Mary Stoker Smith


Growing up in La Crosse I always dreamed of living in the "big city" to the east - Milwaukee. My family started taking summer vacations here when my brother moved here in the early 1980s...and it was an event I looked forward to all year. Our first stop when we got to town- Kopps for custard and cheeseburgers. Notice how I said custard first! Then it was on to Grand Avenue Mall where I would spend hours (and I mean hours) riding the escalator and dashing in and out of the stores. Mayfair Mall and the ice skating rink was also a favorite - we didn't have anything like it in La Crosse, so I was certain Milwaukee was the best city on the planet!

After I graduated from UW-La Crosse, I moved to Madison and spent four years recruiting students for the University of Wisconsin. I was assigned over 20 schools in the Milwaukee area so I spent a lot of time in various communities around the city. During that time, I quickly learned everyone has a story, which is really what led me to pursue a career in broadcast journalism. I love story telling and meeting new people and this job is perfect for that!

I earned a Masters Degree in journalism from Emerson College in Boston. After that, I moved around a bit. My last stop was in Philadelphia where I spent the last five years. I worked at two different stations there, and now after 20 years, I'm back home in Wisconsin. I hope to meet you one day and share your story with the rest of our viewers. I'd love to hear from you so feel free to send me an email and introduce yourself. On Wisconsin!

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