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  • Former officer acquitted in shooting of Sylville Smith faces sexual assault trial, 2 civil rights suits

    MILWAUKEE — The shooting that sparked unrest in Sherman Park in August of 2016 was unlike almost any other police shooting in America because the officer who pulled the trigger grew up in the neighborhood, as did Sylville Smith, the man he shot. Dominique Heaggan-Brown was acquitted Wednesday, June 21st on all charges. Before the fatal shooting near 44th and Auer on August 13th, 2016, Heaggan-Brown had only been a Milwaukee police officer for three years. He was first hired […]

  • OSHA investigating explosion at Didion Milling Plant; cited for safety violations in the past

    MILWAUKEE — The Didion Milling Plant in Cambria has been the subject of safety violations before. Now, company officials say they fear this week’s deadly blast is overshadowing the progress they’ve made. The Didion Milling Plant processes corn for use in ethanol. Six years ago, the U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) cited the company for exposing its workers to the risk of dust explosions. Wednesday, May 31st, the explosion that happened around 11 p.m. killed three people, injured […]

  • 15-year-old from Milwaukee questioned after latest break-in at Manheim Auto Auction

    RACINE COUNTY — A teenager is being questioned by investigators after a break-in an the Manheim Auto Auction in Racine County. As the investigation continues, the Racine County sheriff has a message for people in the community. “We need to put a stop this,” Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling said. Sheriff Schmaling didn’t mince words after yet another break-in at the Manheim Auto Auction in Caledonia. It happened early on Sunday morning, May 14th. Investigators say thieves in at least […]

  • State allows doctor accused of ‘very serious’ sexual misconduct to retire without investigation

    MADISON — A doctor is accused of sexual misconduct, but his case was kept secret. Until now. The doctor is a 40-year veteran of the medical profession — the last 21 spent in internal medicine at the University of Wisconsin Hospital in Madison. Earlier this year, he retired at the age of 67.  Were it not for a FOX6 Investigators inquiry, no one would have told you why. When FOX6 Investigator Bryan Polcyn found Dr. Michael Thom doing yard work […]

  • “Absolute scumbag!” Phony Marine could be ‘poster child’ for state’s stolen valor law

    MILWAUKEE — He claimed to have served our country for 22 years until a FOX6 investigation exposed him as a liar. Now, police are seeking criminal charges against a phony Marine in a case that could make Wisconsin history. It’s a crime in Wisconsin to falsely claim military service in order to gain any kind of tangible benefit. But while the state’s so-called ‘stolen valor’ law has been in place for nearly two years, the lawmaker who wrote the bill is […]

  • Police: Kris Zocco’s been a sexual deviant, engaging in “extreme aggression” since he was 16

    MILWAUKEE — Kris Zocco, the man now charged in connection with the 2013 murder of Kelly Dwyer is a college-educated business professional, but as the FOX6 Investigators found, it appears he had a very dark side. Zocco is a graduate of Boston University. He’s the former director of information technology for the New York Yankees. According to police, he’s also a sexual deviant with a history of dominance, bondage and suffocation that dates back more than 25 years. Just weeks before […]

  • After FOX6 investigation, alderman calls on colleague to get out of rental business

    MILWAUKEE — A Milwaukee alderman is calling on one of his colleagues to get out of the rental property business after a FOX6 investigation into a troubled property owned by Alderman Russell Stamper. The rat-infested home on N. 22nd Street left Patrina Shackleford visibly shaken. “I don’t want to live here no more,” Shackleford said. The rodents in her apartment were just the beginning. Earlier in 2017, city inspectors found 22 code violations inside and outside the home owned by […]

  • “Oh! Jesus!:” Rats among 22 violations found at house owned by city alderman

    MILWAUKEE — A Milwaukee mother of four just wanted a place to call home. What she found instead kept her up at night, fearing for her children’s safety. But it’s what her landlord did about the complaints that prompted her to call FOX6 Investigators. “I’m sick of living here,” Patrina Shackleford told a FOX6 News producer, as she gave him a tour of her apartment on North 22nd Street in Milwaukee’s central city. She stopped to show us the rodent-droppings […]

  • Non-profit gives heroin addicts 4-million needles to combat surge in Hepatitis C

    MILWAUKEE — You can’t get free crack pipes in Wisconsin, but you can get as many heroin needles as you want. In fact, if you call one local non-profit, they’ll deliver the needles right to you. It may sound like it goes against common sense. As the heroin crisis rages on, why give addicts the very tools they need to shoot up? The answer lies in a deadly disease that thousands of Wisconsin residents are carrying right now and may […]

  • “It’s overwhelming!” Staffing shortage prompts 911 call and walkout at troubled assisted living center

    BEAVER DAM — $4,000 per month. That’s roughly the mortgage payment for an $800,000 house. It is also the going rate for a one-bedroom, assisted living apartment in Wisconsin. Whatever you expect for that kind of money, you probably don’t expect your loved one to be yelled at, laughed at, or left sitting on a toilet, unattended, for hours. All of those things have happened to residents at Prairie Ridge Assisted Living. What happened a few weeks ago led to […]

  • Homeless gambler claims he lost thousands on ‘illegal’ gas station machines

    MILWAUKEE — The City of Milwaukee is pulling the plug on video slot machines at a local gas station. At least, temporarily. The state says the machines are against the law, but one customer was playing them so often, it’s like he practically lived there. Nate Garski is a convicted felon, a former drug addict, and a self-described alcoholic who showed up to meet FOX6 Investigator Bryan Polcyn with a Styrofoam cup full of beer in his hand. “A guy […]

  • “No letter, no phone call, no email:” Why MPS kept lead test results quiet for months

    MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee Public Schools officials are still adding up the cost of testing nearly 13,000 water fixtures, not to mention the cost of repairing or replacing those that showed dangerous amounts of lead. Now, the FOX6 Investigators are asking why it took the district five months to tell parents about lead in the water. For the first time since results were posted on the MPS website in December, a top administrator sat down with FOX6 Investigator Bryan Polcyn to […]