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Officer Pablo Torres’ file: Nearly 200 pages of documents reveal tale of two officers

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
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KENOSHA (WITI) -- FOX6 News has learned new information about a Kenosha police officer who shot two people over a ten-day period in March.

Pablo Torres

Pablo Torres

Within the nearly 200 pages obtained from Officer Pablo Torres' file, we found nine citizen complaints accusing the officer of excessive force. One of them came from Kimberly Hollis. She says she was involved in a bar fight in 2010 -- and Torres had her wait in a squad car until someone could pick her up. The first ride came, but Hollis says there wasn't room for her.

"So he said 'okay, just go sit back in the car 'til your son comes.' And then when my son came, I kind of chuckled and was like 'are you sure this time?" said Hollis. "And like I said, I don't remember anything except for waking up on the ground, face down, with my son screaming 'let her go! Let her go!'"

Kimberly Hollis

Kimberly Hollis

Hollis shared pictures she says show the injuries Torres caused. The file for Hollis' complaint shows Internal Affairs found her accusation to be "not sustained," meaning there was not enough evidence to either prove or disprove the allegations.

In each of the other eight excessive force complaints, the Kenosha Police Department cleared Torres.

However, the file shows Torres received a total of seven verbal or written reprimands. They came between 1998 and 2006. The infractions include:

  • Inappropriate language
  • Failing to appear in court
  • Improper wearing of magazines
  • Leaving an unattended prison
  • Violating department policy
  • Improper use of electronic communications
  • Improper chase

The 1998 language complaint states Torres made an inappropriate comment to a woman in custody "concerning the fit of the seatbelt." In 2001, Torres refused to sign a written reprimand that stated he "failed to lock the safety screen (in his squad car) resulting in a suspect nearly escaping." In 2006, Torres also refused to sign a reprimand for continuing a chase the department said he should have terminated.

There is also plenty of positive in Torres' file. FOX6 News found letters from people in the community thanking Torres for bringing his K-9 Chico to their school or event. There are also a number of internal commendations citing the officer's professionalism and ability to interpret interviews with Spanish-speaking victims or suspects.

Cindy Nowak

Cindy Nowak

That's the officer Cindy Nowak described to FOX6 News, saying Torres helped her son with his Boy Scouts project -- a K-9 agility course.

"Pablo knew the manager of the Lowe's here in town and he worked tirelessly to help my son get the materials he needed, worked everything out," said Nowak.

That all brings us to March 4th when Torres responded to a call of a suicidal man. Police say the Vietnam veteran had a knife in each hand and Torres shot the man when he made a threatening gesture. The man survived the shooting. His wife spoke off-camera after the incident -- saying she told police her husband suffered from post-traumatic stress.

"I was screaming, 'My husband is a veteran, don't hurt my husband.' They knew he had a mental problem; he was not out to hurt them, he was only out to hurt himself," said the wife.

Aaron SilerTorres went on leave while the state Department of Justice investigated the shooting. During that investigation, Torres returned to work ten days later. Then on March 14th, his first day back, Torres shot and killed Aaron Siler at the end of a high-speed chase. Police say Siler "brandished a weapon" prompting Torres to shoot.

Kimberly Hollis says she knows both of the men whom Torres shot.

"It turned my stomach because the first gentleman he shot was my old neighbor, so I knew him and his wife personally," said Hollis. "And then to find out he killed Aaron touched my heart because Aaron actually mowed my lawn for five years while he was growing up."

If Hollis has her way, Torres will not only lose his job, he will also face criminal charges. There are many other civilians in Kenosha who support Torres -- but none of them will decide his fate.

The next major decision regarding Torres will come from the Kenosha County District Attorney. He already declined to charged the officer for the March 4th shooting.

The Department of Justice is still investigating the shooting of Aaron Siler. Once that is complete, the district attorney will decide whether Torres will be charged for that shooting. Kenosha police say Torres is still on leave pending the outcome of that investigation.


  • Michelle

    I appreciate you trying to do a balanced story, but it would’ve been nice if you researched your primary witness. Kimberly Hollis has been convicted of multiple counts of disorderly conduct, battery, theft, and property damage. She just MIGHT have an axe to grind against police. If she wasn’t the ONLY person you interviewed that was negative, it might have been a little better. Please do your research.

      • Michelle

        I’m really glad I can read CCAP too. I wish Fox 6 did before they talked to you. You clearly have a LOT more to your story than what they presented, but since they used you as the witness against Officer Torres, I feel that your past is more than fair game to bring up.

      • LMAO

        Kim Hollis sounds like a huge waste of air and matter. Kudos to the Officer for balancing the world. You know you’re a real piece of garbage when your son has to pick you up from a bar, b/c you can’t conduct yourself as an adult.

      • Mr. Bob

        Sure Kimberly the courts just don’t understand. Multiple convictions both misdemeanor and felony for Battery, Disorderly Conduct, Criminal Damage to Property, Issuing Worthless Checks, Restraining Order against you, Theft, civil judgements for thousands of dollars against you, car reposessed, mortgage foreclosure, did I miss anything? Born 11/13/69 making you 45 years old and still getting into bar fights?? You are a lost soul and your life is a train wreck. I would imagine most of your problems stem from excessive alcohol consumption. Now repeat after me, “I am an alcoholic.” Then and only then can you move in the right direction.

  • Gary Hamilton

    I’m sure all the bar hag’s and criminal element will file complaints against a police officer. I think I will continue to believe the reports that come from law abiding citizens! For the veteran with P.T.S.D. I also suffer from P.T.S.D. and thank you for your service to our country. However I do not wave knives around especially in the presence of police officers. If a police officer feels his life or someone else’s may be in danger they have to do what they feel is right.

  • liberalmkejudge

    FOX6 needs to start reporting news instead of trying to get stupid people to distrust police. this article is about a police officer who hasnt had a single reprimand in 9 years, and only had 7 minor issues over 17 years. i would say that is a great record. thank you officer torres for doing your job. FOX6 needs to stop spreading hate and misinformation. milwaukee has a tough enough time without you feeding the fire. have some respect for yourself and fellow community members.

    • kathy

      7 repermands, if he was a law abiding cop and following work policies he should have 0, I’m sure there are many on the force that have been there a long time and have none, he is a big shot once he’s in uniform, thinks he’s larger than life and can do as he pleases…he murdered a 26 year old boy, shot a veteran, used excessive force 1 to many times, why don’t we give him a medal because he’s had a clean record for 9 years…he needs to be charged and off the force, I don’t know how he looks at himself every day knowing he killed someone, could of been 2 but thankfully the veteran survived. Get this officer off the streets….

  • Lorett

    If I have to choose who to believe the drunken waste or a police officer I will take the police any day. Your son must be so proud of you Kimy. If you want to do any good for your family and society turn your effort to getting sober!

      • Mr. Bob

        Kathy, your close friend Kimberly should not be in a bar in the first place because she is an alcoholic. Maybe you should be with her as her sponsor when she starts to attend AA meetings???

  • Hooptie Pete

    AJ is the fox 6 version of Gina Barton, I think he’s trying for a job at rolling stone. It’s amazing how 1 sided these stories are. A bar hag gets a full interview while the mayor and chief get a full pass on a homicide rate that’s up 500%….

  • Daniel

    This is a bunch of garbage. Leave this valued veteran officer alone. Hollis was drunk, that’s why she doesn’t remember anything. You should have posted her entire rap sheet along side Torres.

  • Bri

    Just look at those complaining about it and it should be clear. Believe the drunks and criminals or those who say he helped. Nice job fox 6 lets drag another officer through the mud for your crapy news.

  • Michael Bell

    Torres has a history of violence and should not have been on duty until the independent investigation by the Division of Criminal Investigations for the March 4th shooting was complete. Couple that with Kenosha Police Officer Kyle Baars testifying under oath that he planted evidence at a homicide scene, acknowledging that to his superiors and remaining on duty in that capacity for 4 months, identifies the real problem as a corrupt culture within the Kenosha Police department. Photos of what Torres did to one of my employees can be seen at FB page Plea for a Change, the Michael Bell shooting.

    • Mr. Bob

      You obviously have an ax to grind against law enforcement in general so your views are biased based upon your son’s case. What does Kenosha Police Officer Kyle Baars have to do with this story about Officer Torres??? The story is about a convicted drunken criminal making allegations of police brutality against Officer Torres. Save your gibberish for the next protest you attend…..

    • Gary Kunich

      Michael — As a father who also lost a son, I understand your deep grief and am deeply sorry for the loss of your son. But you are wrong about this situation, you are wrong about Officer Torres, and you are wrong about the Kenosha Police Department. You are doing a disservice to this community. The police officer you mentioned who planted evidence is no longer a police officer because he broke the law and he will face the consequences of those actions. Shame on you for disparaging the good name of Torres, an outstanding police officer, and the hundreds of other KPD officers who deserve our honor and respect. Shame on Fox6 for not pulling up a CCAP report to vet these so-called “witnesses” against Torres, and shame on Fox6 for not getting a more complete picture by covering the rally Saturday afternoon to support Torres that was attended by 200 or more people.


    I agree with Michelle first of all let’s say he did use force on Kimberly what in the world are you doing involved with the cops and in the back of a cop car!!!! DONT DO THINGS TO PUT YOU IN THAT SITUATION PLAIN AND SIMPLE. I have been in trouble with the law in my past and I will still say that police officers have the right to use force if needed but like I said you shouldn’t put yourself in a position to even let them !!!!!!! NOW THIS STORY IS A CROCK OF YOU KNOW WHAT !!!!! You guys should interview a lot more people and bring up how much PAUL TORRES HAS HELPED US KIDS TO STAY OUT OF TROUBLE AND ALWAYS DRILL US WITH STAY IN SCHOOL AND BE SOMEBODY IN LIFE !!!! LETS KEEP THE POSITIVE OUT OF THIS AND TURN IT INTO NEGATIVE …..COME ON NOW … I GURANTEE THERES A MILLION POSITIVE THINGS TO SAY ABOUT PAUL AND WHEN I SAY A MILLION I MEAN IT !!!! BUT NO YOU GUYS WANT TO BRING UP SEVEN VILOLATIONS OR WRITE UPS ON HIM OVER SOME BS ….. WAY TO STICK NEXT TO SOMEONE WHO Has been keeping our streets save and sound !!!!!! SMH

  • Gary Kunich

    Hollis has criminal arrests for disorderly conduct, theft and other stuff longer than my arm. Just check the court records online. And you use her as your source? You do this story Fox 6, but you can’t be bothered to come out to a rally in support of Officer Torres today with more than 200 people? And you were notified of the rally. Biased much?

  • Kim Hollis

    I LOVE that you all think I’m an alcoholic. Ok for those of you that ccaped me not one of you mentioned I divorced a drug addict and an abuser. But seeing as I’m so bad I got custody of my ex-husband’s children. My know 2 grown sons are a diesel mechanic and the other is an electrition both with college educations and I did that as a single mother with no child support! Yup that makes me a piece of worthless air. Hmmmmm

    • Michelle

      I never said you were an alcoholic. I simply stated facts that you had been convicted, multiple times, of violent crimes. My complaint was about Fox 6 using only you as proof that Officer Torres was bad. If he was such a bad cop, wouldn’t there be other people to interview that share your views? So far it seems to be only you and your friends. That makes this a bad story.

  • Fred

    The problem is that there is absolutely no respect for authority or even fellow man. I have had a few run ins with police in my younger years and a couple that should not be in that position. Since I did what my parents raised me to do (was respectful and said yes sir and no sir) I was not arrested, shot, or beaten. As far as Hollis I don’t know here but if she cant remember what happened but she had injuries maybe it was because she was in a bar fight? Plus I think he sounded pretty helpful if he let her sit in his car while she waited for numerous rides instead of just arresting her! What really upsets me about all this anti police stuff is there are innocent children being killed every day by thugs and this is what all the focus is on. Why doesn’t everyone take to the streets and internet to protest the gangs and drug dealers that are destroying our youths and neighborhoods.

  • DB

    I’m coming into this kind of late but the article does state that Torres has had 7 reprimands. Apparently, each was important enough to go on his record. Obviously, the reprimands came from within the Kenosha department’s human affairs group. It seems to me that folks are talking out of both sides of their mouth. Either you trust that the Kenosha police are properly managing their employees or you don’t.

    I think the least you can say about this officer is that he has a tendency to react instead of thinking.

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