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When I was 12 years old, my hometown newspaper held a contest for kids. The topic was simple: write in 250 words or less what you liked about living in Wilmette, Illinois.

I didn’t win. I really didn’t think my voice mattered all that much so I didn’t enter. When I read the winning essay, I was shocked. It was awful. The kid who wrote it missed the obvious, her writing was cliched and frankly, I don’t even think it was her work. In my opinion, she all but stole that bike.

After that, I was determined to not stay silent anymore. When my family moved to Baraboo, Wisconsin I joined the high school paper. Heck, I STARTED the high school paper. At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I studied journalism and wrote for one of the two student newspapers. When I discovered spelling didn’t matter so much, I switched to television. Just kidding. I love writing to great pictures and the FOX6 photojournalism staff is the best in the business.

I started at FOX6 even before FOX did — we were CBS when I joined in 1993. Since then, I’ve worked all shifts; covered everything from presidents to polar bears (human and actual bears); and have had the pleasure of working with some of the most decent people in the world.

I now anchor FOX6 News at 5 and FOX6 News at 10. I also write a daily opinion piece called “Ted’s Take.” It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I like the discussions it gets started with viewers. Check it out and write me a line-debate about issues is a healthy thing.

Oh, I finally got that bike. Bought it myself – it’s a 2003 Harley-Davidson Softail. It’s the best way to see Wisconsin. If I see you on the road, I’ll wave hello. Unless you’re that kid who won that bike in 1976. Shame on you for keeping it — you didn’t deserve it.

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  • “More fun to ride:” FOX6’s Ted Perry gets exclusive 1st ride on new Harley-Davidson model

    MENOMONEE FALLS — In 2018, Harley-Davidson will celebrate its 115th year in business, but you can ride the future now! On Thursday, August 31st, FOX6’s Ted Perry was the first to ride one of the 2018 models, and you can too, this weekend in Menomonee Falls. The Harley plant on Pilgrim in Menomonee Falls isn’t Disneyland, but it might as well have been for the bikers lucky enough to pick any ride they wanted. With FOX6 Web Producer Katie DeLong […]

  • Milwaukee’s police chief is frustrated, says he’s been accused of “unethical behavior”

    MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn is frustrated. He and the Fire and Police Commission are clearly at odds over some past and pending directives. He feels he is the fall guy for some recent controversies — and he is not biting his tongue. The chief sat down for a one-on-one interview with FOX6 Anchor Ted Perry Tuesday, July 25th. Pick any recent story involving the Milwaukee Police Department, and Chief Flynn likely feels frustrated about how his detractors […]

  • Wisconsin grocery store chain Brennan’s Markets to close in September

    MADISON — A grocery store chain with roots in Wisconsin says it can no longer compete in today’s market and will close all of its stores. Brennan’s Market officials tell the Wisconsin State Journal that its five stores and its New Glarus production facility will close on September 30th. It will bring an end to the Monroe-based company’s 75-year run and leave 150 people without jobs. The company says business never recovered from the 2008 recession “and sales remained flat.” The […]

  • History of the Big Gig: “It’s hard to imagine Milwaukee without Summerfest”

    MILWAUKEE — As we celebrate the 50th edition of Summerfest, it’s important to remember our urge to gather together in summer goes way back — even before 1968. “The beer gardens in Milwaukee, those are the places where people spent their Sunday afternoons,” said John Gurda, local author and Milwaukee historian. “That’s where people had their beer, their family, their music.” In the 1930s, as Milwaukee was mired in the Great Depression, Mayor Dan Hoan decided Milwaukee needed a diversion. […]

  • The Minnesota 10: They’ve been volunteering at U.S. Open tournaments since 1991!

    ERIN — The 117th U.S. Open at Erin Hills wrapped up Sunday, June 18th — and 27-year-old Brooks Koepka won the tournament — finishing at 16 under. FOX6’s Ted Perry found a Vikings helmet and horns at Wisconsin’s first U.S. Open — a breach of golf etiquette, but if anyone has earned the right, it’s the Minnesota 10. “It’s that old Minnesota work ethic. We like to work. We’re on time. We do all sorts of jobs,” Bob Seeger said. […]

  • “Party that never happened:” Some business owners in Erin say U.S. Open “has hurt”

    ERIN — Saturday, June 17th was a typical Saturday night at the Tally Ho Pub in Erin, and that was part of the problem for owner Chaz Hastings. With the 117th U.S. Open at Erin Hills Golf Course, it was promised to be a week that was anything but typical. “It’s the party that never happened,” Hastings said. “You know, we’ve been looking forward to this for about, I think it’s been about seven years. It is, you know, the […]

  • Groundskeepers from near and far help make the US Open happen

    ERIN — The turf at Erin Hills is in the best hands of some of the best superintendents in the world. Five hundred yards from the tenth hole, it’s a part of Erin Hills many visitors don’t get a chance to see: the maintenance area.  Tucked away on the north end of the course is an arsenal of mowers, rollers and rakes. They are the unknown heroes of the U.S. Open tournament. “There’s a group of about 12 and we […]

  • “Valuable life lessons:” Caddie and Leadership Academy at Erin Hills introduces game to kids

    ERIN — The 117th U.S. Open begins Thursday, June 15th at Erin Hills Golf Course, and with the big event comes the chance to introduce the game of golf to kids. While professional golfers got in what final licks they could at the range on Wednesday, caddies for Rickie Fowler and Phil Mickelson told a group of Milwaukee kids the importance of learning golf, and teamwork. “They’ll learn very quickly that not all adults are created equal, and learn valuable […]

  • “It’s a big time etiquette sport:” Cell phone restrictions and more during the U.S. Open

    ERIN — Huge crowds, the hot sun and adult beverages can make up a combination that can lead to problems, but at the 117th U.S. Open at Erin Hills, the crowds have been generally well-behaved, but if you’re headed out to Erin Hills, there are some things you should keep in mind — most of them phone related. “Keep your cell phone in your pocket — silenced. There’s a task for where you can’t take pictures or cell phones or anything […]

  • U.S. Open volunteers help make the championship a success

    ERIN — Think of the biggest party you’ve ever thrown, and then think of those true friends who came over a little early to help out. Now multiply that by 5,400 and you’ll see the kind of people who are making the U.S. Open have a real Wisconsin feel. Jon Hauser was busy Wednesday, June 14th making sure spectators didn’t cut the rope and try to get onto the 10th fairway. “This is a newfound position here because people were […]

  • Ken Venturi says presidential snub was used as motivation, helped him win 1964 U.S. Open

    ERIN — Tuesday, June 13th was the second day of practice rounds at the 117th U.S. Open at Erin Hills Golf Course, and it was also a day that saw a visit to Wisconsin by President Donald Trump. That had us thinking about something that happened during a practice round in 1964. A grudge started that day, due to a presidential snub. “It was my time — and it definitely was a miracle,” Ken Venturi said. Venturi’s 1964 U.S. Open […]

  • “Gotta love Wisconsin!” Bubba Watson stops by animal farm near Erin Hills for some #farmfresh eggs

    HARTLAND — With some of the best golfers in the world in Wisconsin for the 117th U.S. Open at Erin Hills Golf Course, there’s bound to be some run-ins with people carrying celebrity status. That was the case Monday, June 12th the first day of practice rounds at Erin Hills, when two-time Masters champion Bubba Watson found some eggs, and alpacas. At the Homestead Animal Farm, just a three wood from Erin Hills, there are a lot of creatures — […]