Governor Scott Walker to be sworn in for second term as Wisconsin’s 45th governor

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MADISON (WITI) -- On Monday morning, January 5th, Governor Scott Walker will take the oath of office for his second term as Wisconsin's 45th governor. Governor Walker outlined his second-term agenda when he spoke with FOX6's Mike Lowe in a one-on-one interview ahead of his inauguration. During the interview, Governor Walker looked forward, but he also looked back.

Four years ago, in January 2011, Governor Walker put his hand on the Bible and began a term that would change the course of Wisconsin history.

With protests, recalls and another election behind him, he's now set to begin his second term.

"My hope for the next four years is to continue down that path because I think the American dream  for so many people in this state, certainly for Tonette and I, is to have our sons and hopefully our grandchildren fare better than we did," Governor Walker said.

Governor Walker says the first order of business for the state Legislature will be passing a new "school accountability" measure.

"I want to give the public and every parent in this state as much objective information as possible as to how well their kids are doing or not doing," Governor Walker said.

Governor Walker has already begun work on the next two-year budget. The state if facing a projected $2.2 billion shortfall, according to Walker's own Department of Administration. The incoming Senate Majority Leader Jennifer Shilling has accused Walker of "slash and burn" budgeting policies.

"It's a nice bumper sticker, but it doesn't hold up in reality," Governor Walker said.

Walker's critics say he has focused too much on tax cuts, which have led to holes in the budget.

"If any of my critics want to raise property taxes, raise taxes as they've done in the past, that's certainly an option, but I think the people of this state were loud and clear when they put me into office for the third time in four years that they want us to keep property taxes under control and that's exactly what we're going to do," Governor Walker said.

One of Governor Walker's goals is to shrink state government by consolidating agencies.

"All of those things have to be on the table for significant changes in terms of the size and scope of state government," Governor Walker said.

Governor Walker faces a big question about his own future. Will he run for president in 2016?

"My ability to be even potentially a viable candidate is almost solely driven by how well we do in the state.  If the state's not doing well, I'm nothing -- no possibility of being a candidate," Governor Walker said.

Walker says he'll decide on a presidential run only after the budget process is complete.

Governor Walker will be inaugurated Monday, January 5th for his second term as governor. The swearing-in ceremony is set to take place at the Capitol in Madison at 11:00 a.m. We'll have LIVE STREAMING VIDEO on

In the videos below, you can watch as Governor Walker is sworn in as the 45th governor of Wisconsin back in January of 2011, prior to his first term.

What's in store for politics in Wisconsin in 2015? FOX6's Mike Lowe takes a look back, and a look ahead to 2015.

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