Woman faces charges for incident that injured two deputies, third person

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MILWAUKEE -- 23-year-old Kevina Freeman of Milwaukee faces several charges in connection with an incident that injured two Milwaukee County Sheriff's deputies and a third person -- her own mother. It all happened on I-894/43 near Loomis Road in Greenfield on Sunday, May 15th -- and the entire incident was captured on dashcam video.

Kevina Freeman

Kevina Freeman

Freeman faces the following charges:

  • First-degree recklessly endangering safety, use of a dangerous weapon (two counts)
  • Vehicle operator flee/ elude traffic officer resulting in bodily harm (three counts)

The criminal complaint indicates shortly after 11:00 a.m. on May 15th, a deputy observed a car with a temporary license plate traveling at a high rate of speed on I-894/43 near 60th Street. The deputy clocked the car driving "71 miles-per-hour in a 55 mile-per-hour zone." A traffic stop was initiated.

Once the vehicle was pulled over, a second deputy arrived on the scene to assist.

The driver of the car (Kevina Freeman) first identified herself as Terez Moss -- and told the deputy "she did not have a license or insurance." The deputy at that point called to have the car towed -- and ordered Freeman to remove any personal items from the vehicle.

Kevina Freeman

Kevina Freeman

The complaint indicates Freeman was taking a longer-than-expected amount of time to get her items from the vehicle. As a deputy approached the vehicle, he "opened the driver's side door, and the driver immediately put the vehicle into reverse and accelerated at a high rate of speed -- striking the front of a squad which still had its emergency lights activated, causing damage." The deputy that was beside the vehicle "held onto the driver's door as it reversed." He was thrown from the vehicle onto his back into the right lane of traffic. The other deputy was also thrown to the ground in the incident.

The complaint says the passenger from the car, Freeman's own mother, was struck by the car, "sending her into the median wall and causing an injury to her leg."

Kevina Freeman

Freeman pulled away from the scene -- and got away.

The entire incident was captured by a dashcam in the deputy's squad.

Kevina Freeman

Kevina Freeman

The complaint indicates Freeman was apprehended on May 18th. She provided investigators with an alibi -- stating "she was with her boyfriend" at the time of the alleged incident. But when investigators interviewed the boyfriend, he told them that Freeman stated "she was in an accident with a squad car." The boyfriend also told investigators "he did not want the defendant to 'put him into this (expletive)' and that he did not want to lie."

FOX6 News stopped by the home of the passenger in this case, Antoinette Coates.

"I'm fine, but I don't want to participate in any of this," Coates said.

Coates declined to provide further comment and closed the door when asked to confirm if Freeman is her daughter. Coates has been charged with obstructing an officer.

On May 10, Freeman failed to appear in court for a different case. If convicted on all five felony counts related to the May 15 incident, Freeman faces a maximum sentence of 43 years in prison. There could be an additional 10 years added as an enhancer for use of a deadly weapon. Freeman's bond has been set at $25,000.


  • Malai

    Oh my lord! Just plain silly… Verses getting a ticket, she’s going to do some serious jail time… What a way to spend your life.


      Serious jail time in Milwaukee County…..are YOU serious? ????? By the time the District Attorneys Office in Milwaukee gets done with this she’ll be looking at a Written Warning for defective tailights. Come on. The D. A. is up for election and needs this woman’s vote. Besides, we’re trying to REDUCE the Black prison poulation.

      • Malai

        If she doesn’t get that much time then that’s good for her.. Just going off what the news said.. No need to get defensive as if you’re actually getting paid for it 🙃


      Come on…..what she COULD face isn’t even close to what she WILL face. Forty Five years is serious. She won’t get a fraction of that, not if Chisolm has anything to say about it.

  • Klaatu

    Pretty girl…..too bad she’s stupid!! Now the boyfriend…..smart dude. He should run from this one and prosper in life!

  • Anonymous

    Why are people so ignorant in Milwaukee!? Really!? You nearly killed your friend and a cop all cause you are so damn stupid you thought you would give a fake name then run cause of a speeding ticket!? And kudos to the boyfriend. At least he didn’t keep the stupid “no snitching” BS going and allowing idiots like this girl to keep driving like an ass and putting others in danger. Keep it up and put liars, trash and degenerates behind bars, maybe, just maybe you will see an improvement in the city than. And PLEASE START EDUCATING YOUR CHILDREN WITH COMMON SENSE!!!!

  • milly

    I hope she repents for her misdeeds. She could have been shot by the deputy and the social justice warriors would have come out in droves against law enforcement.

  • Tired of the BS

    CCAP this young lady with the caterpillars crawling on her eyelashes. She’s a waste to society with no hopes of bettering herself. Come on, she ran over her own mother fleeing the police. I’m sure her mama’so proud!

  • Honza

    USA are absolutely crazy. 43 years in prison for this?? In Europe she would get maximum of 3 years of probation. Sick nation..

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