Green Bay Packers issue warning regarding playoff ticket scams

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GREEN BAY -- It will be a hot ticket one week from Sunday, when the Green Bay Packers host the Atlanta Falcons, the New York Giants, or the Detroit Lions, but will it be a legitimate ticket? Do you think you could tell a real playoff ticket from a forgery that will literally have you on the outside, looking in? There are some warnings you need to hear if you're planning on getting a ticket for the NFC Divisional Championship game January 15th!

Tickets to the January 15th game are prized pieces of paper. The printed value says $118, but if you're not careful, you could buy some that aren't worth the paper they're printed on!

John Lamoreaux is president of Ticket King, and says he's selling end zone tickets for the game for about 34 percent above face value. "They're not as high as I thought they'd be. Currently we're charging $159 for an end zone seat, which compares to a regular season game," Lamoreaux said.

At those prices, it remains scamming season at nearby tailgate parties and outside Lambeau Field. The Green Bay Packers issued their traditional playoff warning to fans considering buying those sought after seats. They say buyer beware: forgers and frauds can sell tickets anywhere.

Lamoreaux says the best way to avoid getting scammed is to use a credit card. He says that way, if your ticket turns out to be trash, you can work with your credit card company to recoup that cash. Lamoreaux adds to avoid buying from most sellers on the street, and look for local businesses associated with the NATB, or National Association of Ticket Brokers, or the Better Business Bureau. "When there's higher demand, and a higher priced ticket, (the crooks) are going to come out," Lamoreaux said.

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