Forecast from FOX6 Meteorologist Rachael Kaye

We’re in for a sunny but cool Thursday. Winds are strong, coming from the NNE at 10-20 mph, with gusts in the 30s. Highs won’t reach much beyond the mid 60s today.

Later this evening, we have a chance for isolated showers. In an a-typical weather pattern, these will be coming from the East – thanks to a cutoff low hanging around the Midwest.

That low will linger around through the next couple of days, bringing us cooler air and shower chances Friday and Saturday.

Sunday is looking mostly cloudy but dry at this point. Our highs will stay in the 60s until we warm back to near 70° next Tuesday.

Today:    Mostly sunny and windy. Chance of showers late this evening.
High:     66°
Dewpoint: 56°
Wind:     NNE 10-20 mph

Tonight:  Shower chances overnight.
Low:      57°
Dewpoint: 56°
Wind:     NE 5-10 mph

Friday:   Mostly cloudy with scattered showers.
High:     62°
Dewpoint: 55°
Wind:     NE 10-20 mph

Saturday: Mostly cloudy with scattered showers.
AM Low:   55°                   High:  64°
Dewpoint: 56°
Wind:     NE 5-10 mph

Sunday:   Mostly cloudy.
AM Low:   54°                   High:  65°
Dewpoint: 54°
Wind:     N 5-10 mph

Monday:   Partly sunny.
AM Low:   51°                   High:  68°
Dewpoint: 54°
Wind:     N/E 5-10 mph

Tuesday:  Mostly sunny.
AM Low:   52°                   High:  70°
Dewpoint: 55°
Wind:     SE 5-10 mph