Facing millions in cuts, MPS School Board passes budget

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MILWAUKEE --  Facing millions less in state and federal funds, the Milwaukee Public School Board has passed a more than billion dollar budget for next year that will add positions and programs.

The school district faces $28 million in cuts in funding from state and federal funding. However, several cost saving moves are helping absorb the loss of funds.

After a spike in retirements, there is now a younger, cheaper workforce that MPS says will save about $7 million next year.

MPS says they have also restructured their administration services, and are seeing savings from changes in benefits.

The district says they'll add more than 30 new positions next year despite the large cuts.

It is still unknown exactly how much will be cut from schools across the state.  Governor Walker had originally proposed a $127 million cut in educational aid next year.

The plan is receiving backlash even among Walker's own party.  Cuts are expected to be scaled back as lawmakers hash out the state budget.

The MPS school board made some last minute changes to their own budget.  The district's lowest paid employees will be given higher raises next year.  More than a million dollars in unexpected tax revenue will pay for the bump.

The Board also approved a plan that ensures if the state budget is not cut as drastically as the district predicted, 20% of the money returned to the budget must be set aside for teacher's previously promised salary schedules.

The board will amend the budget in October when student enrollment is tallied.

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  • unionsbuiltamerica

    Another piece of Walker’s wave of destruction to WI on his way to the white house. What hard working trade will he go after next? Retirees were pushed out for cheaper and probably less qualified help. Thats fine we need more uneducated youth in kilwaukee anyway.

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