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When I was 12 years old, my hometown newspaper held a contest for kids. The topic was simple: write in 250 words or less what you liked about living in Wilmette, Illinois.

I didn’t win. I really didn’t think my voice mattered all that much so I didn’t enter. When I read the winning essay, I was shocked. It was awful. The kid who wrote it missed the obvious, her writing was cliched and frankly, I don’t even think it was her work. In my opinion, she all but stole that bike.

After that, I was determined to not stay silent anymore. When my family moved to Baraboo, Wisconsin I joined the high school paper. Heck, I STARTED the high school paper. At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I studied journalism and wrote for one of the two student newspapers. When I discovered spelling didn’t matter so much, I switched to television. Just kidding. I love writing to great pictures and the FOX6 photojournalism staff is the best in the business.

I started at FOX6 even before FOX did — we were CBS when I joined in 1993. Since then, I’ve worked all shifts; covered everything from presidents to polar bears (human and actual bears); and have had the pleasure of working with some of the most decent people in the world.

I now anchor FOX6 News at 5 and FOX6 News at 10. I also write a daily opinion piece called “Ted’s Take.” It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I like the discussions it gets started with viewers. Check it out and write me a line-debate about issues is a healthy thing.

Oh, I finally got that bike. Bought it myself – it’s a 2003 Harley-Davidson Softail. It’s the best way to see Wisconsin. If I see you on the road, I’ll wave hello. Unless you’re that kid who won that bike in 1976. Shame on you for keeping it — you didn’t deserve it.

Recent Articles
  • Vince Condella

    Riding his Harley is one of Vince Condella’s many passions; what got him hooked?

    BROWN DEER — If he weren’t such an ethical guy, FOX6’s Ted Perry has always thought Vince Condella could find a way to claim his Harley-Davidson motorcycle on his taxes — perhaps a self-driven weather-gathering machine deduction. After all, you can take the weather man out of the office, but you really can’t take the meteorologist out of the biker. Riding his motorcycle is one of the few off-camera hobbies Vince Condella shares publicly — perhaps because it was a […]

  • Vince Condella

    Vince Condella says teaching kids, ‘Condella’s Weather Class’ among his top memories: “Very rewarding”

    BROWN DEER — FOX6 Chief Meteorologist Vince Condella’s last day with WITI is Wednesday, May 25th, and after 34 years, he has plenty of memories to take with him as he heads into retirement. Vince shared some of the highlights of his three decades at WITI with FOX6’s Ted Perry. When you become part of the fabric of a town, memories are made stitch by stitch, so it’s no surprise that some of Vince’s fondest memories came from schoolchildren — […]

  • Ron Johnson and Merrick Garland

    Ron Johnson’s effort to block SCOTUS nominee Merrick Garland: FOX6’s Ted Perry weighs in

    MILWAUKEE — Will Ron Johnson’s late summer push for a hearing for Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland be his political “Hail Mary?” The first-term senator is sticking to the Republican Party line — the one that says the people should decide who gets on the Supreme Court when they vote for president. FOX6’s Ted Perry weighs in:

  • voter ID2

    Act while you’re angry: FOX6’s Ted Perry discusses Glenn Grothman’s comments on voter ID

    Wisconsin Congressman Glenn Grothman is getting attention for comments he made on election night in Wisconsin on April 5th. On Tuesday, Grothman implied that the state’s voter ID law would benefit a Republican candidate in November, saying: “I think Hillary Clinton is the weakest candidate Democrats have ever put up and now we have photo ID. I think photo ID is going to make a little bit of difference as well.” Grothman said he doesn’t seen anything controversial when it comes to comments. […]

  • Dean Strang

    Did “Making A Murderer” make you mad? Advice from Avery’s attorney on how you can make an impact

    MILWAUKEE — No one knows for sure, but an estimated 19 million people watched the Netflix docuseries “Making A Murderer.” The series, filmed here in Wisconsin, thrust two defense attorneys into a national debate on our justice system. They are now about to embark on a national tour. If you wonder why Dean Strang didn’t binge watch “Making A Murderer” like so many of us did, consider this: He lived it, and he lost. “I watched it like everyone else, […]

  • Checking food labels

    How much sugar is too much? Smart shopping, savvy eating can lead to weight loss and more

    MILWAUKEE — At 28, Zach Rice isn’t trying to pretend he’s still the high school athlete he once was, but he is trying to stay physically active. So a couple nights a week, Rice heads to a West Allis gym to play basketball in a men’s league.  This time last year, Rice says he got winded just tying his shoes — but now, he runs up and down the court as quickly as anyone on his team.  That’s what losing 40 pounds will do for you.   The secret to his weight loss? Smart […]

  • Steven Avery's letter to FOX6's Ted Perry

    “The truth will set me free:” Steven Avery sends letter to FOX6’s Ted Perry

    MILWAUKEE — If you have seen the Netflix docuseries “Making A Murderer,” you’ve undoubtedly wondered what Steven Avery thinks of it. FOX6’s Ted Perry wrote to Avery in prison, where he’s serving a life sentence for murder. We have now heard back from Avery. Avery’s response to FOX6 News is three pages long. The first page is written in cursive — saying Avery will grant an interview if FOX6 News does an investigation into the Manitowoc County sheriff. The second […]

  • Ethiopian tailgate during Packers game

    Wisconsinites from Ethiopia gather on Sundays to watch the Packers: Team helps them bond with others

    MILWAUKEE — When you work as a valet and walk to scores of people each day, you quickly learn what’s on their mind. So it didn’t take long for Deneke Kedir to learn what Wisconsinites think about a lot: The Green Bay Packers. Kedir knew nothing of football. They just don’t talk that much about it in Ethiopia. When Kedir moved to Wisconsin seven years ago, he didn’t know a first down from a frisbee. That has all changed. Every Sunday […]

  • The Gobbler

    “Super excited:” ‘The Gobbler,’ shuttered for years, reopens after months of renovation

    JOHNSON CREEK — It’s a familiar sight all along I-94 in Johnson Creek. The Gobbler has been shuttered for years but on Thursday night, December 10th after months of renovation, it reopened. FOX6 News got a sneak peek at the venue’s first performers. Inside Dominic Gischia’s band room at Johnson Creek High School, kids prepared for their annual Christmas concert. Adam Becker and Avery Hombsch have been performing in band since the fifth grade. That’s seven years of concerts in a loud gym. While […]

  • Pete Mittelstaedt

    “Happiest I’ve been:” Group works to get veterans moving & active, and help them heal

    BROOKFIELD — Those of us who never wore a military uniform can’t understand what it feels like — but that doesn’t mean we can’t be grateful. Veterans describe it as a feeling of pride and confidence. It’s a feeling they long for years after they’re discharged. But some vets are getting their groove back, thanks to a group called “Adaptive Adventures.” Inside “Adventure Rock” in Brookfield, people climb up and down walls as if they’re auditioning for the next Spiderman […]

  • Friday Morning Breakfast Club at Solly's

    “It’s a camaraderie thing:” Friday Morning Breakfast Club at Solly’s Grille helping Vietnam vets heal

    GLENDALE — Six days a week, you can sit wherever you like at Solly’s Grille on N. Port Washington Road in Glendale, and order breakfast. But not on Fridays. On Fridays, you don’t dare go to the right-side counter — unless you were in Vietnam. Milwaukee’s George Baldus was. “I’m sitting on the top of an armored personal carrier. The squad leader was killed — and they said ‘you’re up,'” Baldus said. Baldus, a now-retired police officer, is one of several Vietnam veterans who […]

  • Gus Sorenson

    “It’s not what you’ve lost:” Vietnam veteran from Racine is an inspiration to others

    MILWAUKEE — FOX6’s Ted Perry has had the honor to spend some time with Vietnam veterans from southeast Wisconsin over the last few weeks. The one thing he said they all have in common, is their desire to help other men and women who served. Such is the case with the “Tunnel Rat.” On a recent trip back to Vietnam, a group of men who served more than 40 years ago spent an afternoon in tunnels once occupied by enemy troops. […]


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