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Mukwonago student-athlete charged with sexual assault at UW

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MUKWONAGO/MADISON (WITI) -- FOX6 News has learned a Mukwonago student-athlete has been charged with sexual assault. The alleged sexual assault incident occurred in December, 2013, when the Mukwonago student-athlete went to the UW-Madison campus.

Dominic Cizauskas

Dominic Cizauskas

18-year-old Dominic Cizauskas of Mukwonago faces one count of third degree sexual assault -- a felony charge.

A criminal complaint in the case says the victim in this case told UW-Madison police Cizauskas was visiting the UW-Madison campus from December 13th, 2013 through December 15th, 2013.

The complaint says the victim told police she had been communicating with Cizauskas via text message on the evening of December 13th through the early morning of December 14th. The victim says she was studying for a final examination, and was attempting to dissuade Cizauskas from coming to see her that night because police were looking for a strange man around her residence -- and because it was late.

The victim told police while studying in her room, she heard someone asking for directions to her room -- before Cizauskas opened her unlocked door and walked in. The complaint says the victim could tell Cizauskas had been drinking, because he had an odor of alcohol on his breath.

The complaint says the victim told police Cizauskas told her he had consumed 10 shots within 30 minutes.

At this point, the complaint indicates Cizauskas sat down next to the victim on the futon, and attempted to have sex with her. The victim says she tried to get Cizauskas to stop, when he said: "Oh come on -- let's just do this," according to the complaint.

The complaint indicates Cizauskas pushed the victim into a laying position and began having sex with her without her consent.

The victim told police she tried to make excuses to get Cizauskas to leave. She says she told him several times: "I can't do this." The complaint says the victim told police: "I didn't know what to do. I was by myself. My roommate went home for the weekend, and he's a 200-pound football player and he had been drinking."

The complaint indicates the victim is 5'7" tall, and weighs 126 pounds.

The victim was eventually able to get Cizauskas off of her -- before climbing up into her loft-style bed -- hoping Cizauskas "would get the hint and leave." The complaint says Cizauskas followed her into her bed and "kept going."

The complaint says the victim continued to tell Cizauskas she "could not do this" and continued to come up with excuses in an attempt to get him to stop and leave.

The victim told police: "I tried to push him off of me, but he's a 200-pound football player," according to the complaint.

Eventually, the sexual activity stopped, and the victim told Cizauskas he should go, according to the complaint.

The complaint says later on December 14th, 2013, the victim had a text message conversation with Cizauskas, during which she says she confronted him about the fact that he had sexually assaulted her -- and she says he tried to claim she had agreed to have sex with him.

Police spoke with a friend of the victim's, who had gone to high school with both the victim and Cizauskas. That individual told police he had received a phone call around 2:00 a.m. on December 14th from the victim in this case. He says the victim was "hysterical and crying to the point that he could not understand her." According to the complaint, he says the victim told him she was sexually assaulted. The complaint indicates this individual went to see the victim, and he told police the victim was "freaking out and crying."

When speaking with the victim, the victim told police she did have consensual sexual contact with Cizauskas in the past -- saying that the last time would have been in June of 2013, according to the complaint. She told police when she began attending UW-Madison in the fall, she would occasionally have text message conversations with Cizauskas -- in which she says he would make sexual references and propose "hooking up" with her. According to the complaint, the victim says she believed Cizauskas wanted to come see her to have sex with her, and says she didn't wish to have sex with him -- and would make every excuse she could think of to get out of it. Additionally, according to the complaint, whenever the victim learned Cizauskas would be headed to campus, she would try to avoid him.

If convicted of the felony charge against him, Cizauskas faces a maximum of 10 years in prison, and/or a maximum of $25,000 in fines.

The Mukwonago Area School District has released the following statement to FOX6 News:

"We learned (Monday morning) that one of our Mukwonago High School students was charged in Dane County with a serious crime allegedly committed in Madison. Based upon our School Board policy, we have an obligation to protect a student's confidentiality and thus will have no comment on this issue. We are referring all questions to the Dane County District Attorney's Office, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison Police Department."

FOX6 News has learned in June 2013, the Wisconsin Football Recruiting website posted Cizauskas was recruited by UW-Madison. The next day, Cizauskas announced his commitment.

Shortly thereafter, it became clear something was wrong.

In January, those who followed Mukwonago boys basketball noticed Cizauskas had not played in the Indians' last two games.

He was expected to sign a letter of intent in the beginning of February -- but that didn't happen.

Now, he's facing a felony charge.

A spokesman with the UW Athletic Department says the school is aware of the case against Cizauskas. He says due to NCAA rules, the school cannot comment on any prospective students athletes.


  • mukkiddo

    If she heard him coming why didnt she lock the door and if she got him off of her instead of going to her loft why didnt she leave the room.. there’s many things she could of done if this is in fact true she needs some common sense..

    • EJ

      Have you ever attended college? Are you aware it’s common practice to leave your room door open? Are you also aware that most people asking for directions to your room are not coming there to assault you? Common sense has nothing to do with this incident. Her actions of not going to the loft, and not leaving her room do not give a man the right to assault her. Unless you are a woman and put in this position, it is impossible to say how you will react. But apparently you have it all figured out – she should have done something different so the man would not have been tempted to assault her. Good work! Your ignorant attitude is what enables men to get away with assault on women, because, somehow, it’s always the woman’s fault. Disgusting.

      • Anonymous

        I’m sorry but that was quite rude. According the story she knew he was coming and with the intent of creating a sexual experience. Also put this into context. It’s Friday night/Saturday morning at 1:30 am. I propose this question to you, have you ever lived in a southeast Madison dorm? Clearly not. If she was indeed studying and planning on retiring to bed soon her door should have been locked. That’s prime time for any drunk random stranger to walk into your room in those dorms. Also, catch up on your Madison campus police plotter from the past year and see how many armed robberies have occurred on campus. Furthermore there is a reason there is a dorm staff and an RA on each floor. It’s their job to handle drunk underagers who are not welcome guests of the dorms. So I think there was a lack of making logical decisions. Locking her door on weekend nights should be automatic by the end of the semester. However I am by no means saying that what occurred was her fault. The blame is still on the male for forcing himself upon her and maybe(I say maybe because he hasn’t been convicted yet) committing the act. So you don’t go making a bashful comment on someone else when you don’t understand the setting

  • Kevin

    This is unfortunately all too common and happens way more often than is reported. Men have felt entitled to “push” themselves on women since the beginning of time. When they report/complain, they very often are questioned and/or blamed as we saw evidenced by mukkiddo.

    Instead of asking why she didn’t do more or why didn’t she leave, why not ask the guy, why did he keep pushing when she clearly was not interested? Why do men feel entitled to do this? There is a way for young men (all men) to respectfully pursue sexual activity. Most just don’t know how. has answers and is available for speaking engagements.

  • MaCC

    If all the allegations are true, please take him off the street and lock him up for the maximum. What an embarrassment to Mukwonago Athletics and UW. He pulled the Badgers into this by his selfish act. I apologize to this woman in advance as I am also a Mukwonago Alum and am ashamed by this young pathetic creep. He obviously has a sense of entitlement being a big time recruit. Now he is entitled to 3 square meals and kitchen duty for 10 years. He can continue using his steroids while in prison.

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