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Madison police chief guilty of misconduct after calling Tony Robinson’s grandmother a “raging lunatic”

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Madison Police Chief Mike Koval

MADISON — Madison Police Chief Mike Koval has been found guilty of misconduct after he called the grandmother of 19-year-old Tony Robinson, who was shot and killed by Madison Police Officer Matt Kenny on March 6th, 2015 a “raging lunatic.”

But the city’s Board of Police and Firefighters determined Tuesday, March 14th that Koval does not warrant being suspended, demoted or fired. Those are the only options available to the board.

Koval has apologized publicly for the June 7th incident outside of a Madison City Council meeting. It was there that Koval encountered Sharon Irwin, the grandmother of 19-year-old Tony Robinson who was killed by a Madison police officer in 2015.

Irwin tried to talk with Koval in the hallway and another person suggested she make an appointment with him. Koval responded he would not do that and that she was a “raging lunatic.”

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