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  • John McAdams

    Embattled professor John McAdams files suit against Marquette University

    MILWAUKEE — Marquette University Professor John McAdams and the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty filed suit in Milwaukee County Circuit Court on Monday morning, May 2nd against Marquette University. The lawsuit seeks McAdams’ reinstatement as professor, and unspecified damages. McAdams is suspended without pay from MU for blogging about a graduate teaching assistant who was secretly recorded by one of her students. The suit alleges the university illegally suspended McAdams in fall 2014 and officials made the decision to terminate his tenure and fire him […]

  • McAdams 14

    “Disappointed in you:” MU student shares recording of instructor who refused gay marriage discussion

    MILWAUKEE — Embattled Marquette University professor John McAdams is hinting at plans for a lawsuit.  He’s suspended without pay for blogging about a graduate teaching assistant who was secretly recorded by one of her students. The FOX6 Investigators have obtained a copy of that recording and you can listen to excerpts of it below for the first time. The student who made the recording gave the FOX6 Investigators exclusive permission to play portions of it for you.  In exchange, we’ve […]

  • Bill Signing 33016 181

    “We had a law changed!” Mother, daughter team up to turn invasion of privacy into public victory

    PLEASANT PRAIRIE — A shocking invasion of privacy has led to a change in public policy, and a 12-year-old girl has been one of the driving forces. She and her mother teamed up to change state law. Christina Walker brought the whole family to the Capitol in Madison recently for “signing day.” Her husband, Kelly, and daughters, Mykaela and Mia, gathered in the office of Representative Samantha Kerkman (R-Salem), as they waited for their bill to be called. Their bill was one of 57 […]

  • vlcsnap-2016-03-11-14h02m27s709

    Offenders threatened, jailed for ‘false’ alerts from alcohol-monitoring bracelets: “I didn’t do anything wrong!”

    MILWAUKEE— He swears he was not drinking, but his ankle bracelet detected alcohol and that almost landed him back in jail. A Milwaukee man has shared his story with the FOX6 Investigators with the hope that the same thing won’t happen to someone else. Dave Matthews Band played a long show, but not long enough for Joel Clifford to sober up before leaving Alpine Valley last summer.  Body camera video obtained by FOX6 shows Clifford telling police he thought he was “OK […]

  • Bulletin

    “I couldn’t breathe:” State changes course after placing rapist within blocks of his victim

    PEWAUKEE —  It’s one thing to know a sex offender lives in your neighborhood. It’s quite another to learn it’s the man who raped you. FOX6 Investigators show you what happened when a rape survivor told the state about the man they unwittingly placed right around the block. With more communities restricting where sex offenders can go, the state is having a tough time finding places to put them. That may explain how the Wisconsin Department of Corrections responded when […]

  • Squad

    Police officer convicted of battering an inmate finds sympathetic boss in a new town

    PORT EDWARDS —  A former Greenfield police officer convicted of battering a female inmate is back on patrol, but not in southeastern Wisconsin. He is commuting six hours, round trip, to work part-time. It’s been nearly three years since Officer Thomas Roszak tossed a belligerent drunk driver into her jail cell like a rag doll.  The video was publicly released back in 2013, but what most people never heard is what the officer said afterward. Greenfield police say the officer’s statements […]

  • Goat in City 2

    Baaa’d medicine: Abuse of ’emotional support animals’ concerns advocates for the disabled

    CUDAHY — What if you could take your favorite pet everywhere you go?  Restaurants. Movies. Maybe even the art museum! FOX6 Investigator Bryan Polcyn did it. And you could too. All you need is a prescription from a mental health provider that says your pet is an emotional support animal.  Getting a letter like that is easy, as long as you have internet access, a credit card…and a total lack of conscience.   After all, there are people who really need these […]

  • Untitled

    “I was videotaped in my locker room:” Pre-teen pleads for tougher law after hidden camera nightmare

    PLEASANT PRAIRIE —  A local mom is on a mission to change state law.  She and her then 10-year-old daughter found hidden cameras in a public locker room after swim practice. She’s sharing her story for the first time. It’s been nearly two years since Christina Walker and her little girl uncovered what turned out to be a massive spy cam operation in Pleasant Prairie. The man and woman behind the plot are now in prison. But it’s what Walker learned […]

  • Daniel Berczyk

    81 charges, 38 convictions, dozens of mugshots: ‘Moving Menace’ headed to prison — but not for long

    MILWAUKEE — The “Moving Menace” gets a timeout. One of the most prolific criminals in Milwaukee County is headed back to prison — but not for long. A controversial plea agreement could put you and your family at risk. Whether it’s a news camera or a surveillance camera, there is no shortage of evidence that Daniel Berczyk is still a menace to society. FOX6’s Bryan Polcyn: “You told me that you were going to turn your life around. Did you just […]

  • Fire alarm at Pewaukee Shores condo complex

    Sounding the alarm: Widow takes Village of Pewaukee board to task over the cost of calling 911

    VILLAGE OF PEWAUKEE — As it turns out, you can fight City Hall and at the same time, keep us all safe. A 71-year-old widow took her own village board to task and won. The Village of Pewaukee has voted to reduce the fees charged to residents for false fire alarms. When the alarm sounds at the Pewaukee Shores condo complex, residents don’t worry that there’s a fire in the building. They worry that there isn’t one. “The first thing that […]

  • drone 7

    FAA rushes to launch drone registry, which opens December 21st — just in time for Christmas

    FRANKLIN — More than 400,000 Americans are expected to get a drone for Christmas — and if you’re one of them, the federal government wants your name, your address — even your credit card. The FAA’s new drone registration system opens Monday, December 21st. This, as some say the new registry goes too far. Call  them drones, quadcopters or unmanned aerial systems… Whatever you call them, Scott Fisher says they’re among the hottest new technology this holiday season. He owns Gift of Wings in […]

  • Sextortion

    “We have to be vigilant:” Lawmakers work to ensure ‘sextortion’ laws keep up with technology

    MADISON — FBI officials call it a devastating crime, and children are especially vulnerable. It’s known as sextortion — and it’s a growing problem here in Wisconsin. Now, state lawmakers are taking action to ensure the law keeps up with technology. “That’s the only reason I did that. I was just messin’ with her,” a 25-year-old Milwaukee man we’ll call ‘Jimmy’ said. A few days after Jimmy had sex with an 18-year-old friend, he sent her a text she wasn’t […]


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