Crash at 35th and Forest Home on Milwaukee’s south side

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MILWAUKEE -- Two people are hurt in a car crash at 35th and Forest Home on Milwaukee's south side early Wednesday afternoon.

Milwaukee police say a red minivan was heading south on 35th St. at a high rate of speed when the driver disregarded a red light. The van was struck by an eastbound car. The van spun around and struck an SUV before slamming into a light pole.

"My first instinct was that somebody had to still be in there because it just didn't look like anyone could have gotten out of that vehicle so I still don't really understand how they were gotten out," said Mary Liesch.

There were three teenagers in the minivan - a 16-year-old driver and 17 and 19-year-old passengers. All were taken to a hospital for medical treatment (none of them life threatening). People in the other cars were not hurt.