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  • Ambulance

    “What’s taking so long?” Couple files complaint after call to 911 flagged as ‘non-emergency’

    MILWAUKEE— They called for emergency help, but say they got a glorified cab ride.  Now a local couple is asking the FOX6 Investigators to find out why it took so long for help to arrive. Emergency responders call it ‘siren anxiety.’ You think it’s taking too long for help to arrive because you are in a stressful situation. Our investigation finds there could be something else that’s slowing down your ambulance response. It might just be something  you said — […]

  • JohnM

    “It’s just totally wrong:” Nursing home workers share invasive pics and videos of seniors on social media

    FRIENDSHIP — It’s a good bet your grandma’s not on Snapchat. At least, not on purpose. Across the country — and in Wisconsin — young nurse aides are sharing photos and videos of elderly residents on social media, without their knowledge.  It’s invasive, embarrassing, and – in some cases – it’s a crime. John L. Miklavicic was born in 1927, the same year the first transatlantic telephone call was placed from New York to London. 87 years later, it’s a […]

  • ponzi 2

    “Dad taught me well:” Son of Ponzi scheme operator dodging investors and FOX6 Investigators

    WATERTOWN — The mastermind behind a $10 million Ponzi scheme is dead. More than a year later, his son is trying to dodge a swarm of angry investors. He’s also dodging questions from the FOX6 Investigators. Among the victims of the Ponzi scheme are dairy farmers, factory workers, plumbers and elementary school teachers.  They trusted their life’s savings to a man who turned out to be a liar. But what role, if any, did his son play in the scheme? […]

  • 20160525_093716

    Transgender issues are driving a wedge in LGBT community, says activist ousted from Pride Parade

    MILWAUKEE— Like it or not, America is undergoing a profound transition.  From Caitlyn Jenner to public restrooms, gender identity has taken center stage. But not everyone is happy about that. The FOX6 Investigators found some of the harshest criticism coming from a place you might never expect. When it comes to fighting for gay and lesbian rights, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more battle-tested soldier than Milwaukee’s own Miriam Ben-Shalom. “If I have to march in lock step to some […]

  • Iraq Pics (41)

    “There’s no way I can fight this myself:” Combat vet battling Uncle Sam over government error

    JEFFERSON — The federal government made a big mistake and now, a disabled Wisconsin veteran is paying the price. An error in the federal Workers’ Compensation Program could force the father of four to sell his home. Ron Bearce did nothing wrong.  The letters from the government say so, but that has not stopped Uncle Sam from treating this decorated combat veteran like a deadbeat. Nine years ago, Bearce was in the Army — fighting for his country, but today, […]

  • Capture7

    Researchers test new approach to fighting fires; critics say it could delay victim rescue

    NORTHBROOK, Illinois — A groundbreaking study in Illinois could change the way firefighters attack the hottest and most dangerous fires. The Milwaukee Fire Department is taking part in the study, but a retired New York City battalion chief says the researchers are all wet. It may sound elementary, but scientists in suburban Chicago are studying whether applying water on a fire from the outside should come before search and rescue on the inside. “It’s an inherently dangerous profession,” says Erich […]

  • I-phone 2

    FOX6 Investigators track the man who took a smartphone — should you?

    MILWAUKEE — More than a million smartphones are stolen in the United States every year and almost all new phones come with software designed to help you find them, but what should you do with that information? FOX6 Investigator Bryan Polcyn shows you what happened when he went looking for the man who walked off with his phone. Scroll down for information on how to track your phone if it’s lost or stolen Mobile phone theft is unlike almost any […]

  • John McAdams

    Embattled professor John McAdams files suit against Marquette University

    MILWAUKEE — Marquette University Professor John McAdams and the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty filed suit in Milwaukee County Circuit Court on Monday morning, May 2nd against Marquette University. The lawsuit seeks McAdams’ reinstatement as professor, and unspecified damages. McAdams is suspended without pay from MU for blogging about a graduate teaching assistant who was secretly recorded by one of her students. The suit alleges the university illegally suspended McAdams in fall 2014 and officials made the decision to terminate his tenure and fire him […]

  • McAdams 14

    “Disappointed in you:” MU student shares recording of instructor who refused gay marriage discussion

    MILWAUKEE — Embattled Marquette University professor John McAdams is hinting at plans for a lawsuit.  He’s suspended without pay for blogging about a graduate teaching assistant who was secretly recorded by one of her students. The FOX6 Investigators have obtained a copy of that recording and you can listen to excerpts of it below for the first time. The student who made the recording gave the FOX6 Investigators exclusive permission to play portions of it for you.  In exchange, we’ve […]

  • Bill Signing 33016 181

    “We had a law changed!” Mother, daughter team up to turn invasion of privacy into public victory

    PLEASANT PRAIRIE — A shocking invasion of privacy has led to a change in public policy, and a 12-year-old girl has been one of the driving forces. She and her mother teamed up to change state law. Christina Walker brought the whole family to the Capitol in Madison recently for “signing day.” Her husband, Kelly, and daughters, Mykaela and Mia, gathered in the office of Representative Samantha Kerkman (R-Salem), as they waited for their bill to be called. Their bill was one of 57 […]

  • vlcsnap-2016-03-11-14h02m27s709

    Offenders threatened, jailed for ‘false’ alerts from alcohol-monitoring bracelets: “I didn’t do anything wrong!”

    MILWAUKEE— He swears he was not drinking, but his ankle bracelet detected alcohol and that almost landed him back in jail. A Milwaukee man has shared his story with the FOX6 Investigators with the hope that the same thing won’t happen to someone else. Dave Matthews Band played a long show, but not long enough for Joel Clifford to sober up before leaving Alpine Valley last summer.  Body camera video obtained by FOX6 shows Clifford telling police he thought he was “OK […]

  • Bulletin

    “I couldn’t breathe:” State changes course after placing rapist within blocks of his victim

    PEWAUKEE —  It’s one thing to know a sex offender lives in your neighborhood. It’s quite another to learn it’s the man who raped you. FOX6 Investigators show you what happened when a rape survivor told the state about the man they unwittingly placed right around the block. With more communities restricting where sex offenders can go, the state is having a tough time finding places to put them. That may explain how the Wisconsin Department of Corrections responded when […]


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