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Mysterious, woman-like figure captured on Mars by NASA’s Curiosity rover

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PASADENA, CA — Is it proof of life on Mars? Or just a bizarre rock formation that has people all over the world looking closely at a picture sent back from NASA’s Curiosity rover?

UFO Sightings Daily has brought attention to the picture, saying that the shape “looks like a woman partly cloaked.”

In a YouTube video, it also points out images in that same picture that “may” or “may not be” a dwelling and/or a vehicle and tracks.

Curiosity's Mars picture

Curiosity’s Mars picture

We’ll let you decide after watching the video:


  • Mel

    This is major, NASA will cover it up. But this is UNDENIABLE. It’s blurry because of the camera and just like in the old days the exposure rate is long, so movement makes the figure appear blurry and see through. Amazing.

    And for the doubters, seriously how selfish and small minded to think in a infini

    • Twist

      I am denying it. this is not irrefutable proof. I am not saying we are alone in the universe, I am just saying that when you look at clouds, you can also see images. I wouldn’t take that to mean that dragons are real. This is perspective without evidence. Irrefutable proof is what is required for your statement to hold water. It’s funny how people look for anything to grasp when trying to argue a statement without fact.

  • Mel

    And for the doubters, seriously how selfish and small minded to think in a infinite universe that we would be the only life in it.

    • Chelsea

      I am curious as to why you seem to think that, assuming there IS other life out there, that OUR science has to dictate what is possible for that life? Is it not entirely possible that we don’t know all there is to know about every single element in the universe and how another life form might be able to make use of it? Just a thought. There’s more that we don’t know than what we do.

    • isaac

      Chelsea, the “science” I used is fact and undeniable, everything in the universe requires energy, the Earth uses energy spinning, the sun uses energy emitting light/ radiation, we use energy and we also emit radiation (infrared), any type of being requires energy they require energy to move, to think, to breathe, to live, to grow and they need to acquire this energy somehow, the bigger the animal or cell or bacteria or any life form, the more energy it requires. There is also a thing called cosmic radiation, which we are protected from on Earth due to our magnetic field, but Mars lacks a magnetic field, this radiation is made of elements such as Oxygen that are lacking electrons, when these things hit matter, they will destroy the molecular bonds, to “reclaim” their lost electrons.
      I believe there is life out there, I clearly said that in the last post, but to simply think that there is currently life on Mars is preposterous, especially the “woman”, there is no way anything that big can survive with such few resources (no energy to live), with Mars’s weak atmosphere/ magnetic field (all sorts of harmful radiation leak into the world and destroy life) .
      Science is science, I never claimed to say we know everything, elements are actually continued to be made and discovered to this day, the latest in 2006. I just said very basic parts of science, no matter what intelligent life there is, the Pythagorean theorem remains true , all living organisms require energy, a nuclear bomb can destroy matter.
      Also, I’m not a nuclear physicist, but I believe a nuclear reaction, or something with extreme energy would have to occur in a body to add a proton to Carbon to create Nitrogen, but I think that Nuclear reaction would also destroy that body… I feel like destroy isn’t the right word… it would cease to exist as matter. We as humans are water based life forms, like a year ago, I believe scientists digitally created a silicone based Liposome, which hypothetically means that it is possible for other forms of life to exist, but that doesn’t mean certain forms of radiation would not act to them the same way, radiation can hurt anything that is made up of molecules.

    • Angelic

      maybe its a statue from long ago, you’re still basing all your arguments on the ‘known’, try to have an open mind

    • Tyler

      So Angelic, as Isaac is obviously using the scientific method and making logical conclusions on what he is given, how is he being closed minded? There is no open and closed minded in the terms of science, just proven and unproven hypothesis creating what we know today. And to be honest, it looks like a ridge with sand blowing across it.

    • Terry

      What we do not know about the universe would fill our solar system and beyond. There may be life that lives on radiation. There may be life that exists on CO2. Science once said the earth was flat and gravity was an idiotic theory. Knowledge is a never ending search and requires an open mind. Having said that this is a rock formation.

    • Q

      Not arguing your point because all of what you said is fact based. But let’s entertain other possibilities. You asked where would she get her CO2, what if “she” is an extremophile? Then the organism (she) may exist living off of properties that we cant. Or even to a degree, able to exist in elements we have yet to even learn about? The fun thing about science is that we can always go off of what we know but upon new discoveries we have to forget all that we knew and accept the new data being presented.

    • Matt Perry

      Calum, your clearly selfish and small minded… lol (jokes)
      Come on Mel lay of the drugs, you have clearly been staring at the screen to long.
      And DITTO CRYS

  • TakeHim

    Just a suggestion, but what if she/he/it were a scout? Should they think we’re a threat you wouldn’t expose everyone..

    • Debra LeCompte (@morecowgirl)

      Priceless! I am sharing this just for your comment… BTW, we really didn’t want you to know that, and to be spreading it around. We needed a good place to shop for shoes.. that is the only reason we have bothered with this planet…

  • kyranravencroft

    Reblogged this on Kyran Ravencroft and commented:
    Wouldn’t be awesome if there was life on Mars and they looked more like something out of a John Waterhouse painting than the “little green men” we’ve become accustomed to expect?

    So what is this? A trickery of light and shadow? Dust or vapor perhaps? Or is it an elegant woman observing something alien to her?

    You decide! And be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section down below!

  • Ramjet

    Poor Martians being invaded by the blue planet Earthlings. Imagine if Martians are peace loving quiet natured types and along comes a-hole humans with their self destructive ways. Maybe we should leave poor Mars alone :(

  • chuck w

    First an alien face on facebook Discovery Pluto and now an alien on Mars too. Interesting interpretations!

  • jeff

    Science is NOT fact and undeniable. Science is accepted theory until proven wrong. Even Stephen Hawking accepts that. The figure is intriguing but the other circled objects just look like rocks to me. There is wind and dust on Mars so it most likely is that, but who knows? we no next to nothing about what is out there in space.

  • Dan

    If you Google woman on mars, there are several images that come up from NASA. This is not the first one. So as a tax payer, I’d like to see this followed up on. Send all of the death row inmates and inmates that are life without parole, there immediately to start cleaning up some of that dust.

  • Huby Blake

    That’s one tiny woman. Must be an elf or fairy. No wait, too small to be an elf or fairy. Must be from Lilliput, Mars.
    And those houses look uncomfortable. Like they have no room in them. Like they’re solid rock or something.
    Good gosh.

  • itchy

    of course there is life out there. there is not a doubt in my mind as well as most of the population at this point. but this photo shows the landscape. that is all.

  • itchy

    i believe that this picture is just put out there to make a mockery of the thought of life in other parts of the universe. which is so sad to see but not surprising

  • Mandyandnick Smith

    I’ll reserve my judgement for when we finally get some close clear photos of supposed life……the camera on the rover is a good one, yet all this so called proof is far off, smudgy and discriminant….with this in mind, I could probably see my grandmother on Mars given the right circumstance and angle..!!!!!

  • Kinoeye

    Once you examine this closely what you realize is that it is not a 3-d figure standing on that ledge. It’s actually the corner of that formation, an indentation, and the black area is either darker sand or, more likely, shadow from the angle. The “chest” of the woman is actually a smaller outcrop of rock, just like the larger outcrop to the immediate left. This is all just an optical illusion but once you see through it you can tell it’s just angle and shadow. Zoom in very close on the original picture and you will see! But it’s cool the way our minds can interpret these abstract shapes and “see” people and other objects where none exist!


    ok people cant live on mars its just a stupid rock that coincidentily looks like a woman just like the man on the moon is just abunch of craters that just happens to look like a face there is no oxegyn for people t be able to live on mars there is no food either so even if there was a woman on mars she would have died as a baby and would not be able to grow tobecome a woman so like i said it is just a rock and anyone who belives that this is an actual person is an idiot!

    • JC

      I can’t understand why it’s so hard for people to comprehend that the life that inevitably is out there, probably doesn’t share our same needs for life. It is extremely annoying that some of us are so ignorant and self-centered that we can’t fathom that there may be something or someone out there MORE intelligent. It’s just like the human race to believe that we take precedent over every single thing in this realm of space. For all we know, we are tiny peons on a bigger spectrum, but some of us only see through such a tiny lens and thats extremely unfortunate because you’re missing out on amazing things.

      • forrest crouch

        The issue with your comment is he didn’t say life doesn’t exist, he said this isn’t a picture of a woman. The universe is massive, with plenty of planets in habitable zones. The key ingredients for life are also some of the most abundant. With these two facts life is almost certain. The idea that there is life as complex as a bipedal hairless primate in such an oxygen lacking environment is malarky, however.

  • conspiro.net

    Marvin the martians girlfriend..
    Inquiring minds what to know..

  • EbonyFaery

    Yeah, great idea, bring back something from another planet that’s probably terrified and alone, and make humans look like bad people so that the rest of them come flocking to kill us all

  • Kiri Rachel Macfarlane

    Im not seeing it either. Im really trying to see the sign their talking about and I just cant. I think its just rocks and the “woman” is just a momentary sand swirl or something. Nothing in this seems unusual to me at all.

  • felix the angry trans alien sympathiser

    why the heck would you gender the alien . just because it has long “hair” ???? what the heck why are we putting genders on beings that have no way of knowing and thus conforming to societal concepts of gender ????? sh*t like this is why the aliens havent talked to us yet

  • Bernadette Pickering

    I’m sorry but you would really need some weird imagination to see that one!! Do you know what I don’t even think that thing is on Mars!!!

  • Gemma

    the man hole looking thing is odd and the rock that looks like a sign if you look to the bottom left there is something jutting out from it that almost looks like a camera to me, could it be a possibility that all this time the worlds major powers have been building underground bases on mars and people already live there (hence the woman) in case of a major apocalyptic event on earth in order for maybe not all the population but a majority are able to move to mars? could be? :-P seems odd that if the woman shape is a sandswirl that it looks exactly like a female humanoid.

  • Janet Olivia Cox

    If the arrow showing the ‘tracks’ went from right to left it looks exactly like the tracks of the smaller rock, the ‘tracks’ lead right to it, looks like it has fallen off the bigger rock (tent lol). The woman is nothing more than imagination just like a cloud formation looking like a dog or a dolphin. Why would aliens be a)male or female b) have the human form c) be enormous …oh and she looks like she is standing on a quarter cut sandwich!

  • cro

    cro here. sad that we humans think so shallowly. it is merely a rock..we read into it what we want to see or what is familiar to our reality. the odds are that life is all over the universe but likely at a different stage. it could be bacteria or a virus or further developed than we are. I hope so. imagine a place with clean energy , pure water and beings able to nurse our civilization along. one can only hope…

  • Rich S

    If it’s a woman, and she’s on Mars, I’ll bet she’s cold. Probably has a real case of Venus envy.

  • Rose Velasco

    LOL……Looks more like a ghost woman LOL…. its just a dark spot on the sand if you look around their are more dark spots with the same transparency around the edges. The one thing I did notice is the half buried face.

  • Crixe

    My thoughts exactly. If you take a picture of the same spot and things are different then you have proof of life. If you take photo after photo of it and nothing changes you have exactly that. Nothing..

  • stevenyatesitt

    This is most likely just another Pareidolia. if it takes someone pointing it out to you to notice it then even more so. Show me two photos of the exact same spot taken by NASA at the same time of day on another day, and what the hell a few photos during the day (this to illiminate the chance of change in lighting) and I’ll add credit to it assuming the ghostly figure (and why does it look ghostly? most likely due to it being a shadow) then I’ll say it’s a possibility.

  • Diana Massimo

    This is our eyes tricking us into seeing things that don’t exist.
    There is no water on Mars nor is there the proper atmosphere to sustain life..therefore people can’t exist on Mars. If there is life it certainly isn’t anyone like us, don’t go hoping you’ll find this image to be an ordinary Human woman like us. Only someone extremely gullible and not knowledgeable about basic astronomy and physics would think this represents a woman. :p
    It’s just perhaps red dust or random rocks that make the illusion of a “life like” image.
    Ever heard of Mars dust storms? They can change the way things look to the human eye.
    Now I’m not ruling out a “non human” kind of life on Mars but this can’t be a human woman as she would be dead by now. Not enough oxygen!!!!!

  • Manzoor

    it is not just a single discovery, it is a series of discoveries. life exists, humans also exist. they wear dresses, dress from top to toe, means certain cultural demand for a woman. so the pictures proved that a developed civilization does exist there. how strange? no clue of life, and all of a sudden a civilization???

  • Kesii

    Yawn. I would be happier than anyone if something was really ever found on Mars. But all this looking and looking and looking and scrutinizing blurry photos and looking at every rock to “find” something is ridiculous. The human brain is genetically hardwired to see faces and human shapes in things. This is a survival instinct so that when we were back in the caves and forests, we could see our enemies and wild animals hiding behind the rocks and trees. This is why we look at clouds and see things or inkblots. Those seeing Aliens see Human aliens, human faces, human-like machine parts, human-invented Yeti monsters. Now we have a human woman in a Victorian Dress and excuses as to why it’s blurry and see through. Do you idiots every look and ask what ELSE could it be? I do. Just to be fair and intellectual, to talk myself out of it. And I can always come up with some rational, realistic reason. If you know about Martian terrain, about geology, about the black carbon “volcanic” jets on Mars, or you even look around and find the exact, same light and shadow and rocks and shapes and angles and then go “oh…this is common”….then there’s no mystery, is there? But that’d take having an open mind. Instead of looking at every rock and shadow and change of soil and needing to make it something Human, that we know from Earth, because YOURE so small minded and selfish to think that Whoever or Whatever is out there would be exactly like you/us. Puh-lease. One thing I bet is “Martians” , surviving up there, don’t have to scrap notes on rocks to say hello to us.

  • Jeffrey


    I have been following UFO accounts since the 1950’s.

    Whilst the abundance of hoax material in recent years has been a distraction, perhaps what we should focus upon in trying to get to the truth are the accounts that have not been explained away. A good number of those authors – whether we wish to believe them, or not, are exceptional, not because of their account, but that they were even prepared to expose themselves to ridicule.

    I particularly have in mind senior scientists, astronauts, air crew, senior radar personnel – the list is endless! What possible enhancement to their careers, or credibility could they hope to achieve if they had produced lurid and bogus accounts. Would you?

    Sadly we have an American policitical system which has been deliberately geared up to suppressing those accounts which have nevertheless remained beyond dismissal. Other governments have been far more open.

    This is not the fabled ’emperors suit of new clothes’!

    Why would they do this? Perhaps we don’t need to look beyond the obvious, namely that anti gravity, atomic fusion, non reliance upon petro chemicals are already on the horizon, if indeed not already available to us; knowledge is power and if, as disclosed in the accounts respected witness’ have given are truthful, what other reason would governments need to act as they do in suppressing genuine experiences and which grow world wide daily? That, or of course all accounts are based on lies and a vain attempt to seek notoriety….

    Keep an open mind.

    The video? Perhaps pareidolia, but who knows

  • Matt

    For everyone who refuses to entertain the thought of this actual being other life, have you seen the photo from earlier this month where they found a crab drawn into the side of a rock formation on mars?

  • WhitewolfZ

    Obviously, there is no woman on Mars, at least a HUMAN one! No air to breathe and temperatures in the negative numbers in the dark, or 1000+ in the sun. Also, there is nothing to eat to sustain a human and nothing grows readily. Where would ‘she’ get liquid water? My money is on dust clouds or solar spots. Don’t get me wrong, though, I do believe there are hundreds of thousands or possibly millions of extra-terrestrial species that exist in our known universe. I just don’t believe they care enough about this little blue marble covered with our species, to make jokes of us.
    I’m just sayin’…

  • Len

    What’s not to believe ? Heck, there are many people who literally believe that everything in the bible is literally true, so why wouldn’t they also believe that these pictures prove there is life on Mars.
    Some people still believe the earth is flat, and is only 6000 years old.
    But then again, believing in something doesn’t make it true, does it ?

  • E.T

    There`s also an arrow above the first circle pointing to the nearest Kebab shop.Seriously,how can anyone think there is something to that picture.

  • dannyboy

    there is life on mars its silicon based and looks a lot like rock. they have names like detritus or sedimentary (sed for short) they messing with us cos they are really good at playing statues (nothing else to do up there) so they follow the rover and when it takes a pictures they try to look as rock like as possible.

  • Joydeb Saha

    It may be a rock…
    we don’t khow about the proper size of it…
    it also may be a creature…video is not clear at all…

  • Joydeb Saha

    if it is a creature then it is clear that there is a society on mars…and they r very small in size…

  • Tim

    any imagination and you can see anything you want. There are many things circled in the picture. doesnt anyone notice the rock formation to the figures left? to me it resembles a crocodiles head with a smiling face..I believe we are not alone and someday we will find that out

  • DanO

    in a dress, on mars Buhhhhh you idiots!!! Did you wanna see my lake property in the Everglades also… Go back to texting while your driving apparently you need to go a little faster that pole didn’t do enough.

  • silcox

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  • kabir

    Hey friends I have read some comments which can be true as Isaac said that science is science. As per me this where we are closer to them,as they can be observer of earth. So we also had taken small step towards them. Before this there was a big foot image was caught on Rover and Sphinx etc. As this can be our future or past or something else bit definitely will clear the water.

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