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  • Stolen valor: Man accused of posing as Marine, receiving military discounts, life insurance

    WEST ALLIS — A West Allis man has been criminally charged after prosecutors say he posed as a United States Marine. Prosecutors despite the fact that he’s never served in the military whatsoever. He’s accused of receiving military discounts and a life insurance policy from the American Legion while falsely claiming to be a retired veteran. This case all started with a FOX6 investigation. 47-year-old John Hemphill’s wife came to the FOX6 Investigators when she discovered this whole thing was […]

  • “Not in my backyard:” Residents push back against cell towers as industry moves toward ‘5G’

    MENOMONEE FALLS — You want the best cell phone coverage, but you don’t want a giant tower in your backyard? A small-sized alternative may be coming soon to a street corner near you. Wireless companies want to install hundreds of new antennas in southeastern Wisconsin as part of the build-up to so-called ‘5G’ technology. But how quickly the 5th generation of wireless tech gets to Wisconsin could hinge on a controversial bill that affects cell phone towers of every size. […]

  • “Carload of criminals:” 2 teens in custody, 2 sought after officer’s squad rammed during pursuit

    GREENFIELD — Two suspects were taken into custody and two others are still being sought following a police pursuit in Greenfield early Friday morning, September 22nd. An officer’s squad was rammed during the pursuit. It began shortly before 2:00 a.m. after a citizen reported suspicious persons got out of a smaller blue vehicle and were walking around homes in the area of 101st Street and Meadow Drive. A short time later, a Hales Corners police officer attempted to stop a […]

  • “They allowed my son to die:” Appeals court gives new life to lawsuit filed by family of deceased inmate

    MILWAUKEE — A federal appeals court is giving new life to a lawsuit filed by the family of a deceased Milwaukee inmate. James Perry died at the Milwaukee County Criminal Justice Facility in 2010. There is unusually harsh language in the court’s 41-page opinion. “Oh God! Help me!” Perry says in surveillance video. The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Milwaukee police officers ignored Perry’s cries for help. “I can’t breathe with this thing on my face!” Perry says in […]

  • “They lied about it:” Prison wardens told ‘fish tale’ to law enforcement

    PUT-IN-BAY, OHIO — Fisherman have long been known for stretching the truth, but a pair of Wisconsin prison wardens told a fish tale of their own to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Their flip-flopping statements to investigators are recorded in public records. So why didn’t the Wisconsin Department of Corrections bother to check? It’s not just that they broke the law — they are wardens in charge of public safety institutions filled with law-breakers — but the ‘tale’ they […]

  • “It’s chaos:” Huge drag racing event draws racers, spectators and complaints

    TOWN OF PARIS — “Larry’s Fun Fest” is one of the biggest events at the Great Lakes Dragaway every summer. Some neighbors say the crowds and chaos have gotten out of control. Before it was called “Larry’s Fun Fest,” it was known as “Black Sunday.” It’s a huge drag racing event that draws racers and spectators from the inner cities of Milwaukee and Chicago. “The whole goal of this was to get a certain group of people from Illinois and […]

  • High-risk criminals on state supervision often avoid revocation despite serious or ongoing violations

    MILWAUKEE — Rules are rules, but criminals who break them don’t always pay the price.  Even when they break them over and over again. The FOX6 Investigators found more than two-thirds of offenders accused of violating their probation or state supervision do not go to prison. One of the first things they tell criminals on probation or extended supervision is the rules they need to follow. Don’t drink or do drugs. Show up for your appointments. Don’t get arrested again. […]

  • “Frustrating, inefficient and slow:” $200K library book sorter still can’t sort books

    WAUKESHA — It’s inefficient, slow and keeps breaking down, but the government agency that bought the nearly $200,000 automated book-sorting machine insists taxpayers are getting their money’s worth. Even though the book sorter still can’t sort books. When time is short and you have places to be, a drive-up book drop at the library makes a lot of sense. “I really don’t want to take all three kids out of their car seats, drag them into the library to return […]

  • “Pimps are stopping traffic!” South side Milwaukee alderman says ’24/7′ prostitution is out of control

    MILWAUKEE— They call them ‘ladies of the night,’ but in one Milwaukee neighborhood, prostitutes are doing business in broad daylight. Now, one Milwaukee alderman is so fed up, he’s planning to use private security to do what he says police will not. For years, 8th Ditrict Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan has been harping on police to do more about drugs and prostitution on the city’s near south side; still, he says it’s never been as blatant as it is right […]

  • Milwaukee nonprofit announces program to support women involved in prostitution

    MILWAUKEE — Is it a solution or just a diversion? Civic and religious leaders packed a south side conference room Thursday afternoon, July 13th. They announced the expansion of a program aimed at supporting women involved in prostitution. On Monday, July 10th Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan hosted a news conference about the out-of-control prostitution on the city’s south side. Thursday, the nonprofit Benedict Center announced that it has entered into an agreement to divert prostitutes away from the criminal justice […]

  • “It’s a pattern!” Drunk-driving neurosurgeon still practicing despite conviction and complaints about temper

    BROOKFIELD—  It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out drinking and driving is dangerous.  So it’s all the more troubling when a repeat drunk  driver turns out to be an actual neurosurgeon.  FOX6 Investigators show you what happened after a Milwaukee doctor’s latest arrest and why one patient thinks the system is letting her off the hook. It was March 2nd, 2016. Patients at Aurora-St. Lukes Medical Center were prepped and ready for surgery, but their surgeon was sitting […]

  • Former officer acquitted in shooting of Sylville Smith faces sexual assault trial, 2 civil rights suits

    MILWAUKEE — The shooting that sparked unrest in Sherman Park in August of 2016 was unlike almost any other police shooting in America because the officer who pulled the trigger grew up in the neighborhood, as did Sylville Smith, the man he shot. Dominique Heaggan-Brown was acquitted Wednesday, June 21st on all charges. Before the fatal shooting near 44th and Auer on August 13th, 2016, Heaggan-Brown had only been a Milwaukee police officer for three years. He was first hired […]