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Investigators raid home where they say illegal drugs were being made

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MILWAUKEE -- The High Intensity Drug Trafficking Agency (HIDTA) raided a home near the Milwaukee-West Allis border (near 70th and Arthur) on Wednesday, December 21st. Officials believe illegal shipments of MDMA (commonly called Ecstasy or Molly) were coming there. When officials got inside the home, a Wisconsin State Patrol lieutenant told FOX6 News officials found a clandestine lab in the basement.

wa3Investigators believe someone was cooking DMT, a drug related to meth, in that lab.

The Wisconsin State Patrol said one person was arrested -- believed to be producing chemicals in the basement.

Investigators wore hazardous materials suits going in, bringing a substance out. They said DMT is toxic and highly flammable.


Officials determined the rest of the neighborhood did not have to be evacuated. But they are looking into the possibility the person in the home was receiving illegal substances in the mail, cooking them and distributing what he made.

The Wisconsin State Patrol was leading this investigation. 24 law enforcement agencies are part of the HIDTA group targeting drugs in our area.



  • Poupsie

    Hey so, just your friendly neighborhood molecular biologist. DMT is for sure not anything like meth, on a chemical level, just FYI.

  • Peanut

    heh, thats what happens when a reporter googles dmt, sees dimethyltryptamine, sees meth in it and assumes its meth…

  • Corinne

    DMT is a naturally occurring substance of the tryptamine class. It can be found in a multitude of plants and animals, and is not considered to be ‘dangerous.’ Methamphetamine is a synthetic substance of the amphetamine class. The two substances are not closely related.

  • Mike

    Who the hell wrote this article? DMT has absolutely nothing to do with meth at all. You might as well written how coffee is connected to cocaine while you are at it. These people demonizing drugs don’t even know what the hell they are even talking about.

  • Chase

    I can’t believe anyone takes this reporting seriously. Stupid journalists/writers can’t even get their story correct. Fox Now, take this pile of misinformation down, or correct it. Media wants to talk about fake news, well here ya go, the incident may have happened but pretty much everything else in this article is bogus.

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