Two girls accused of plotting to kill friend, victim stabbed 19 times

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WAUKESHA (WITI) -- 12-year-old Morgan Geyser, and 12-year-old Anissa Weier were charged as adults on Monday, June 2nd -- accused of stabbing another 12-year-old girl over the weekend. Apparently, all three of the girls in this case were friends.

The two 12-year-old girls are accused of plotting their friend's murder for months -- and attempting to kill her this weekend.

"Based on our investigation, it is believed that the suspects had planned to
kill the victim for several months. The Waukesha Police Department is deeply saddened that this 12-year-old girl had to suffer through this horrific crime," said Waukesha Police Chief Russell Jack.

Each of the girls faces one count of attempted first degree intentional homicide as party to a crime -- and each faces 60 years in prison.

The girls made their initial appearance in court on Monday, June 2nd.

"Very adult consequences of the actions alleged in this case," a Waukesha County Court Commissioner said Monday.

The criminal complaint in the case says on Saturday, May 31st, a citizen called Waukesha police to report a stabbing -- after locating a girl on the sidewalk in the area of Rivera Drive and Big Bend Road.

The complaint says the girl told the man: "Help me, I've been stabbed."

The man called 911 and tried to apply pressure to her wounds -- and stayed until the Fire Department arrived.

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Morgan Geyser

Morgan Geyser

When officials spoke with the stabbing victim, the complaint says she told them she was stabbed in the woods by her best friend, Morgan Geyser.

The complaint says the victim suffered 19 stab wounds -- and was rushed into surgery at the hospital.

Doctors at the hospital reported she was "lucky to be alive" -- according to the complaint.

"One suspect held the victim down while the other suspect stabbed her 19 times in the arms, legs and torso. Many of the stab wounds struck major organs. But, incredibly and thankfully, the victim survived this brutal assault," Chief Jack said.

The complaint says police spoke with Weier -- who spoke about a website called "CreepyPasta."

Anissa Weier

Anissa Weier

The complaint says Weier explained this was a website that talked about horror stories -- and people can create their own stories.

It is on this website that Weier told police she learned about "Slenderman" -- the leader of CreepyPasta. Just below Slenderman is the killer. Just below the killer is the proxy. In order to be a proxy, Weier explained, you have to kill someone -- to show your dedication to Slenderman, according to the complaint.

The complaint says Weier told police many people do not believe Slenderman is real -- and she said she wanted to prove the skeptics wrong.

The complaint says Weier introduced Morgan Geyser to the CreepyPasta website -- according to the complaint.

The complaint says in December of 2013 or January of 2014, Geyser told Weier -- "We should become proxies of Slender." Weier told police she said: "Okay, how do we do that?"

That's when Weier told police Geyser said they needed to kill the victim in this case to prove themselves worthy to Slender, according to the complaint.

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The complaint says in February, the girls decided they would kill the victim in this case on May 30th.

The complaint says the girls were able to learn that "Slender" lives in a mansion in the Nicolet National Park -- and the girls planned to kill the victim -- and then walk to Slender's mansion and become one of his proxies.

The complaint says on May 30th after school, Weier and Geyser packed up some items, and then Weier, Geyser, the victim and Geyser's father went to Skateland until about 9:30 p.m.

The complaint says the girls went to sleep in Geyser's room -- and there was apparently a plan to kill the victim when she was sleeping -- around 2:00 a.m.

However, the plan apparently changed.

The complaint says the next morning, May 31st, the girls decided to go to Davids Park -- and Weier told police Geyser grabbed a knife from the house before they went to the park.

The complaint says the girls took the victim into a bathroom at the park -- and Geyser handed Weier the knife.

The complaint says Weier told Geyser she "couldn't do it" -- and handed the knife back to Geyser, who then apparently had a nervous breakdown and Weier had to calm her down.

Later, the girls began to walk outside in the park -- and that's when Weier suggested they kill the victim in the woods.

The complaint says the girls decided to play hide-and-seek in the woods near Big Bend Road, south of Rivera Drive -- and that game led to the stabbing.

The complaint says initially, Weier sat on the victim -- restraining her, so that Geyser could stab her -- but Weier worried that the victim's yelling would attract attention, and she got off of the victim.

The complaint says Geyser tackled the victim and started stabbing her -- and eventually, the victim tried walking toward the street -- but the girls tried directing her away from the street.

The complaint says the girls left the scene and walked to Walmart on S. West Avenue.

"The suspects left the area on foot. The victim was able to crawl out of the woods onto the roadway near the end of Big Bend Road," Chief Jack said.

The complaint says police spoke with Geyser. She was asked who stabbed the victim, and Geyser said "both of us." The complaint says Geyser told police she thinks Weier stabbed the victim first -- and then Weier put the knife in her hand, and she stabbed the victim.

The complaint says Geyser told police Weier was very prepared to go with the plan to kill the victim -- but Geyser told police she herself found many flaws in the plan. Geyser also told police Weier had many plans -- and it was hard to keep track of all of them.

The complaint says when asked why they did what they did, Geyser told police they had to, or he would kill their family. When asked who "he" was, the complaint says Geyser said she did not know him.

The complaint indicates neither of the girls felt much remorse over what happened when speaking with police.

Geyser reportedly told police: "It was weird that I didn't feel remorse" -- and Weier said: "The bad part of me wanted her to die. The good part of me wanted her to live." This, according to the criminal complaint.

The knife was recovered after the girls were taken into custody. It was apparently in a purse that was sitting between the two girls, according to the complaint.

The complaint says Weier's father reported a knife missing from his residence.

The victim in this case remains in stable condition with multiple stab wounds.

This case has led Chief Jack to plead with parents to know what their children are doing and reading online.

"Both suspects had a fascination with a fictitious character that often posted to a website that is a collection of small stories about death and horror. Parents should not be allowing their children to have unrestricted or unmonitored internet usage --whether it be on their computer on their smart phone on their PlayStation. All of those accesses to the outside world," Chief Jack said.

This case is upsetting to many -- and the Waukesha School District says it is providing counselors for students who may need it.

In a statement, the district said: "We continue to promote and maintain safe schools for all students, including doing our best to monitor and address situations between students that can have tragic consequences."

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    • Andrew

      You can parent your child all you want, kids are going to do what kids are going to do. Even great parents can have bad children.

    • A'Len

      Grow up. Children are not, as some deluded fools wish to believe, the innocent, oblivious and programmable androids that you seem to think they are. They are human beings with their own thoughts, motivations, desires and ambitions. Parents cannot simply download information into their children’s brains and thus dictate with absolute certainty how those children will behave. It is not possible. All parents can do is try their best, do their utmost to instill good morals and behavior into their children and pray for the best. They are NEVER in full control, no one is. If a child truly wants to do something there is very little a parent can to do to stop them; parents, after all, are not omniscient. They have flaws, they have faults, just as we all do. They are not all-knowing, all-seeing.

      Any good parent does not treat their progeny as though that child’s very home were a prison; monitoring every minute detail, locking the child in their room during those times when the parents cannot be watching, and dictating every little thing that child watches or reads. Even if a parent tried to do that, and believe me, mine DID try to do precisely that, something will always – ALWAYS – slip through the cracks and, worse still, the child will forever resent their parents’ tyrannical oppression, their incessant and fanatical paranoia. Good parenting means moderation; strict but fair rules that do not slip into rigid control and which are softened by small freedoms that slowly increase as the child proves their trustworthiness and good judgment.

      What does all of this mean? Simply that nothing is certain. Two people could be the best parents the world has ever known and STILL have a child that grows up to be a raving lunatic who commits mass murder as a side hobby. On the flipside of that two people could unequivocally be the worst parents on the face of the planet and still give rise to a thoughtful, gentle, intelligent and compassionate child who grows up to be a doctor, a policeman or a fireman despite their horrid parents. Why? Because we are all human beings and we all have free will. We have a choice. For good or ill, some of us are capable of choosing to break free of the bonds our parents would endeavor to place upon us. Our every move, our every choice, is not the fault or responsibility of our parents, no matter what some deluded, misguided fools wish to believe. Get that through your head.

    • cory

      “Blacks represent 13% of the population but commit 50% of the murders; 90% of black victims are murdered by other blacks,”
      Yet the disturbing truth, according to the FBI’s most recent homicide statistics, is that the United States is in the wake of an epidemic of white-on-white crime. Back in 2011, the most recent year for which data is available, a staggering 83 percent of white murder victims were killed by fellow Caucasians
      To understand the level of cultural pathology at work here, it’s important to understand that 36 percent of those killed by whites are women — a far higher share than you see with black murderers.

    • Sheila Moyet

      Children these days lack compassion toward their fellow man. That is something that must be taught to them as little children. Too many kids being raised in broken homes where the parents are not paying attention to them.

      • Dee Kunz McDonald

        I agree with your comment about compassion. But I do not recall anything being mentioned about the girls families. To blame single parents is miss directed. To blame inattentive/selfish parents would be better directed.

      • ayesha7

        agreed, but not all the children who are neglected come from broken homes but rather homes where the parents are too busy to raise children but have them anyway. this is america

    • roland

      maybe if our cable industry would promote wholesome television programming instead of the horrific violence in programs seen not only in prime time but during the day…our society would not think this is normal

      • joe

        They did this because they were into a website about this (as it says in the story) so it’s on the parents that didn’t set up blocks and/or didn’t monitor what their twelve year olds were doing on the internet. The parents should also be charged with them and also have more charges put on them. But let me guess they thought they would never do it or the wanted to get them help but couldn’t. Lock them up with their terrible children I say

      • lberi

        Yes, let’s blame the television or society. Anyone other than the parents. When people start raising their kids with morals, values and respect for human life, these kinds of things won’t happen!

      • Celeste

        The Television Industry, Parents, Pedophiles in our school system and churches and in law are to blame. Remember, It takes a whole village.

      • Traci

        I agree 100% with your posts. I’m offended that the Slenderman influence isn’t more than just a passing glance. Blaming Videogames, TV, Music, and now writing/short stories? It’s true, children are hard to monitor. But it’s your job, as a parent. When I was 12, my mom had parental controls set in to place that were age appropriate. I had my fill of Nickelodeon, and all of the Cartoon websites I could handle. Did I like it then? Heck no! I wanted to surf freely. But my parents laid down the law. And if I gave them reason, I wasn’t allowed on the internet at all. I find it hard to believe there weren’t some signs of those girls being that far off of the playing field. Even just seeming “off”…. Everyone wants to believe their kids are perfect, but sometimes your gut tells you otherwise.

        On another note, my prayers and well wishes are being sent to the victim’s family.

      • Caustic

        Maybe the cable companies are following something called “supply and demand.” As parents, if we see our children watching nightmare on elmstreet vs sesame street, well, it’d be up us to change the channel.

      • zombri

        There are programs out there that are monitored and graded easily so parents can figure out if they are family friendly. The shows are there, parents just need to pay attention to what is being watched. You can’t blame a website of scary stories that girls too young to be reading found. You can’t blame shows today or video games when there is a dang rating system in place for it all. Parents need to parent. Be involved, be nosy and be aware. Stop passing the buck and realize it is up to you.

      • brianna

        And i’m tired of seeing that the parents should be charged. How were they supposed to know that their kids were planning to kill a girl? I’m sure they didn’t think their interest in a website/myth would compell them to kill someone. And it’s not like the parents need to breathe down their kids throats and watch their every single move.

      • Jen

        I don’t think the parents should be charged. They weren’t the ones to take the girl out in the woods and attempt to stab her to death. Those beasts are old enough, far beyond the age of reason, and should know what’s right or wrong. They need to be locked up and with some heavy duty psychological monitoring.

      • Taylor Cogdill

        Guys….. a 12 year old girl was stabbed 19 times. Do you think this is really the appropriate time to go on witch hunts? Psychological study after study says violent media does not cause these things to happen, its the mis-use of that media. The truth is these 2 girls are just screwed up in the head and it could have been anything that set them off. For Pete’s sake, they didn’t show any emotion according to the report. These girls are borderline psychopathic; a jelly donut could have set them off. This is a case of screwed up people finding screwed up things, not the other way around.

    • therefreshman

      What I am offended by is the simplicity of the statement “they need Jesus.” There’s way more to it than “Jesus.” There is a huge amount of personal responsibility, as well–and in this case, it seems there’s more than enough to go around. Jesus is not responsible for your behavior–you are. Satan is not responsible for your behavior–you are. Blaming anyone else but yourself when you do wrong doesn’t fit with what the Bible teaches, but apparently it’s being boiled down to “they need Jesus” and “the devil made them do it.”

    • Irene

      I just took “need Jesus” to mean these kids need the kind of values that Jesus would espouse: love, acceptance, tolerance, and certainly not being violent. That’s how I took it, not offensively. And I’m Jewish.

      • gil brewer

        what a beautiful comment from irene, who must understand the value of human life and love for her fellow man. she being jewish no doubt of a different persausion in her religious belief may not even accept christianity as such but does understand we all were created by the same Creator. why can’t we see the suffering of both families here and hope something can be done to prevent this kind of thing happening ever again. as usual in such a situation there are no winners thank you irene i love you and your people. by the way, i am not jewish! i am an american!

      • gil brewer

        second comment to irene. i should have said ” i am a gentile, meaning i am non-jewish you may be an american too. thank you, respectfully!


    At 12,I think I was still playing with my bionic woman-Jamie Sommers doll. I agree with Tabitha and Sarresa,try them as adults. If they can commit (what used to be at one time,I doubt now)an adult crime,they can be tried as such.

  • Kel

    Unless they have a mental disability they most defilnitly know right from wrong and knew full well what they were doing. My heart goes out to the victim her family and the family of those 2 girls because they are about to go through some verytraumatic life changes that no parent should have to go through!

  • Sheila Moyet

    This is unbelievable. Why are our youth of today so filled with hatred. It’s as if they have no feelings or thoughts for others. No respect for themselves or anyone else. You NEVER saw things like this years ago. I really think it is because of the break down in the family structure and because of parents who just don’t care about what their children are doing.

    • Shara

      Not saying this isn’t absolutely horrific and terrible, because it is… But, we shouldn’t say it’s just “kids these days being raised incorrectly”. Let’s look back at History. There are horrific and terrible things that children and adults have done throughout history. In this day and age, it’s just easier and faster to gain the information due to technology and social media… It is incredibly sad. I can only pray that people will be enlightened and realize that we should all take a hand in watching out for the children that are truly going to be the future of the world.

    • Larson30

      Whether it is a break down in a family structure or not, I personally point towards the parents in this case. At 12 years old a parent should know what their kids are reading when it comes to books, internet, what movies they are watching, who they are hanging out with and in this case if the child has a mental illness and addressing that. Call me ol’fashion but PG-13 is rated a way for a reason, that it’s not appropriate content for kids under 13. However, parents don’t want to the bad guys these days, they want to be friends with their kids. I’m the parent, I have my rules, I love my children enough to set those rules and when become adults I will be their friends. It’s these basic things that is the true break downs in our society today.

      • Cheeseman

        Thats right! you’re a parent first, a friend second! Take care of them raise them well. don’t spoil them but don’t deny them of everything. you seem to get it

      • Kathy

        My husband put something on our computer that monitored what sites our son was visiting. It would send an email to my husband. So parents can definitely monitor what their children are doing. And once you find out they are going to a site that is dangerous, that site can be blocked. AND I knew where my kids were at all times when they were 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18……and it they live at home I STILL ask where they are.

    • snarevox

      so aloud == allowed, and buy == busy??

      im pickin up what ur puttin down…even though your spelling leaves a bit to be desired. be easy never sleazy.

    • annonymous

      shelia you are absolutely right, that kids now a days don’t respect anyone, my kids are older, but when they were growing up when their ball went over the fence, I made them go knock on the door to make sure they can retrieve it, not just hop the fence. My kids aren’t perfect by any means, but at least they respect others and their property

    • Taylor Cogdill

      Um, your opinion is completely baseless. I can link you to multiple mass murders commited by minors in teh 1920s, 30s, 40s etc. You didn’t hear about it in your day because mainstream media wasn’t as prevelant. Beleive or not, but this decade marked the lowest for rates of aggressive crime, by minors or adults like, since the 1960s. You can look up the graph on the department of justice website; it’s a straight downhill line from 1965 on.
      I just can’t agree with you on that; I’ve always felt like humans are getting less violent, and crime statistics support that theory.

  • Kirk

    Ah, yes, here come the barrage of “kids these days” comments, implying that these two girls, who are clearly messed up by anyone’s standards, represent their entire age group. Are we not paying attention to the shootings and stabbings that happen nearly every day in the greater Milwaukee area that are commited by adults? People are capable of horrible things regardless of age. Would it be fair to say “all adults these days are filled with rage and hatred”?

    Is this unusual and horrifying? Of course, but please don’t group all young people in with these demented kids, it makes you look condescending, and that attitude breeds resentment and mistrust between adults and children.

    Smh at these girls and most of these comments.

    • JD

      Kirk, I believe you are being condescending. And the phrase “youth these days” is allowable because it seems that every day there are stories of kids committing adult crimes. No, not every kid, that is obviously ludicrous. But do you agree that because of the more liberal approach to parenting such as no punishment, and every kid gets a trophy whether they win or lose, and yes the broken homes with parents not paying attention to the children; that it’s a very viable explanation for the behavior of many kids today?

      • Minnie

        It sounds like Kirk was trying to communicate their frustration with how adults treat kids, which is a part of the problem of how parenting is handled these days.

        Clearly, the parents weren’t monitoring what their girls were doing online. I have an idea of which website the article refers to-it’s known as Creepypasta, and it’s a site devoted to short stories of the horror genre. Some of them are very disturbing indeed, and wouldn’t be appropriate material for anybody, let alone 12-year-olds. If they were on Creepypasta, I can see where they got their idea to murder their intended victim…very weird and wrong content.

    • Jen

      The problem isn’t as much “kids these days” as it is the way parents treat them as mini adults. Those who want “kids to be kids” are also those who allow them the adult freedom to free reign of what’s acceptable to be involved in on the Internet. Just because this generation is more tech savvy (simply because they’ve been raised in the middle of it) doesn’t mean they’re emotionally mature enough to process everything they see online. Technology has become the ultimate babysitter and mentor, and look what we have now??

    • psycho

      For the last time, it isn’t the parents fault. They haven’t got a mind controlling machine in their pocket. So retarded

      • RJam

        While certainly blame exists, the blame for this cannot be put on any single factor nor can any single factor be cursorily dismissed. Clearly many factors and influences contributed to the ideations and actions of these two girls. It is undeniable that: inappropriate content on the internet; probable negligent parenting; glorification of violence in our media and entertainment; the rising popularity and acceptance of the occult as a lifestyle and entertainment; the general societal disregard for the value of human life; an educational system dogma that restricts, represses and demeans morality and virtue; and probably many other things were all contributing factors in the aberrant thoughts and behaviors of these girls. The current scientific thought is that the human brain may not fully developed until young adulthood. The mind of a young adolescent is very complaisant and highly suggestible and to deny that stimulating influences – violent video games or dark arts for example – don’t impact and influence their thinking and behavior is at best naive. Further the likelihood that there would be two 12 year old female categorical sociopaths (which is what they would have to be to support the assertion that external influences had no impact on their lack of empathy and remorse) in the same peer group is very unlikely. I hope that we have advanced enough to realize that both nature and nurture (environment) effect the development of the human psyche.

  • rita

    single or not it is a parents or guardians dury to teach ur children to care for others n at least respect anything living n value life. Bad learners don’t exist, it is Bad Teaching!!!!!!

    • Greg

      That’s simply not true at all. There are bad learners in the world, and they’re called psychopaths. She said she felt no remorse which clearly indicates she is messed up in the head, as it is a natural human response to feel that after doing something so awful. So let’s all stop pretending like there isn’t a single bad kid in the world and it’s always the parents fault, when that simply isn’t true. Some kids are just evil.

    • Traci

      Sometimes, no matter how much compassion you try to instill in a person, they are empty inside and will never feel remorse.

  • robin

    Kids try to commit adult crimes at a much younger age
    Young as 10.they can go to jail. (Arkansas) even at 10.they are committing assault,burglary; shoplifting. Ect. These 2 girls should be punished.19 stab wounds and the planned it for was with intent. 15 plus jail.if they want to be a badass. Let them try it in jail

  • Tom

    I recall a similar story last year in Wisconsin where the two 14 year olds killed one of the kids grandma with an axe. Too many violent video games, violent movies and TV shows, a lack of religion in peoples lives, and a “Me” attitude is society in general is what is the source of crimes like these.

    • Vitamin J

      The issue isn’t the video games or the movies or the television shows. The issue is the parents who don’t pay attention to what their children play or watch and don’t make any effort at all to ensure that their kids know the difference between fantasy and reality.

    • Greg

      I play violent video games, watch violent TV shows, and am an atheist, and can 100% guarantee you that I would never do something like this, and absolutely would not attribute my actions to what I watch on TV or play. The girl is just an evil psychopath.



    • Minnie

      What a demented thing to say. No twelve year old girl deserves to be stabbed 19 times. The facts are that this is a horrible, sickening event, regardless of what the victim or the suspects were involved in. You don’t know “the facts” more than any of the rest of us, you’re just making things up. Don’t blame a victim of a crime for the actions of another, we all control our own choices.

    • Amanda Nicole

      Clearly you are trolling; just trying to get a rise out of people. No 12 year old can ever “deserve” this

    • maleah carter whamm

      right that’s what my sister said when we watched it on the news this morning anissa and and morgan planned it that what happened on the dr phil show stabbing 19 times ummmmmm whoww

    • Ryan Mathew

      You Need to stop right there!! obviously she didnt deserve it because God was with her and kept her alive so i suggest that you think before you speak

  • Annette H

    Thank you for taking this opportunity to educate parents and guardians about the evils of technology.

  • Toni Gillette

    What the hell is wrong with kids today? Have to reverse the saying to keep your enemies close your friends closer! Thoughts & prayers that the victim makes a full recovery!

  • Ticonderoga

    What I think is interesting is how we, as parents, are (rightly) called to monitor our children’s internet usage. But then our schools give them Ipads with little or no monitoring abilities. I try my best to keep up, but I am not immersed in my child’s world and do not know of everything she can use to communicate with friends. I trust my child a lot and communicate with her often, but many parents to not, or cannot. I know a lot more than many parents about technology and I struggle…

  • Noneya

    So many want to blame the parent/parents for this but lets put the blame where it belongs. About 25 yrs ago they put Social Workers in the schools and preached to the kids that “if your parents touch you call 911” which gave all the control to the kids! Parents and schools can’t do anything without being threatened with abuse charges so the kids quickly learn that they can do what they want without any real consequences. I do not think that kids should be abused by anyone but parents need to instill some fear/respect in kids and they can’t when the kids are being told to call 911. I am in my early 40’s and remember very clearly when this started in the schools and even remember saying to my parents “you can’t touch me or i’ll call 911”. But I still to this day have a respect/fear of my parents and would never even think of treating them like kids treat their parents today.

    I don’t think anyone should be abused, that being said the kids that are truly abused are usually too afraid to say anything or call the police! There are several other ways for kids to get help if they need help rather than having Social Workers in the schools telling them how mean their parents are. The Social Workers and police need to let parents discipline their kids unless a real threat is proven, not just some smart alex kid that doesn’t want to clean up his/her room!

    Give the kids all the power and this is what happens unfortunately.

    • linda

      Very well said. Parents need not be scared to discipline their kids. There’s a big difference between discipline and abuse.A child of mine will always have respect for others and does. Mine was raised just like me. A spanking will teach you to think twice and learn the difference between right and wrong.It s a pitiful world we live in

    • Andrew O'Donnell (@DruVirus)

      First off, you can instill respect and compassion without hitting your kid. I know it sounds crazy but it’s true! I was never struck once as a child and I have the utmost respect and love for my parents and all my elders .. if they in fact deserve respect, of course.

      Secondly, yes, kids were taught that if your parents are abusing you that you should talk to somebody in order to get help. That isn’t putting all the power in the child’s hands; that’s protecting the child from being abused. It’s a protective measure that some kids might try and take advantage of, true, but it’s a measure that is important all the same.

      Thirdly, .. are you honestly going to tell me that parents are afraid of restricting their kid’s internet usage because they’ll get the police called on them for abuse? Are you kidding me?

      I’m also appalled at your usage of “fear/respect” as if they are somehow interchangeable or comparable. Fear teaches a child, “might equals right” so that a child goes, “well, if I make enough people scared of me then they’ll learn that I’m the one they need to listen to”. Respect teaches a child, “this person is deserving of me listening to them and following their orders”. I’m sorry that you were the kind of kid that threatened your parents with calling 911 then that’s on you.

    • Taylor Cogdill

      All the power? Do you know how many kids’ abuse gets worse because they try to report it and the social works system doesn’t fall through? Happens all the time; in fact, it’s why literally a majority of abuse cases go unreported, because BEATING somebody instills fear, fear that the other person is power and that you are powerless. Do you really want to seed that psychology in your children, that he who has the biggest fists wins? Call it respect if you want, and it might look like that, but ultimately it’s respect out of FEAR, not reason, expertise or trust. It’s respect as a reflex because you have literally trained their brain to expect a beating when they do something wrong, so they physically fear mistakes instead of respecting you out of reason, allowing them to build the ability to choose who to trust and respect without regards to who can hit them the hardest. You can build respect without fear. Almost everybody in my life who I would call a good person was never beat, and I know plenty of people who are wild, deviant thieves who had the tar kicked out of them every time they made a mistake. The results are not consistent.
      I don’t know about you, but I’m willing to let my kid call the cops 100 times on me as long as it meant another kid who was really in that situation has an easy out. I’ll talk to social services 1000 times; saving a life is more important than unfounded, unproved and even proven outdated parental principals. A child’s life is sacred, and we should be willing to deal with anything to give a child the ability to immediately get away from an abusive parent. ANYTHING

  • Hailee

    That’s just horrible! I hope these girls get some major help or therapy, that just makes my insides hurt

  • Brian

    Many of the kids involved in crimes like this had very good/stable homes.
    I love how we instantly blame parents every time. It’s a tragedy, but I don’t any thing about the parents,

    I have 3 WONDERFUL children and I don’t think I am half as good of a parent as many people I know…and some of their kids have gotten into serious trouble.

  • Anna

    If you would have actually read the article, you would have seen that it states the website was

  • Debbie Wilson

    Why don’t parents know what their kids are looking at on the internet and watching on TV. Parenting has to improve. If you are too busy to be a parent, then don’t have kids.

  • therefreshman

    We are forgetting one thing–the person or persons who run Creepy Pasta. Is anyone going after this “Slenderman” character? If he does live in Wisconsin (which is where the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest–not park–is), there should be some culpability, especially if other people have killed to join the “proxies” and, if the one girl said, he told them to do it or he would kill their families.

    • Ihatestupidpeople

      Nobody should go after Slenderman for this. It’s a game. A GAME. Not only is it just a game: It’s a game where you run away from slender because he wants to kill you. It’s a game that anyone in their right mind would think “Huh, this Slender guy is a bad guy and I definitely don’t want to be like him.” A game. G-A-M-E. Games, by definition, should be taken as entertainment. These kids are clearly messed up in the head if they wanted to stab someone because of a game. Don’t blame Slender. Blame the kids and the parents. Video games are not the cause of today’s problems. Poor parenting is the cause of today’s problems.

      • Jimmie

        Well, Ihate”STUPID”people, you hit it right on the head…NOT. Whether this slender-man character, which is reported to be linked to this “ community, is a fake person or not, this tragic event is NOT “just a game.” You addressing the culmination of these events under the prowess of “just a game” shows a sincere lack of intellect and profound judgment. This tragic event has forever changed the lives of 3 different families, so it is not a G-A-M-E. From now until the end of their days, each person will be tremendously affected because of this one act in a moment of lacked judgment is now itched perpetually in their lives. So, honestly “THINK” about everyone and thing before addressing or commenting on a subject of this delicacy. Ask yourself, “What if one of those girls was your child (victim or perpetrator)? Would I think that it was just a game?” I don’t think so. Life matters are NEVER “just a game”, no matter where the idea or thought comes from.

        As addressed by Noneya, over the course of several decades, through people’s search for power, fame, political posturing for election votes, supposed scientific studies (like Dr. Spoke’s idiotic statements on raising children), and social well-being agencies working on the “what-if” scenarios, the true well-being and welfare of our children have eroded away. Because of the establishments of many governmental policies on child parenting, both parents and education professionals are forced to deal with children while being blindfolded, bound and gagged. So in my opinion, the only way for today’s society to regain control of our child is to have the these restraints lifted or removed, which will reinstitute a structure of parental discipline. Consequently, if not and at the current pace, only the federal and municipal judicial systems will be raising almost 100% of all children, ie. look at some of the youngest ages already faced with adult sentences.

      • Andrew O'Donnell (@DruVirus)

        Actually, leave the game out of it. The game was created based on the Creepypasta story. These girls may have never played the game and have never once mentioned playing the game. Don’t give anti-video game activists anymore reasons to call video games evil. This is strictly based around a horror story they read.

      • Taylor Cogdill

        At Jimmi:
        Nice try sounding smart. Let me show you how it’s done:
        1) Ihatestupidpeople never said the whole situation was a game, he said that Slenderman is a game, which it is. You completely misinterpreted what he said and, ironically, show a complete lack of profound thinking (profound thinking? Are you just trying to make your vocabulary flowery without actually using the words correctly?) IHSP was trying to calm people down, because many people thought Slenderman on CreepyPasta was a full blown, explicit cult and not just some campfire story game that 2 girls took WAY to seriously. I think you were perusing these comments looking for enemies more than anything, because as soon as you thought you had the ability to criticize, you WENT TO TOWN, and even worse your opinions completely contradict what any psychological expert or pediatrician would say, which is IT’S COMPLICATED.
        2) Child and adult crime rates are at an all time low since the 60s. Look it up.
        3) Politics has NOTHING to do with this situation in any way whatsoever. Neither democrats nor republicans, NOR anything in between can receive the littlest bit of responsibility.
        4) Your whole opinion of this shows a real lack of perspective; it’s obvious you’re content with just labeling that girl who was stabbed another victim of all the things you think are wrong with the world, like liberals or social services, instead of giving the girl the attention and research she deserves so you can HONESTLY understand why it happened; you actually have to use your brain for 5 minutes and examine the situation. what happened between those girls is extremely complicated, and I guarantee you neither that girl nor any psychologists she will have to talk to after this will say that it’s social services fault, or that it’s because of some fundamental assault on the classical parenting structure. This is a messed up situation with a messed up explanation, so stop trying to use a little girls violent tragedy as a soap box for your political theories.

    • Anna Marie Kirch

      Um…Slenderman is a thriller meme that was created by people on 4chan for a creepy photo contest. He doesn’t exist. The creepypasta website is like, for people to write scary stories on, and apparently, there is a made-up devotion to slenderman, which the girls took as real. Kind of like people who worship the flying spaghetti monster. There is no slenderman. This whole thing is just bizarre, and I’m wondering if the girls would have been susceptible to cult worship in general.

      • zan

        Slenderman was created by Something Awful forum goons, not 4chan. Credit where credit is due. It’s also just a story. You know, like the kind of story one would tell around a campfire, a scary story. These girls are mentally ill, that’s the problem. Not slenderman, not creepypasta, not ‘vidja games’ (calm down, gramma). Prayer won’t help them, treatment will. I’m glad their friend lived. I hope they get the help they need.

    • Natalie Hidalgo

      people just go on and on about how bad slenderman is for kids. Really? It’s not any different than Frankenstein or Dracula. Its not the horror fiction that is disturbing, since it has been around forever. the troubling aspect is the youth that find it difficult to separate fiction from reality. These girls truly thought he was real. They should serve their sentence first in the hospital with counselors before they are put into the general population in prison. When they are capable of recognizing their wrong and actually feeling that what they did was wrong then they should still face the consequence of their actions. I hope they will wake up to the horror of what they did and have remorse. Sad story all around.

  • My2sillyboyz

    Give them every bit of the 60 years…sick, twisted heinous children. Lock them up and throw away the key.

  • jessica

    ok that was sad and scary if someone talks about you and wanted to kill you at school talk to an adult i cried about this incident

  • Traci

    Just so everyone knows, Slenderman is a fictional character, created by a group of people on the internet. These girls are very sick. This isn’t something that should be blamed on Creepypasta. Creepypastas are the equivalent of telling camp fire stories. Short creepy stories that can easily be copied and pasted (copy-paste, copypasta, now add creepy element, creepypasta). These girls should have had their parents monitoring what they were getting in to. Don’t blame a creative writing community for something two children in dire need of psychiatric help did.

    • Ben Pimpin

      i dont think this has anything to do with “bad parents” no matter what you come from you can be anything people make conscious decisions and you have free will actions are based on the person so i think these girls made a conscious decision that they can kill someone which is horrible no one should be able to decide the fate of your life and i think these people im not gonna say kids because people will try to find something to blame these people decided they were going to stab and kill an innocent person they dont deserve life these are horrible people

  • G

    If you can stab someone 19 times there is no way in hell you should not be charged as a adult. 2 more white trash families… good job parents !

  • Weaver

    Speaking as an ex moderator of a creepypasta website, we do not allow children of this age on the site, and our stories are meant purely as literature, nothing to encourage anyone to commit an act such as this.
    The stories are pure works of creative fiction, nothing more.

    In my opinion, parents should not let impressionable children such as these onto the site, due to the fact that being under 13 and using the site violates the terms of use of many sites, our own site included.

    During my time as a moderator on the creepypasta site I was on, I witnessed users as young as nine years old joining the site and reading the stories, despite the COPPA act stating that you must be 13 or over in order to create accounts on websites on the internet.

    Now, I’m not saying restrictions should be placed on the internet, the internet should stay a free place for all, but there are simple filters that parents can put on computers to prevent access to sites such as our own, and there is no excuse really for not doing this for your children, because this is what it could end up leading to.

      • Weaver

        Since it doesn’t appear my reply went through, let’s try this AGAIN…
        I don’t really remember, to be honest, it was quite a while ago that I was a mod on the site now.

        Plus, one of my friends has made me paranoid that since I’ve now said I was a mod, what I’m saying will now end up being quoted, so there’s that too.

    • Caustic

      I’m unable to reply directly to your reply, so I’ll use the parent comment. NBD. I was curious because I had just had a discussion about this with some other mods, and users from the site I used to mod. Our site is mainly defunct now, as creepypasta has BEEN on the downward trend (not that this horrific act is going to do it’s popularity any favors). We were one of the splinters from’s original forums, monolith. Wasn’t sure if you were one of the people I was talking to, or if there actually are other Wisconsin based pasta mods.

      I feel so sad and angry that this medium is going to get the blame. This was a way for people to spook themselves and their friends before they went to sleep. Which is exactly why people need to be AT LEAST 13 before being allowed to join a site. Having written creepypasta, and forming friendships with people who have written some of the classics, I’m offended for them, as well. People who write this stuff are normal every day people. secretaries, lawyers, people with doctorates, college students. Notice I mention most of these people are in professional careers, and are adults. We just like to read, write, and give ourselves a scare. Much like horror movie fans. This is one of the media we like. Like comic book fans. As a moderator, we do our best to prevent young children seeing these stories. (can’t lie, I’m a little paranoid about coming forth as a mod myself)

      I’m saddened that this is the case with these young girls, and this is the taste of creepypasta that is left in Waukesha, and Wisconsin’s mouth.

      • Weaver

        Yeah, it is truly sad that this has happened to a poor girl because of a couple of girls who are basically the pasta roleplayers I had to deal with on a daily basis, who cannot differentiate fiction from reality.

        A lot of people I know that still go on the site that I used to are horrified by this happening, and some are even scared that the media will try and give all Creepypasta sites a bad name because of this.

        As I said, people need to understand that this is not the fault of the site, but rather rests on the shoulders of 2 reality confused young children who should have not been allowed to read what they did read.

    • Caustic

      “A lot of people I know that still go on the site that I used to are horrified by this happening, and some are even scared that the media will try and give all Creepypasta sites a bad name because of this.”

      This is my fear too. Honestly.

  • Izzi's mom

    My heart goes out to the families – the victim’s and the accused. Their lives have been changed forever.

    So glad the victim will recover physically. Everyone involved needs support and guidance right now.

  • Jan Schneider

    You take Me out of your daily life…out of your schools, out of your families, and essentially allow yourselves to be consumed by anything other than Me. So how’s that working for you, now? God

    • dancing in the ruins

      hey god, please explain the holocaust to us again. you know, where 6 million god loving people were murdered by the nazis? where were you then? coffee break?

      • Custer

        Ruins – nazis, commies, cultural Marxists are not members of the Christian community. They are statists. They are atheists. So that explains the death camps in Cambodia, Rhodesia, Russia, China AND the ones built during WWII ( until Christian values compelled men to liberate those places.)

      • Ryan Mathew


    • zan

      Hi God, how come you kill little kids with cancer, even the ones that believe in you? Thanks in advance for your prompt reply.

    • zombri

      For those saying it’s because the girls need religion or we need God back in school, you don’t know if these girls were regular church attendees for one and for two many devout people have done violent crimes. For religion back in schools how do you explain away violence and shootings within religious schools themselves? Religion is not a cure and these things do not happen because of the lack of it. If you truly want religion in school send your child to one that is built around it and don’t force it on everyone.

  • l

    Yes! If anyone knows of a charity/fundraiser that is to be organized please post it because I would also like to help somehow

  • Lorea

    How frightening it must be for good kids these days….to wonder if even your friends might turn on you, that they could appear safe and trusting until the last moment. How scared so many kids must be because of girls like these.

  • Joe Jozwowski

    As a member of the creepypasta nation… AND A FATHER, I would like to lay to rest some of the rumors and nonsense I’m seeing from people not knowing the truth and simply speculating about what they think is going on.


    That’s all you need to know about anything. Creepypasta is just a creative community of or authors, artists and musicians who love scary stories… that’s it. We create, we discuss, we collaborate and that’s it. We are not a cult. We are not a second coming of Jonestown or Waco Texas or anything like that. Most of the people in the community are good people who simply wish a creative and productive outlet and simply to keep it at that.

    I am the web administrator for a creepypasta site and I have never ever heard of anything like this happening in the commmunity. Maybe a few jealousies and egos conflicting, but that is bound to happen in any organization where there is more than one person.

    The blame of this lies squarely on those who held the knife, no matter the story they read. I can name a few other books or stories that have motivated murder: Mein Kampf, Das Capital, The Qur’ran and even the Bible have spawned deaths in the hundreds, thousands, even millions. But we don’t blame the books, we blame those who read the book and spun it into something it wasn’t meant to be.

    Being a father, I also must point the finger at the parents for not being more active in these children’s lives. A proper parent would not let a computer, or tv, or game console babysit their child, but that’s exactly what has happened here. The two girls planned this SINCE DECEMBER! And it’s the beginning of June. THAT’S 5+ MONTHS!

    But what’s done is done, the girl cannot be un-stabbed, and sorry doesn’t cut it. Fan-fiction is not a crutch for a defense, and if there is a wise God out there, then I pray they dare not use that defense. We need to look more closely at what the real problem is, and I severely doubt it had anything to with a handful of horror stories.

    I also noticed a few more errors in a previous story revolving around this issue, and I would like to offer any clarification to Fox 6 if they want to make sure they have 10% of their facts straight.

    The most important for last, my heart goes out to the girl in the hospital, and hope for a speedy and healthy recovery. My deepest condolenses to her family and friends who have been sucked into this world of terror, when it was only meant as a creative output for one person several years ago who just wanted to write a story the only way they knew how.

    • RJam

      It is a possibility that if sites like creepypasta and others like it didn’t exist, this might not have happened. I don’t think that you can completely excuse the content of the site from having some culpability and effect on what occurred.

    • Ryan Mathew

      Let me just say that by what you said. you basically said that is a bunch of Sataness stories and artwork. Only a mentally ill person could write stories such as the ones on that website. Let me tell you there is a God and he is much wiser than you could ever be. Who is your God? Because let me tell you the one and only God wouldnt like your website because all your website does is lead people to the devil and drives people to the point of insanity after reading that Sataness stuff you and your community write and post.

  • Tw

    They should be in an institution until they die. Don’t blame the parents, internet, or video games. There are people that are just messed up, and they should be put in mental institutions for the rest of their lives, for everyone’s safety.

  • Eric

    Blaming the website that depicted Slenderman is silly. If the site made people stab others, millions would have been stabbed.

  • dancing in the ruins

    this is the top story on cnn’s website right now. those tabloids love this stuff. nancy grace should be in town soon.

  • Kim

    I have read multiple articles on this over and over again, and I still am in awe as to what I’m reading.

    Everyone is going to have their own opinions on what should be done with the suspects. Although the criminal justice system is flawed, let the courts take care of the wrong doers. What I’m really interested in is reaching out to the poor victim of this crime. Is there anything we can do to support the victim and her family during this time?

    • Megan

      I agree with you 100%. We should see how we can help the family of the victim. We need to pray for all involved. Stop giving the 2 girls that did the crime all this attention. They probably are eating the attention up. The courts will decide and in the meantime lets focus on child & family and see how we can help them.

  • flamegirl71

    Reblogged this on The Flaming Torch and commented:
    “This story absolutely shocked the hell out of me and I assume this story has been shown pretty much everywhere. What is going on with the children today? I think some of what has to do with it, is that the news loves to freely flaunt these type of stories, and children get the idea to do these horrible things. The girls are only twelve years old and face up to 60 years in prison. That means these girls will not see the light of day until they are senior citizens. While they do deserve the time they will be receiving…it still just baffles the mind on how young these two girls were and what they planned to do.”

  • Suzie

    I can’t even imagine my 12 yr old son having such cold and evil thoughts let alone acting on them. Something is very wrong with these girls to think it’s ok to hurt or try to kill someone….especially a friend! My thoughts and prayers go out to this family. I can’t even imagine the pain they are feeling right now

  • Ben Pimpin

    i assume you meant proof and the girls admited to stabbing her??????????????? nope they definately didnt do it you need more evidence

  • Ben Pimpin

    people keep saying its whats wrong with kids and then whats wrong with parents its not kids in general or parents we are all people no matter your age so its not whats wrong with kids or parents these days what is wrong with people in general now this is just my opinion and i thought people reading this might need another way of looking at it

  • denny hoke

    I am a felon ,, 5 DUI s . and a burglary … I have nothing to say .. for the first time in my life I am speechless .. I am sad

  • -M

    You know what i find condescending is how he said “fictional character”,anybody can believe in anything,the fact that he had the audacity to say that is ridiculous,with that being said “God” would also be considered to be a “fictional character”.

  • Lin McKay

    Two girls and two sets of parents are to blame. The girls can be sentenced to sixty years and that sounds about right. Why not sentence both sets of parents to the same? The girls are a product of their parents indifference and poor parenting skills. Remove all their other children before they travel the same route. It is lucky the victim had the strength and will to ‘save herself’ and thank heavens for the biker and the hand of a God. Wishing for healing for the precious victim.

  • J

    This case has nothing to do with parenting or age. It has everything to do with the girls themselves. They were gullible and created some story about having to prove themselves to Slenderman. Slenderman is just a creepy character that the internet loves to play with. These girls took it to a whole new level. There isn’t anyone to blame, but the girls. You guys are trying so hard to make them the innocents and their parents the bad ones. Did the parents kill someone? No. The girls did. They’re the ones to blame, not anyone else.

  • N. G.

    Most murderers show signs of mental illness as children, and it’s not like that haven’t been other child murderers before. Most parents don’t want to believe there is something wrong with their child. You can point fingers in this case, but the fact is, there was probably nothing anyone could have done to prevent this.

  • Dee

    After beating the bad girls, with a switch from the woods, the bad girls need to be locked up for at least 30 years, where they can do hard labor chores. Send them to another country were stabbing violence is not tolerated.

  • Shawna

    Stop blaming the parents! Not one single person making any of these comments know 100% of the truth or the families involved. The 2 girls chose to plan the murder of a “friend” for 5+ months. They knew what they were doing the whole time. They’re both deranged lunatics that deserve whatever punishment they get.

  • You_No

    The “Flying Spaghetti Monster” is an “homage” to the word formed from the Greek symbols for six-hundred-sixty-six (or 616, I forget.. either way, they didn’t have a number system, they used letters).

    Ironically, anyone who is actively invoking this monster, is actively invoking the “name of the beast,”, or the number, from Revelations.

    But most people never make the connection and think it’s just a funny way to make fun of religion.

    Creepypasta may only have a minimal connection to this, but one might wonder…

  • adam

    You cant take the evil out of the hands of the children you have to take the children out of the hands of the evil.15 years ago a12 year old could have read the stories from a book you cant blame the resource of the problem you have to install morals into children of right and wrong…fyi my parents put the frear of god in me not to do such wrong and these days that has been lost not only in children but in society..

    • Wow.

      How DARE you. How dare you imply that these girls acted this way because of autism. Way to perpetuate the stereotype that autistic people are dangerous, violent, and crazy. How many autistic children have been abused and murdered because of ideas like that? You are despicable. Educate yourself, please.

      • Mutu

        You must be new to the internet haha wow calm down. On the internet, “autism” is used as slang. He is not blaming autism literally at all. “This is next level autism” made me actually laugh out loud because it was the perfect comment. It is hard to explain but trust me, he is not blaming the actual autism disorder for anything. Internet slang.

  • RJam

    While certainly blame exists, the blame for this cannot be put on any single factor nor can any single factor be cursorily dismissed. Clearly many factors and influences contributed to the ideations and actions of these two girls. It is undeniable that: inappropriate content on the internet; probable negligent parenting; glorification of violence in our media and entertainment; the rising popularity and acceptance of the occult as a lifestyle and entertainment; the general societal disregard for the value of human life; an educational system dogma that restricts, represses and demeans morality and virtue; and probably many other things were all contributing factors in the aberrant thoughts and behaviors of these girls. The current scientific thought is that the human brain may not fully developed until young adulthood. The mind of a young adolescent is very complaisant and highly suggestible and to deny that stimulating influences – violent video games or dark arts for example – don’t impact and influence their thinking and behavior is at best naive. Further the likelihood that there would be two 12 year old female categorical sociopaths (which is what they would have to be to support the assertion that external influences had no impact on their lack of empathy and remorse) in the same peer group is very unlikely. I hope that we have advanced enough to realize that both nature and nurture (environment) effect the development of the human psyche.

  • P. Williams (@Wi53072)

    It would seem these so called “children” have made some rather misguided adult decisions. Now as a result they have to suffer for those poor decisions. Both of these brats knew exactly what they were doing and that the outcome would be MURDER. Therefore it is clear that there should be no remorse felt for the penalty they pay. The remorse should be felt for the victim and her family.

    The parents of the so called “children” need to be held responsible and should pay full restitution to the victim and her family for their pain and suffering.

    Why is it so hard for our society to place blame where it belongs? Why does our society feel it so important to show the proper amount of sympathy and empathy for the perpetrators of such heinous crimes and struggle to barely show an ounce of concern for the victims?

    • JD

      Very disturbing is thought of other troubled children in danger of carrying out an equally heinous act.

      Seriously think about it — if YOU were the parent (aunt/uncle/neighbor/friend) of a kid exhibiting weird behavior — WHAT would you do? Especially if mental health care isn’t familiar to you. IMO we need easily accessible programs available that aren’t simply referrals to another help line, or another agency.

      Who would you call if something *hasn’t* happened yet, but you have concerns?
      ….. Can’t call police – they won’t do anything until a crime has been committed.
      ….. Family doctor isn’t going to be of much help – they are not mental health professionals trained to deal with mental illness in a child.
      …… Therapists and other mental health professionals usually do not have immediate appointments available for new patients IF they are accepting new patients. Seriously – some wait times are 6 to 8 weeks to get initial appointment!!
      …. and then finally – what is to be done when the parent simply cannot afford the co-pays and deductibles of their health insurance plan? $40 co-pays per office visit are a common fact of life when it comes to seeing a specialist… and high deductible plans are equally as scary to anyone who is unfortunate enough to be stuck in.

      I feel TERRIBLE for everyone involved. There are a LOT of things wrong in today’s society…. including LACK of information on RECOGNIZING problem behavior, then WHAT to do, WHO to call, WHERE to turn when when you see questionable behavior.

      This is a sad state for us as a society, where knee-jerk reaction is finger-pointing. Let’s figure out a way to educate and intercept before it’s too late. I would much rather be part of a ‘solution’ oriented society…. wouldn’t you?

  • RJam

    While certainly blame exists, the blame for this cannot be put on any single factor nor can any single factor be cursorily dismissed. Clearly many factors and influences contributed to the ideations and actions of these two girls. It is undeniable that: age inappropriate content on the internet; probable negligent parenting; glorification of violence in our media and entertainment; the rising popularity and acceptance of the occult as a lifestyle and entertainment; the general societal disregard for the value of human life; an educational system dogma that restricts, represses and demeans morality and virtue; and probably many other things were all contributing factors in the aberrant thoughts and behaviors of these girls. The current scientific thought is that the human brain may not fully developed until young adulthood. The mind of a young adolescent is very complaisant and highly suggestible and to deny that stimulating influences – violent video games or dark arts for example – don’t impact and influence their thinking and behavior is at best naive. Further the likelihood that there would be two 12 year old female categorical sociopaths (which is what they would have to be to support the assertion that external influences had no impact on their lack of empathy and remorse) in the same peer group is very unlikely. I hope that we have advanced enough to realize that both nature and nurture (environment) effect the development of the human psyche.

  • Mommaof5

    sounds like me they are psychopaths, they cant feel remorse, or even care about what they did… serious therapy…. for the little girl who got stabbed i’m saying prayers for you

  • RJam

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to post my comment multiple times, I made an edit…I should lose my internet rights :)

  • WenPen

    I looked at the website “Advanced Background Check” when entering Matt Geyser’s (father of suspect) name and the email address associated with the MANY addresses was ilovevil666@hotmail.

  • Ryan Mathew

    Let me just start with saying that it really is a blessing that the poor girl is still alive, God was with her and that truly is a miracle.
    Those 2 “kids” are to blame don’t get me wrong and the parents are too, I agree that they are to blame but I do think that there is some blame that is not being given. I believe that the creator of that Sataness website that led those girls to the devil is to blame. I also think that instead of blaming all video games, you should be blaming the one game that is about that mythological creature. I believe that the creator of this Demon should be blamed. I think that there should be some charges against the creator of Slender and I also think that the website those girls read needs to be taken down at once because obviously it is doing no good and it is causing children to think that it is okay to kill their friend just to please a mythological creature. I also think that as a parent you should be teaching your kids the difference between real and made up, I also think that you should be taking then to a church, that way they can learn who they should be pleasing; and how who they should be trying to please is not the ‘slender man’. The one they should be working to please is God and killing is not the way to please God in fact that is far from pleasing God. I hope the parents know that their children are not going to heaven. They are going to rot in hell for following the devil. This world has gone to the ground this generation is in ruin due to the things that kids think are okay. Kids should not need to follow their friends. If your friend was to jump off a bridge would you do it? I don’t think so, so why do the kids think that they should do what their friends do or do what they think is ‘cool’. Killing is not cool. The amount of violence these day is what makes this world a horrible place. Oh and for the thing about guns above no one needed to comment if they didn’t understand it. What that person was trying to say is that guns don’t kill people; people kill people and what the 2 girls did proves that people kill people, but luckily that girl didn’t die and many prayers for that girl and may God be with her and heal her, or follow the plan he has for her, even if that means taking her to heaven, heaven could be needing an angel.

    • Caustic

      Let’s pretend for a moment that you AREN’T a troll pretending to be a religious zealot. Calling people who enjoy scary stuff Sataness (Or as I am more familiar with, “Satanists”) is about as pig-headed and narrow minded as it comes. Which means you are probably doing a great job with your trolling, ‘grats on that.

      So, we will take in to consideration what you wrote. That would make ALL horror fiction authors “Sataness(es?).” Stephen King? Edgar Allen Poe? Anne Rice? Maybe, I don’t go digging in to their personal beliefs. None of my business, really. Me? I’m Irish Catholic. If you really want to know. I live a life that I am proud of, and I think MY God, OUR God, would be proud of. So don’t go assuming things about something you aren’t willing to educate yourself on. I did a quick google search for “Christian Horror Authors” and this is the third result: I skipped over the Good Reads’ “Christian Horror” section, and DEFINITELY skipped over the “progressive christian horror blog”, written by a pastor, mainly because I thought you’d dismiss that as soon as you saw “progressive.” Doesn’t suit your character’s style.

      Like it has been mentioned in previous comments, there are guidelines that all of these websites try to adhere to. Keeping it PG-13, as it were. Even then, all of these websites for communities, and friendships, and we watch out for other members. If something seems “wrong”, we reach out, and see if everything is ok in that person’s life. 99% of horror/creepy writers live sane, normal, harmless lives. There are all different types of religion. just like real life.

      I think it would probably be in your best interests to step away from the bible, or keyboard (depending on whether or not I am right about you), go outside, and take a deep breath. Either because you haven’t seen the sun in a long time, living in that basement, Or because you need to stop seeing “demons” everywhere. Blaming someone who created a “spooky thing” when these girls were barely out of diapers is going to do WHAT, exactly? Thanks for taking the time to read this.

      PS- 2/10, for getting a lengthy response.

  • Bri and Jon's Mommy


  • JD

    Wondering if the girls showed any signs of instability prior to this incident? i.e. – did they injure, torture or kill small animals? Were they bullies? …….

    Goodness knows, there are a LOT of things wrong in society today…. including LACK of information on RECOGNIZING problem behavior, then WHAT to do, WHO to call, WHERE to turn when when you see questionable behavior….

    Seriously think about it — if you were the parent of a kid exhibiting weird behavior — WHAT would you do? Especially if mental health care isn’t familiar to you. IMO we need easily accessible programs available that aren’t simply referrals to another help line, or another agency. Who would you call if something hasn’t happened yet, but you have concerns? Can’t call police – they won’t do anything until a crime has been committed. Family doctor isn’t going to be of much help – they are not mental health professionals trained to deal with mental illness in a child. Therapists and other mental health professionals usually do not have immediate appointments available for new patients IF they are accepting new patients.

    OK, so once we figure out WHO those parents should have contacted if they noticed unusual behavior in their daughter – is what happens next? There is a complete absence of a clear picture of what happens after help is requested — many people believe children would be taken out of the family home if a call is made. Where would the child be placed? How would you get them back? How long until they would be able to come home? How do you explain this absence to family, friends, and the school? I don’t have an answer – do you??

    For people who live in the lollipop sheltered world blaming TV or the Internet — I think there are still some Book Burning Clubs around, and maybe an anti-rock music affiliation, too. I’m not being mean – I’m just trying to provide perspective… finger pointing is easy…. creating and implementing an effective solution is challenging. Be part of the solution please!!! Volunteer at a local school, where your positive influence can be appreciated by our future generation, and possibly with your extra set of eyes – clues to deviant behavior may be identified, and remedied before another sad incident occurs. Maybe you can tutor a child, be a Big Brother or Big Sister – schools are used to teach our children more than Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic these days – they need all the help they can get!!! From kids with poor grades or behavior problems, all the way to the opposite end of the spectrum to good kids with great grades and social skills — every child deserves and NEEDS as many positive influences in their life as possible!

    I feel TERRIBLE for everyone involved. This is a sad state for us as a society.

    PS –
    Even more troubling is the thought of other parents out there, with troubled children, who have no idea where to turn – to prevent an incident like this.

  • Jose A. Gutierrez

    Before people comment they should obtain a better understand of psychology.. Both nature and nurture play a role in the psychological development of every individual. Also, we all reach a point when we know the difference between right and wrong. The girls CHOSE and PLANNED for months to kill their friend. Parents, society, internet, video games or movies are not to blame for the actions of others. The only ones to blame are those two girls. However, maybe the parents are to blame for being too lenient when disciplining their kids and those girls never got punished properly to fully understand consequences. So just realize that there are simply bad people of all ages in this world.

  • Tracy

    My heart goes out to that poor girl an her family, everyone keeps Asking what’s wrong with our youth today they took parents right to spNk their children away , it’s hard not being able to put the fear if God into them like our parents did, when we were young we had to work around the house an outside, we didn’t have all these killing games to play an computers to look up bad stuff, we had a parent at home watching us at all times, kids today have no respect for anything it’s just give me give me , we as adults when we were growing up we would never talk to out parents the way kids do today. Effectively disciplining our children is the big part of today’s problem

  • lucia

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  • pam

    This is where two sets. of laws come into play,these two they sick,anyone else trial them as adults, no mental illness,keeping watching

  • pam

    Two sets of law,come to play anyone else mental illness, or age would have came into the crime,keep watching slap on hand go home pure pressure.

  • John Normand

    cant really blame the parents, any 2 children can be raised exactly the same & turn out compleatley different. these kids had issues that should have been adressed. you cant blame it on music or some dudes writings or the parents for upbringing. those kids had issues from jump.

  • linda martin

    Repent ….Turn to God…This scripture is Gods truth
    not an opinion…..But Understand this….that in the last days
    perilous times of great stress and trouble. For people will be lovers
    of self..self centered..lovers of money..arrogant..scoffing..contentious
    boarders..disobedient to parents…blasphemous..ungrateful..
    ..unholy and prophane. ….they will be without natural human
    affection… (callous and inhuman)
    Relentless..slandered….false accusers..loose in morals..
    and conduct..uncontrolled and fierce…haters of good.
    God is the only hope for mankind….
    Fear reverance of a holy loving merciful God….who died an excruciating
    death so we would know his love and conquered death..
    there is forgiveness at the cross…for the victim and suspects
    if they truly turn from their sin and
    Turn to God …..we are in these last Days..God rules always has always will

  • Raven

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    100% Undetectable, monitor Remotely from web, VIEW Screenshots and Keystrokes, SEE all Email, IMs, Web + More. This was the best babysitter I have ever had you no longer have to look over your kids shoulder to know everything they are doing online and it’s
    Money Back Guarantee. If you have teenagers this is a must have, this software really helped me with my 15 year old Nice. God bless everybody with kids, I’m praying for victim and family.

  • Cassidy

    You cna blame the parents little bit, but these girls are12. They should’ve known what is right and wrong. I think that the website they were looking at should be taken down. I also think that we need to think about what we are advertising on tv for young veiwers or any age at all!!! I hope that one girl is ok. These girls need to learn their lesson.

  • Marius

    It has nothing to do with the website we are free to put whatever we want on the internet and say whatever we want. The truth is that those girls are not humans, they are satan. I dont want them in the same country, or in the same realm as me. Destroy them both now. They will burn in hell either way.

  • Sherry

    A parent should educate their kids what realism is. Just my opinion…. When my child was frightened of people in Halloween costumes and or questioned about a wrestler that’s playing out a role in their television soap, I explained to them the realism of the plot, if it’s real or not…. The two young girls said that they believed when they killed that Slinderman would reveal himself, but also said they had no remorse for what they had done. (During or after.) So yes! The parent should also take some responsibility from this as well. This is very sad for all parties involved. Especially the victim!

  • Theresa

    Those girls really know nothing about Slenderman. And to actually try to kill their friend to become a horrible Proxy?! Girls with no sense shouldn’t read things like Slenderman. What’s next? Trying to please Ben Drowned?! Newbies, both are newbies to the Creepypasta community. Of course, most adults claim Slenderman is fake, but it’s strange that you can find traces of his existence farther back than when Creepypasta started. He was popular in Germany when he first appeared and had more than a few eye witnesses. Don’t count him off as fiction until you know this for a fact.

    • Caustic

      Knock that off. You are not any help to the creepypasta community. You look like a fool, and are perpetuating why people get up in arms about stuff like this.



  • Jackie

    We have here 2 CHILDREN who have done something terribly wrong I think someone at this age cannot really comprehend the results of there actions and should NOT BE TRIED as adults that is only for the state a quick fix for the situation they should be admitted in a facility where they can get the help they really need and not just ” pushed off ” into a correctional institution

  • Lt

    We’re all thinking of the same solution but it’s too sad to say or type. But it’s effective. 100%.

  • James

    slenderman is just a story made up by someone online, that got turned into a videogame. which also is about being chased by him in the woods. these girls are some of the stupidest kids I have ever seen.. regular fans of slenderman are stupid enough for believing in a fictional character, but at least they know when it comes down to it that he is just a made up story loosely based on a story of a real normal person that did some horrible things.. when I read this I could not even believe what I had just read. its people like this that make it look like videogames are a bad influence, when realistically, they are just stupid and believe anything people tell them.

  • Breanna Farrar

    There’s honestly nothing wrong with the website. I read the “creepypastas” all the time and I’m not a murderer. This is two girls who plotted to kill their friend for months. A website didn’t make them do it. Bad parenting didn’t make them do it. Their sick minds made them do it.

    Honestly though, it doesn’t take a genius to know Slenderman isn’t real. Same a how Jeff the killer, Eyeless Jack, an all the other made up stories are, in fact, MADE UP. I personally think they just used the Slenderman thing as a cover up to hide the fact that they’re cold blooded killers and deserve life in prison.

  • axeman

    Yes Breanna looked into the site its anyway age blocked meaning they lied to get entry. I think personally this is bull.

    I cant really deduce if its their school environment or perhaps some outside influences. But it seems to me act was done for cred reasons they thought it would make them badass perhaps.

    Silly to try them as adults though. Clearly their act had a lot of immaturity to it. Especially how they say they felt no remorse. Thats playacting and the act of a child. They will be in jail at 40 for a crime they committed as 12 year olds. As to parents ? What influence they had will come out at trail. I doubt any.

    US Legal system fail imo

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  • johnny

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  • merhawi

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  • Ger

    They should not be tried as adults. The girls are most likely victims of abuse themselves. If not presently abused by a close family member, relative, close friend of the family, or hired caretaker, then somewhere in their past; perhaps as early as infancy. This violence within a child or young teen does not exist in a vacuum. Not solely encouraged by a website persona and/or they warped perceptions of reality. These girls need need psychological and emotional intervention; years of it.

  • anonymous

    I cant believe what I just read … that website and websites like it should be shutdown. Those girls need a lot of help,I’m sad to hear kids as young as 12 are even committing such an act. There is a lot of evil and ugliness in this world now a days. This generation needs help… I’m starting to lose faith in humanity .

  • Bleu

    What kind of society can assimilate 12 years old kids to adults? Answer: a deeply sick one!
    Any senior can recall the time they where 10, then 20, then 30 and so on, and witch one can say that at 12, he or she was mature? Answer, none on this planet!
    Have you ever tried to tell a kid “candy are no good for your teeth”? Well, it appears that kids do not make the link between “how good is a candy” and “how costly can be the dentist”, this until they pass adolescence and become responsible of themselves…
    The society that get into this situation, having kids that want to kill other kids, is a society that has deeper problems than there kids!
    And the parents, if they have a part of responsibility, are not the only one’s and should not be judged. If there was reasons to put them in court, then should be on the accused bench the authorities too, with the entertainment industry, with school responsible and so on, everybody should be concerned and judged for them failing to have a proper environment for kids growth!
    These kids need to be awakened to what they did, everybody agree on that, but to treat them like adults put the adults that judge them at the same level, just brainless…
    Shame on this society!

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