Bucks won’t comment on ESPN report indicating they’ll no longer stay in President-elect Trump-branded hotels

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MILWAUKEE — Politics is playing a role in where some NBA teams are staying this season — and that includes the Milwaukee Bucks — according to a report from ESPN, which says the Bucks are no longer staying at President-elect Donald Trump-branded hotels.

Bucks officials on Wednesday, November 16th would not confirm or deny ESPN’s report, saying the team’s policy is to not comment on travel plans.

The Bucks were on the road in Atlanta Wednesday.

President-elect Donald Trump-branded hotel

According to the ESPN report, league sources said the Bucks, along with the Dallas Mavericks and Memphis Grizzlies will no longer stay at President-elect Trump-branded hotels when they play in New York and Chicago.

The ESPN report says the Bucks stayed at Trump Tower for a pre-season game in Chicago vs. the Bulls but the team has already made reservations elsewhere for when they head back this season.

The report says team officials made the decision “in part to avoid any implied association” with President-elect Trump.

ESPN: Milwaukee Bucks one of three teams no longer staying in President-elect Donald Trump-branded hotels

ESPN: Milwaukee Bucks one of three teams no longer staying in President-elect Donald Trump-branded hotels

Bucks fans FOX6 News spoke with Wednesday said the decision really doesn’t move them one way or the other.

Kurt Owens

Kurt Owens

“It makes no difference to me one way or the other. As a sports fan, it`s not political,” Kurt Owens, a die-hard Bucks fans said.

Owens said he didn’t like any candidate for president, and stayed home on November 8th.

“As long as (the Bucks) put a good product on the court, that`s the only thing that matters to me,” Owens said.

Van Mobley

Van Mobley

FOX6 News also spoke with Thiensville Village President Van Mobley, who is a vocal supporter of President-elect Trump.

Without confirmation from the Bucks, Mobley said he’s reserving judgement. He said if the ESPN report is true, it strikes him as petty.

“The message I would have for the Bucks is their business plan relies upon the participation of the voters in the state of Wisconsin and the voters in the state of Wisconsin voted for Donald Trump. The fact the Bucks owners may have contributed to Hillary Clinton makes no impact on whether I`d go down and watch a Bucks game,” Mobley said.

The political leanings of the Milwaukee Bucks’ owners are no secret.

Bucks co-owner Marc Lasry, his son Alex contributed to Hillary Clinton's campaign

Bucks co-owner Marc Lasry, his son Alex contributed to Hillary Clinton’s campaign

Both co-owner Marc Lasry and his son, Alex, who is a Bucks senior official, are listed on Hillary Clinton’s website as having donated or raised $100,000 for the campaign.

In 2015, politicians at the state and local level approved funding packages for taxpayers to cover half the cost of the $500 million arena being built in downtown Milwaukee.

Dallas Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban was also a prominent Clinton supporter.


  • David Fisher

    I was just getting back on the Bucks Band Wagon. You would think a team that is trying to build the attendance at their games would stay out of the news that would offend 80% of the PAYING fans. Seeing how Wisconsin was the reason Trump was elected, you would think a smart businessman would keep his views and actions neutral. They should take note on how well the NFL is doing with their fans because of the antics of the players. We may not go out and trash our city when we do not get our way, but we do work and make money. We will protest with our wallet. Good luck building your fan base with free tickets handed out in Milwaukee.

  • Dylan

    If the bucks organiztion starts this. I for one will not support them and will encourage. Friends and family to do the same

    • Liberal tears are so tasty

      I laugh at the Bucks, they can’t even GIVE tickets away these days. I wonder how they managed to Scam Milwaukee into building them a larger arena? Oh that’s right, they are friends with the crooked liberal politicians down there.

  • confused

    This is getting to be unbelievable. Trump won. Give him a chance. This behavior is so petty and childish. Remember how many were disappointed when obama won a 2nd term, and those people were told to suck it up? Well, they did. For four more years as the country got worse and worse between the workers and the takers, black and white, religious and non, illegals and those who became legal. Grow up. Work together.

  • liberty

    No more Bucks here either. The Elite Democrats never change, want to control everything. They act like immature children, but no loss the Bucks weren’t that good anyway. Milwaukee taxpayers loose again. I will push family and friends not to support them also.

  • Ava

    Grow up people. The Bucks have a right to not stay at Trump hotels just like you have a right to support trump. Only in Amerrikkka.

    • Liberal tears are so tasty

      Just like I have the right to call you liberals a bunch of hypocrite whiners, which you are. Freedoms are awesome aren’t they? Guess what, you would have had less freedoms if your pal Hillary wound up in office. I also choose to exercise my freedoms of not giving the Bucks a cent of my money either, so there you go.

  • Hell in a handbasket

    So Bucks fan Kurt Owens stayed home during the election? I thought the low voter turnout in Milwaukee was because of voter ID? MEDIA WRONG AGAIN!

  • ronny

    They simply shouldn’t said anything and gone about their business. Seeing owners are big Hillary supporters as their right to do so, they choose to make their grievance known regarding the most massive election loss in history by penalizing the hundreds of workers that would serve them. You will see attendance decrease at these game by at least 20 percent. But i guess people on the left are vindictive and intolerant.

    • Cry more Ronny!

      LOL you call us “vindictive” and “intolerant”, POT/KETTLE much. We just can’t stand seeing liberal cry babies stomp their feet every time they do not get their way then openly preach about “love and tolerance”, but yet you have proven time and time again that you are the least tolerant and loving of any group out there. I’d rather not give my money to a bunch of political propaganda cry babies that should stick to Basketball and stay out of politics.

  • Liberal cry babies get their feelings hurt

    That’s ok, if they want to be liberal cry babies then let them, it’s only hurting their pocketbook. This just gives me more reason not to ever attend a Buck’s game or spend any money on anything related to them. If they lose enough money maybe they’ll get the hint… or not.

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