an ongoing argument: are Uber drivers independent contractors or employees? The new lawsuit could shake up how the company treats the drivers who use the app. It has become a popular way to get around town in cities around the world. It also seems everywhere the ride-sharing company Uber does business, controversy […]

  • “Wake up or fall victim:” Bizarre fliers suggest organized stalking by the Milwaukee Police Department

    MILWAUKEE — City of Milwaukee employees and business owners have noticed bizarre fliers posted around the city of Milwaukee — and Milwaukee police would like to know who’s behind them. FOX6 News showed the fliers to folks around town — and the reactions varied. “It’s definitely a grassroots kind of campaign,” “I think we have someone paranoid out there,” “I wouldn’t put it beyond the realm of possibility,” The message warns of organized stalking by the Milwaukee Police Department. The […]

  • 53206

    “This is where I am from:” Dozens unite to reveal plan to improve crime-ridden 53206 zip code

    MILWAUKEE — The 53206 zip code in Milwaukee has been called dysfunctional, troubled and crime-ridden. It has a reputation some are trying to change. “With the shooting and killing, and the stealing of the cars — it`s bad,” Allyah Flourni said. “At least every day there is a killing on the news, or a car accident, someone fighting,” Aleyia Williams said. The 53206 zip code includes N. 27th Street to the west, I-43 to the east, Capitol Drive to the […]

  • Dick Bolender

    Bolender’s Legacy: How Oak Creek farmer helped change his city, once known for having no downtown

    OAK CREEK — If you’ve ever met a farmer, you know they tend to fix things themselves.  Dick Bolender of Oak Creek was no different.  But his family never expected a desire for a change in Oak Creek’s City Hall would lead to a different kind of career in public office. Mayor Bolender has long been out of office, but his best harvest is still growing. “Once in awhile we`d have some horses get out.  Nothing too bad.  It`s just part […]

  • Sobelman's at Marquette University

    Dave Sobelman to FOX6 News: “Some idiot felt the need to bring a gun into my restaurant & shot himself”

    MILWAUKEE — Dave Sobelman, owner of Sobelman’s Pub and Grill tells FOX6 News a gun was fired inside his restaurant on the Marquette University campus on Wednesday, June 22nd. Sobelman told FOX6 News: “Some idiot felt the need to bring a gun into my restaurant to eat chicken wings and then shot himself.” According to Milwaukee police, officers were called out to the scene shortly before 7:30 p.m. Police say it appears the 20-year-old man accidentally discharged the firearm in […]

  • Hartford

    Man crashes two vehicles, hides in coffee shop basement following pursuit in Hartford

    WASHINGTON COUNTY — A high-speed chase, two crashes and gunshots. A wild scene played out in Hartford on Friday evening, June 17th. According to police, shortly after 4:30 p.m., they received a call of a confrontation occurring between two customers at the Walmart store located along Highway 60. As it turns out, one of the people involved in the confrontation, a 20-year-old man, was wanted for a shoplifting incident. Police say when they arrived to the Walmart store, the 20-year-old […]

  • Orlando4

    In wake of tragic mass shooting, Orlando is hopeful love will define them

    ORLANDO — Love is greater than hate — it’s the message you see all over the city of Orlando. The mass shooting at Pulse nightclub was a tragedy, but the city is hopeful that love will define them. When our FOX6 News crew arrived, Reporter Ben Handelman and Photojournalist Joe Wagener, did not know if the city would be broken. But those who call Orlando home, were willing to share heartbreak, and emotions with the crew from Wisconsin. The city of Orlando opened […]

  • Orlando

    Wisconsin native now living in Orlando, paying tribute to friends killed in mass shooting

    ORLANDO — One Delavan man says once he interned in Orlando in college, he knew he wanted to make it his home, and he has. Two of his friends were killed in the Pulse nightclub mass shooting, but he tells FOX6, he will not let the tragedy stop him from loving the city. “Went down on an internship, fell in love with the city. Everything about the atmosphere here, the people here,” said Sewell. Garrett Sewell, the Delavan native, now […]

  • Rainbow flag

    “It’s a ray of light:” Showing support for victims through a symbol of hope

    ORLANDO — Struck by the mood of solidarity in Orlando, and on Flag Day, what better symbol of hope than a flag. Leave it to a teacher from Wisconsin, to help create a day to dedicate our flag. In Orlando, it’s not the symbol they were thinking about in Waubeka, but next to the colors of the red, white and blue is the rest of the color pallet. It’s a flag that has different meaning to different people. “It’s just […]

  • Orlando mass shooting volunteers

    “I know people who have lost friends:” In wake of Orlando mass shooting, here’s how you can help

    ORLANDO — There have been signs of support for Orlando across the world, and the city is doing what they can to support each other. FOX6 News saw long lines as people donated blood on Tuesday, June 14th. But what can you do? If there was only a way to capture how it feels in Orlando in June. Tom Johnson is in Orlando, he’s just one of dozens of volunteers loading items to be sent to those affected by the […]

  • Vigil in Orlando

    Church bell tolls 49 times as mass shooting victims remembered in downtown Orlando

    ORLANDO — There was a huge show of support in downtown Orlando, Florida Monday evening, June 13th after 49 people were killed in a mass shooting Sunday at the popular Pulse nightclub. A candlelight vigil was held, where attendees prayed for the families of the victims and stood in solidarity against violence and hate. The vigil was held in a park in front of the Performing Arts Center in Orlando. It was an emotional night, as a nearby church bell […]

  • Orlando memorial

    “A way to heal each other:” Orlando focuses on growing stronger in wake of mass shooting

    ORLANDO — With little time and even less preparation, a memorial formed Monday, June 13th in downtown Orlando — just a day after 49 people were killed and dozens more wounded in a mass shooting at a gay nightclub. Trish Gordon had to come home to Orlando — and she could not do it alone. After a weekend at the beach, Gordon simply needed to be home. “The whole way home, it was terrible — and listening to all the radio stations,” […]


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