Racine Unified teacher arrested on suspicion of OWI after serious, head-on crash in Caledonia

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CALEDONIA (WITI) -- A teacher is supposed to set an example for students, but a Racine teacher was arrested late Monday night, May 18th following a serious head-on collision in Caledonia. Police say it is believed she was driving drunk.

Caledonia police late Monday night responded to 6 Mile Road near Botting Road for a crash involving two vehicles that suffered significant damage.

Officials say the preliminary investigation revealed a eastbound vehicle, driven by 30-year-old Angela-Marie Maynard crossed the center line and collided with a westbound vehicle.

head-on collision in Caledonia

Both drivers had to be extricated from their vehicles and transported to the hospital. They were both later taken to Froedtert Hospital due to the severity of their injuries.

The driver of the westbound vehicle, 21-year-old Cameron Wolfgram, was taken to Froedtert via Flight for Life.

Lt. Gary Larsen says he's shocked both drivers survived.

"Both operators were trapped in their vehicle and were required to be extricated by the fire department. They did detect intoxicants on one of the drivers of one of the vehicles," Lt. Larsen said.

head-on collision in Caledonia

Police say Maynard was the driver of the vehicle headed eastbound, which crossed the center line. Maynard was arrested on suspicion of causing great bodily harm while intoxicated.  Charges will be forwarded for review to the Racine County District Attorney and toxicology results are pending.

A witness who was traveling behind Maynard told police Maynard had been weaving all over the road before the head-on crash.

"She said her driving was so poor that she had backed off her following distance because she was uncomfortable being behind her," Lt. Larsen said.

Racine Unified School District officials confirm Maynard teaches both high school and middle school students. The drama teacher now faces a felony charge after nearly causing a real-life tragedy.

"We see people arrested for drunk driving in all professions. It`s gonna be something she has to live with now. You know that people`s lives are forever changed," Lt. Larsen said.

Both Maynard and Wolfgram remain at Froedtert Hospital, but we're told they are now listed in satisfactory condition.


  • Dayleen Bergsrud

    This is ridiculous you guys are portraying her as a monster, and she’s not. Maydog is a great teacher and told model to us students. She has been there for us and helped us grow so much. People make mistakes. It happens, but this is not who she is. so before you decide to judge someone take a look into who they really are and try being in their shoes!

    • Nathan

      Well said! People are way too quick to judge other people based on one incident. Those in glass houses……

  • Fran

    Unfortunately you are not looking at this in the right prospective. The decision that the teacher made was wrong when she proceeded to get in her car and drive while intoxicated. The “accident”could have been alot more severe and lives could very well have been lost. The bottom line is that she was acting very irresponsible by getting behind the wheel and damaged a young man’s life forever.

  • Pedro Ventura

    That teacher is a great person but people always make false rumors. All the people who comment rude stuff obviously never met her before!

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