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Okay, so there is an “I” in I-Team. But don’t be fooled. There’s a lot more team than meets the eye. There is, of course, my co-investigator Meghan Dwyer. Our producers, Steve Davis and LeeAnn Watson. Our extraordinary editor, Dave Michuda. And some of the best photojournalists in the business.

As for the “I” – Well, I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri (Pattonville High School). I got my bachelors degree from the University of Missouri School of Journalism. And I’ve worked in both radio and television in Missouri, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

I love snow skiing, soccer, Texas Hold ‘Em, the St. Louis Cardinals, and ice cold beer (not necessarily in that order).

I have a passion for my work. But there is no greater joy in my life than being a dad.

Recent Articles
  • Sextortion

    “We have to be vigilant:” Lawmakers work to ensure ‘sextortion’ laws keep up with technology

    MADISON — FBI officials call it a devastating crime, and children are especially vulnerable. It’s known as sextortion — and it’s a growing problem here in Wisconsin. Now, state lawmakers are taking action to ensure the law keeps up with technology. “That’s the only reason I did that. I was just messin’ with her,” a 25-year-old Milwaukee man we’ll call ‘Jimmy’ said. A few days after Jimmy had sex with an 18-year-old friend, he sent her a text she wasn’t […]

  • TPMcQ2

    Has he got a deal for you! Fortune cookie maker who owes millions is seeking another investor

    HUSTISFORD — He’s the “kind of guy who could sell ice cubes to Eskimos.”  That’s how an elderly Wisconsin couple describes the man who promised them amazing returns on their money, but left them in a desperate financial bind. Timothy McQuiston has a lot of big ideas, but they always seem to cost other people big money. His latest venture? Fortune cookies shaped like tacos and cannolis. He tapped friends and acquaintances for millions of dollars in loans, but after […]

  • drone 2

    Aerial trespassing? Local battle over drone use highlights patchwork of laws and regulations

    RICHFIELD —  So you want a drone for Christmas?  You’re not alone. The federal government expects up to one million Americans to buy one of the remote-controlled aerial vehicles this holiday season. And the FAA is worried about what that means for the safety of the nation’s airspace. But there’s another big concern — beyond safety — that’s still up in the air. It was near a densely wooded path that circles the outer perimeter of Danah Zoulek’s land in […]

  • court 6

    Back in court for his 48th adult criminal case, the ‘Moving Menace’ tries the insanity defense

    MILWAUKEE — There are criminals. And then there are career criminals. Daniel Berczyk is a relentless thief, but apparently not a very good one. After all, he’s been caught so many times, you could wallpaper a house with his mugshots. He’s been the subject of numerous FOX6 investigations over the years and he’s back in the spotlight again. You don’t have to tell Daniel Berczyk he’s a “menace to society.” He called himself one 14 years ago at a sentencing hearing for […]

  • Sign

    FOX6 hidden cameras expose questionable tactics of high-dollar matchmaking service

    ELM GROVE —  Here we go again? It took years for the FOX6 Investigators to shut down a  local dating service that was lying to consumers and pressuring them into signing expensive contracts. That investigation led to a state lawsuit and a quarter of a million dollars in restitution for victims. Now, there’s a new dating service in town with a sales pitch that sounds eerily familiar. It starts with a telemarketing phone call, and then an invitation to an Elm […]

  • WdjIwVKmjWMMzzP-1600x900-noPad

    Woman exposes sex abuse cover-up at prestigious school; principal has ‘no memory’ of abuse report

    MEQUON — She’s kept it secret for more than 40 years. Now, a Mequon woman is telling her story of sexual abuse at the hands of a seventh-grade teacher. So what finally prompted her to come forward after all these years? Her name is Joanna Jastram. She is one of 13 women who helped expose one of the most egregious child sex abuse cover-ups you will ever hear about. It all happened more than 6,000 miles away at a prestigious private school in Japan. But it’s […]

  • Double Up, Inc.

    Justice for veterans after FOX6 investigation: $41K judgment issued against man behind bogus fundraiser

    WAUKESHA —  Another FOX6 investigation gets results! Three years after we exposed a bogus fundraiser for injured veterans, the state is wrapping up its case against the man behind the operation. But that may not be the end of this story. When it comes to double crossing military veterans, it’s hard to top Brian Michaud. “This is one of the most alarming cases we’ve seen,” Lisa Schiller with the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau said. In 2011, Michaud sold ads for a coupon […]

  • vlcsnap-2015-10-16-16h49m24s405

    Bluff failures accelerate near Concordia University years after jury finds rock wall a ‘nuisance’

    MEQUON — Lake Michigan bluffs are disappearing at an alarming rate and so are the beaches below them. Now, at least one coastal engineer says the problem could be headed toward Milwaukee, unless something is done to stem the tide. FOX6 Investigator Bryan Polcyn reports a multi-million dollar project meant to preserve the bluffs could be part of the problem. Ten years ago, Concordia University embarked on project meant to protect its lakefront campus in Mequon from rapidly eroding bluffs. […]

  • Mark Mone

    “Today is a huge thrill:” Mark Mone inaugurated as UW-Milwaukee’s 9th chancellor

    MILWAUKEE — It’s a celebration that’s months overdue. The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee officially installs Mark Mone as its 9th chancellor. But the new guy in charge isn’t really all that new. “People know me, for better or worse, and the community knows me,” said Mark Mone, UW-Milwaukee Chancellor. Mark Mone may be the new chancellor at UWM, but he’s hardly a new face on campus. He’s spent the past 26 years as a professor, administrator, and associate dean. “I hope those […]

  • FireAlarmPullDown

    Cost of calling 911: Why some in the Village of Pewaukee are afraid to call for help

    PEWAUKEE — Calling 911 for help is supposed to be a no-brainer, but what if you’re not sure and the wrong answer could leave you in financial ruin? It’s a difficult decision that residents of the Village of Pewaukee are facing every day. For years, the Village of Pewaukee has paid the City of Pewaukee for fire service. And for years, the cost of that service has been a sore spot. But it’s what the village is doing now to recover […]

  • Towing

    “Going after bad operators:” New city ordinance to regulate towing companies, thanks to FOX6!

    MILWAUKEE — Please don’t tow my car! It’s a plea many drivers have made over the years after parking somewhere they should’t have. Now, a new city ordinance will allow you to stop your vehicle from being towed for $50! And Milwaukee Common Council President Michael Murphy says it’s a FOX6 investigation that made this happen. Over the past seven months, FOX6 has shown how a new state law cut police out of the private property towing process, giving towing companies […]

  • Karl Landt

    “Sick, twisted individual:” Landt to spend 12 years in prison for setting up hidden cameras

    KENOSHA COUNTY — An Illinois man will spend twelve years in a Wisconsin prison for conspiring to set up hidden cameras in women’s locker rooms at Uline and the RecPlex in Pleasant Prairie. Karl Landt was sentenced on Friday, September 18th. There was anger and there were tears as one victim after another talked of the impact Karl Landt’s four-year, hidden camera project has had on them. And not once did he look them in the eye. “This is once in a lifetime, […]


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