Racine Senate recall candidates work to mobilize bases

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RACINE -- Wisconsin's gubernatorial recall candidates weren't the only ones hitting the campaign trail hard in the final weekend before voters take to the polls. Van Wanggaard and John Lehman -- candidates in the 21st Senate District recall election worked to connect with voters in what could be a close race.

Meeting with supporters and volunteers, Democratic candidate for Senate in Wisconsin's 21st District, John Lehman, says he's making the final push before Tuesday's election by mobilizing his base. The way Lehman makes that happen is by checking in with Democratic voters - going door-to-door in Racine.

"This is a very polarizing situation. This is a very 50-50 situation. I think a lot of people now have thought it through, and so we're really trying to get people out to vote," Lehman said.

Lehman's opponent and incumbent, Van Wanggaard is employing a similar strategy in the two days before the election.

"I think people pretty much have made the decision about how they'll vote. It's just making sure people understand the sense of urgency -- that people get out and vote and move our state forward, not backward," Wanggaard said.

Sunday, June 3rd, Wanggaard was accompanied by state Senator Alberta Darling of River Hills. Darling survived a recall election last year.

"I've had many of my colleagues out here and I've had Senator Darling out here numerous times. She understands the importance of this election, as do my other colleagues," Wanggaard said.

Both men say they'll keep up the pace until the very end.

"We need to keep the pedal to the metal. We can't have people thinking we've got it in the bag," Wanggaard said.

"We're getting a wonderful response and we're looking forward to Tuesday," Lehman said.

"I'm cautiously optimistic we're going to win this," Wanggaard said.

This race could be so close according to the candidates, that we could be watching it well after the governor's race is decided.

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