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  • Judge declares gas station phone chargers to be illegal ‘gambling machines’

    MILWAUKEE— Are they slot machines or cell phone chargers?  A FOX6 investigation finds video gaming consoles moving into gas stations all over southeastern Wisconsin. The state says they’re against the law, but FOX6 Investigators show you what a Milwaukee judge says about ‘gasinos.’ You put money in. You play a game of chance. You hope to win a jackpot. In other words, the so-called ‘Pow’r Up’ machines at some local gas stations “are kind of like slot machines,” according to […]

  • ‘How do you survive?’ Small station owners say Costco’s gas prices are too low

    MENOMONEE FALLS — There is a gas war underway in Wisconsin, and some gas station owners say it could put them out of business. A big box retailer is driving down the price you pay at the pump. There are more than 3,000 gas stations and convenience stores in Wisconsin. Only nine of them belong to Costco.  But in the past two years, the big box warehouse club has generated far more complaints than any other gas retailer in the state […]

  • FOX6 Investigation prompts response from Wisconsin Democratic Party

    MILWAUKEE COUNTY — A Wisconsin Democratic Party activist is crying foul over a FOX6 investigation. Terrell Martin has issued a press release claiming FOX6 News spread “false information” about him related to his former role at the Milwaukee County Juvenile Detention Center. It all ties into a shocking case of alleged abuse caught on camera. The video leaked to FOX6 News shows a correctional officer attacking a juvenile inmate unprovoked. The FOX6 Investigators found top brass at the detention center sat on the […]

  • ‘Completely unprovoked!’ Correctional officer’s attack on juvenile kept quiet for nearly a year

    MILWAUKEE COUNTY — A correctional officer attacks a child inside the Milwaukee County Juvenile Detention Center. FOX6 Investigators show you the video that’s never been released. Plus, the alarming lack of action by supervisors and administrators who knew all about it. The juvenile guard was fired and charged with a crime last summer for an incident that happened more than two years ago. It was all caught on video. So why did top brass at the juvenile detention center sit […]

  • ‘No face, no case:’ Criminals bribe, threaten and kill to keep witnesses from testifying

    MILWAUKEE — No face, no case.  It’s a popular mantra for criminals who aim to silence the witnesses against them. If you’ve been the witness to a crime, be prepared. The suspected criminal just might try to reach out and touch you from behind bars. It’s no secret investigators are listening to jailhouse phone calls, but that doesn’t keep the bad guys from trying. In Milwaukee’s most violent neighborhoods, it’s not what you do that could be dangerous, but what […]

  • White House declassifies partisan, bitterly disputed memo on Russia probe

    WASHINGTON — The White House on Friday declassified a partisan and bitterly disputed memo on the Russia investigation, clearing the way for House Republicans to release allegations of what they say is FBI misconduct. The move came over the fierce objections of the FBI and Justice Department, which have said the document prepared by Republicans on the House intelligence committee is inaccurate and missing critical context. The four-page memo alleges that the FBI abused U.S. government surveillance powers in its […]

  • Cameras in the OR: Wisconsin bill aims at recording surgical procedures

    GREEN BAY — Medical mistakes kill thousands of people in America every year.  Now, a Wisconsin lawmaker wants to have your surgery recorded on video — just in case. However, there are legal and logistical roadblocks that have doctors and hospitals hitting the pause button. The head of a surgical safety program at the University of Wisconsin wants to see more video cameras in operating rooms, but not if it means patient get a copy to use in a lawsuit. […]

  • “Too much of a coincidence:” Senator calls for scrutiny of treatment clinic

    MILWAUKEE— New  information in a FOX6 Investigation of a Milwaukee drug treatment clinic accused of fraud. The clinic at 5228 W. Fond du Lac in Milwaukee closed last year after the state cut off Medicaid reimbursements. FOX6 Investigator Bryan Polcyn shows you why a state senator is now calling fora closer look at the new clinic the state approved to take its place. Everyone has a story about the worst boss they’ve ever worked for. For Brett Engle, it just […]

  • What’s the hurry? Sheboygan man accused of leading police on chase that reached 125 mph

    SHEBOYGAN — A Sheboygan man is accused of leading police on a 125 mph pursuit down I-43. Sheboygan County deputies say 25-year-old Zachary Ashenbach was blazing down I-43 at mind-boggling speeds on the morning of Wednesday, November 22nd. By the time a deputy’s squad got up to speed, Ashenbach was well out of view. But according to a criminal complaint, the deputy topped 125 as well in hot pursuit. Kohler police joined in as the car sped from I-43 onto […]

  • “Suspicious stuff:” Former therapist has ‘visions’ of client’s missing husband while pursuing romance

    MILTON — It came to him in a vision.  A former Wisconsin therapist says he ‘saw’ his client’s missing husband dead, in a garbage can. Police say they were “very curious” about those visions, especially because of what the therapist was doing with his client that ultimately cost him his license. Gary Jones thought he was confiding in one of his client’s multiple personalities. He did not expect her to tell police about his visions of her missing husband. “We […]

  • “He saw the clients as dollar signs:” Treatment clinic owner accused of fraud has close ties to new clinic

    Update (November 21, 2017) – After our initial report was published, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services contacted FOX 6 News to dispute one of the assertions made by the United States in its lawsuit against Acacia Mental Health and Abe Freund. In its complaint, the USA writes that Acacia’s Medicaid reimbursements amounted to “99% of all Medicaid reimbursement provided to mental health and substance abuse providers in the State of Wisconsin.” In a November 21 email to FOX 6 […]

  • “It was fairly brutal:” Man gets life in prison for killing gas station worker with baseball bat

    MILWAUKEE — The man convicted of killing a BP gas station worker will spend the rest of his life in prison. On Friday, November 10th, a judge handed down that mandatory sentence to Derrick Williams. Williams entered the Milwaukee County court room knowing he’d spend life in prison. “What the court will do is impose a mandatory life sentence,” Judge Jeffrey Wagner said. In September, a jury convicted the 33-year-old of first degree intentional homicide. “This incident basically begins over […]