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Derica Williams is a New York native raised in New Jersey. She graduated from the University of Maryland College Park with a B.A. in Communication Studies. After college, Derica returned home and started her career in television broadcasting at WNYW-TV, the FOX 5 station in New York, where she was an Associate Field Producer.

A few years later Derica began reporting at WALA FOX 10 in Mobile/Pensacola. While there she covered a wide range of stories involving everything from hurricanes, to murder trials, to the Gulf Oil spill. In addition to her reporting duties Derica hosted a segment on the station’s ‘Studio 10’ morning show that focused on Consumer News. She occasionally anchored the morning, evening and weekend newscasts as well.

Derica most recently joined the FOX6 team in June 2012. She is a family-oriented individual who, in her leisure time, enjoys playing and watching sports, going to the beach and writing poetry. She likes to travel and enjoys exploring new restaurants and different cuisine.
Derica is excited about being in Milwaukee. She is embracing the city and is looking forward to all it has to offer. Derica really has a passion for news and loves meeting new people every day.

Recent Articles
  • Final Water Quality Task Force meeting gets heated: “The damage being done… is irreversible”

    MILWAUKEE — The City of Milwaukee is making some headway in solving a major issue with lead in the water. The recommendations have been months in the making and they were pretty much finalized Friday, April 28th, but the input and suggestions didn’t come without a little pressure over the issue of pipes. Getting heated over what he thought has been a cold response from the city when it comes to protecting its residents, police presence was called in after […]

  • “A wonderful honor:” MPD’s Homeless Outreach Team thanked for their work

    MILWAUKEE — Providing hope, aid and understanding in a time of dire need. The Milwaukee Police Department is taking on a unique role in their commitment to help the homeless. We’ve seen them scour through the night, searching for those who are huddled up underneath bridges and in various encampments. The Milwaukee Police Department’s Homeless Outreach Team has been a beacon of light for thousands of homeless individuals. “I love them to death,” said Balerie Scott, formerly homeless. Scott said he’s […]

  • “Clean up and get out:” Officials to clear homeless encampment sites as they work toward permanent solution

    MILWAUKEE — “Clean up and get out!” That’s how signs posted under various bridges in Milwaukee are being interpreted by some living there. Police and county officials say that’s not necessarily the case — as the removal of encampment sites is part of a larger and permanent solution. Sleeping in makeshift beds under bridges, the homeless have set up several locations in Milwaukee, including encampments near 6th and Clybourn, and 25th and Greves. “We are all working as hard as […]

  • Waukesha woman to donate kidney to co-worker, woman she barely knew: “After this, we’re sisters”

    WAUKESHA — Erica Gunn is thankful for the kindness of a stranger after a co-worker made the selfless decision to donate a kidney to Gunn, someone she barely knew. The match has created a lasting bond between Gunn and Willie Cole. With the sun shining on Sunday, April 23rd, Gunn sat outside, thankful she was able to enjoy the beautiful day, as she recalled the news she received from her doctor after learning her kidneys were failing. “She was like, […]

  • In an effort to “build a great metropolitan area,” city officials discuss importance of JobLines

    MILWAUKEE — It’s a bus line that’s more than just transportation — rather it’s a route to success and opportunities. For some the journey is coming with some challenges, so leaders from area counties are coming together to make sure the program and communities thrive. It was a sit down discussion to talk about the importance of ability to travel Saturday, April 22nd. “We need to reach people in the city and make sure they have opportunities to access to where […]

  • “There’s no way but up:” President Trump gets warm welcome from hundreds at Snap-on Tools

    KENOSHA — “Making the workforce great again” was the theme of President Donald Trump’s speech as he addressed a crowd of a few hundred at Snap-on Tools in Kenosha on Tuesday, April 18th. During his visit, the first to Wisconsin since President Trump became president, he vowed to stand behind manufacturers and touted the importance of projects being made in America — by Americans. Standing in front of an American flag created out of tools made by Snap-on Tools workers, […]

  • 10K times more potent than morphine: First carfentanil death confirmed in Wisconsin

    MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee County medical examiner confirmed Wisconsin’s first carfentanil death on Monday morning, April 17th. Officials say carfentanil, known as an elephant tranquilizer, a synthetic opioid, is 10,000 times more potent than morphine and 100 times more potent than fentanyl, which itself is 50 times more potent than heroin. “It certainly is concerning. It’s generally used in large mammals for sedation. It could clandestinely be manufactured,” Sara Schreiber with the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office said. Officials with the […]

  • “Illegitimate cards:” Officials recover bundle of 1,300 gift cards; 700+ bought with stolen information

    WAUKESHA COUNTY — Instead of a brick of drugs, stacks of gift cards possibly worth just as much were found taped together in Waukesha County. Law enforcement says nowadays they’re seeing a different type of theft and financial scheme. But despite crimes changing, so is the technology to help catch the crooks. Richland Center Police are trying to identify the trio suspected of using financial information obtained via skimmers. They’re accused of hitting up primarily Walmart stores where funds are transferred […]

  • “My dad was a legend:” Wheel and Sprocket hosts 1st Bike Expo Sale without Chris Kegel

    MILWAUKEE — Wheel & Sprocket officials hosted their first Bike Expo Sale without former owner Chris Kegel Friday, April 7th through Sunday, April 9th. With spring in the air, and a high temperature of 71 degrees on Sunday, April 9th, Wheel & Sprocket officials wrapped up their 33rd annual Bike Expo Sale at Wisconsin State Fair Park. “We want you to enjoy the ride,” Amelia Kegel said. Kegel and her brother have taken over the family business after her father, Chris Kegel, […]

  • “It’s wonderful!” Hundreds turn out for grand opening of The Corners of Brookfield

    BROOKFIELD — If you build it, they will come. And they sure did as more than 1,000 people strolled through The Corners of Brookfield during the grand opening for the public on Saturday, April 8th. The new development is bringing a whole new era of shopping to town. “We are on cloud nine. The turnout was phenomenal,” said Jim Von Maur, President of Von Maur. It was a grand opening as the anchor tenant of The Corners of Brookfield, Von Maur […]

  • Syrian native living in Milwaukee speaks out in wake of US airstrike: “Very happy it happened”

    MILWAUKEE — Murder, destruction and a loss of hope. The deadly chemical weapons attack in Syria continues to rock the people living there as well as refugees and natives abroad. FOX6 News spoke with a Syrian native living in Milwaukee who hopes the recent move by the United States will make a much needed change. After nearly 60 U.S. Tomahawk missiles launched towards a Syrian airbase, Dima Alghazzy hopes the move brings President Bashar Assad’s regime to a swift end. […]

  • “You show little remorse:” Andrew Obregon sentenced to LIFE in prison for murder, eluding authorities

    KENOSHA COUNTY — 34-year-old Andrew Obregon of Bristol, once considered one of Kenosha County’s most notorious fugitives was sentenced to LIFE IN PRISON on Tuesday, April 4th. This, after he pleaded guilty to six felonies in January — accused of killing a man in 2015 and then eluding authorities for weeks. He faced 32 criminal charges in all. From tears to outbursts and even expletives, it was an emotional day in court. Obregon and his family were visibly upset by the punishment, but […]