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I grew up in Franklin, WI with my Mom, Dad and brother. My parents were both teachers and loved music. My Dad was also a high school basketball coach so I of course played sports. I was in organized basketball and baseball until I reached college. Both my parents were conscious of my artistic side at an early age so they got me into music in grade school. I played clarinet, listened to my parent's folk and R&B records, and at the age of 12 started listening to hip hop music. To this day I claim that I brought rap music to Franklin. My parents were always supportive of my endeavors in school, sports and the arts. They taught my brother and I to be passionate and knowledgeable about many things, but more important, they taught us to have fun with whatever it was that we were doing. That's probably why I'm in the entertainment business.

For over 16 years I dedicated myself to working in radio. I was at Lazer 103 for 9 years before it switched to 102.9 The Hog in 2005. Mandatory Metallica was a segment that I did every night for almost 5 years. In fact, my nickname at one point was Kramp Master in honor of their song Master Of Puppets. Once Lazer switched to The Hog I was out of a job, but quickly got hired to do a morning show on 102.1 WLUM. For 7 years I was a recognizable and award winning personality on the Kramp and Adler Morning Show. You can currently listen to my Kramp Cast podcast at and on iTunes.

I've always been committed to entertaining Milwaukee while promoting its music, sports, food and fun. My passion for the city has never diminished and I continue to search for the people and events that make this city great. I'm very thankful to have a wonderful wife, a supportive family, great friends, passionate viewers and a loyal listenership.

If you have a story or an event that you would like to highlight, please reach out to me via email, Twitter or Facebook! Everything's right here on my bio page.

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  • service

    Milwaukee Community Service Corps: Change through education, training & employment

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Not all of us grow up with the tools necessary to succeed in life. For some, the struggle to get ahead is very real — and at times goes unnoticed. But Brian Kramp shows you, one organization in Milwaukee is changing that — and in doing so, making a difference through education, training and employment. CLICK HERE to learn more about the Milwaukee Community Service Corps.

  • tay

    He’s a Milwaukee man with a positive message, one he wants to share with others

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Brian Kramp introduces you to Donte Burgess, a local man who has overcome adversity — and plans to spread his positive message to others in his community.

  • Plant & Garden Shield

    Garden Shield: Keep those pesky critters away from your precious plants

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — No matter if you have flowers in pots or plants in a garden, you want to keep them safe from being dug up and eaten by squirrels and chipmunks. A local man has designed a device that will shield your plans all summer long. Brian Kramp has the story. You can purchase the Plant & Garden Shield at the following locations: Piala’s Nursery & Garden Ship, Waukesha Prospect Hill Garden Center, New Berlin

  • club

    Grafton school incorporates fun clubs, helps students learn and grow

    GRAFTON (WITI) — Getting your kids excited about being at school isn’t the easiest thing to do — especially if they have to get there earlier than normal or stay after school ends. But one Grafton school found that incorporating fun clubs into its routine can help the students grow at the same time. Brian Kramp has more.

  • children

    Change a child’s life: Consider becoming a foster or adoptive parent

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — There are 12,000 adopted kids in Wisconsin right now. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of other children that need the support of a foster or adoptive parent or family. Brian Kramp has the story. CLICK HERE to learn more about the Coalition for Children, Youth & Families.

  • artist

    Making a difference: Musician calls upon kids to help make a passionate statement

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — With all of the recent crime and violence in southeast Wisconsin, it’s quite refreshing when a community can get together and reflect in a positive way. Brian Kramp introduces you to a musician who wanted to give back. To do that, he called upon the kids that he teaches every day — to help make a very passionate statement. CLICK HERE to learn more about The Banner School of Milwaukee.

  • Star Wars fans take note: Local company makes replicas of movie costumes

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — There’s a local company that makes amazing replicas of the costumes from the movie, “Star Wars.” For the operators, their hobby has turned into a dream come true — and allowed them to see and be part of something many can only imagine. Brian Kramp┬átells you more about ANOVOS Productions, LLC.

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    Score some rare and original items at the Milwaukee Rep rummage sale

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Rummage sale season has officially started. To get you excited, Brian Kramp is giving you a sneak peek at some very rare and original items up for grabs Saturday morning, May 2nd. This rummage sale only happens once a year — at the Milwaukee Repertory Theater.

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    Variety: Helping Wisconsin kids challenged by disabilities for 80 years

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — There are many children throughout Wisconsin that need assistance with medical equipment, learning how to communicate and much more. For 80 years, one charity has made kids like this their primary mission — to give back to those challenged by disabilities. Brian Kramp tells you more about Variety.

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    45 years of service: Milwaukee’s United Community Center celebrates special anniversary

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Milwaukee’s United Community Center is celebrating its 45th anniversary in 2015. Brian Kramp shows you what this organization has done and is still doing for the Hispanic community in the city.

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    Familiar sound echoes from The Packing House on Milwaukee’s south side

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Supper clubs are staples across Wisconsin. But most of them do not offer live music — or any music at all. That said, there is one familiar spot in Milwaukee that does have music — and has for quite some time. The man playing at The Packing House┬ámay even be someone you’ve seen before. Brian Kramp shares his story.

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    This local market is putting out 50 different types of freshly made brats

    (WITI) — If you’ve kept a business going for 35 years, there’s probably a really good reason people keep coming, right? For Glenn’s Market & Catering in downtown Watertown, that reason is the meat, and they have it all. Brian Kramp has the scoop.


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