Charges filed in stabbing death of 57-year-old Milwaukee man

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Alexander Goodenough

Alexander Goodenough

MILWAUKEE — 28-year-old Alexander Goodenough has been charged with first degree intentional homicide in the stabbing death of 57-year-old Kenneth Johnson near 54th and Hopkins on Saturday, July 7th.

Johnson was pronounced dead at the scene, and a Medical Examiner’s autopsy report says Johnson was stabbed approximately 50 times, with a lethal stab wound to the back of his neck.

The criminal complaint in the case says Goodenough and Johnson, along with Goodenough’s girlfriend went to Chicago back in December of 2011, where Johnson apparently had sex with women and then got into bed with a man.

On the evening of the stabbing, Goodenough and Johnson were reportedly arguing, with Johnson telling Goodenough that another tenant “shouldn’t be turning tricks at his house.” Goodenough then told Johnson he shouldn’t talk, because “he has done stuff that people could say about him, like he goes both ways,” according to the complaint.

Johnson laughed and denied that he goes both ways, and Goodenough told officials Johnson was holding a knife. Goodenough and Johnson then got into a physical altercation, during which Goodenough told officials he “accidentally stabbed Johnson in the throat.” Goodenough told officials he then continued stabbing Johnson.

Goodenough told officials Johnson said “I love you” to Goodenough, and that’s when Goodenough stabbed Johnson in the back of the neck, according to the complaint.

The complaint says after Johnson collapsed, Goodenough took $150 lying near Johnson, and wrapped the knife in a towel and tossed it into a dumpster.

Goodenough told officials he then bought $100 worth of heroin, and he and his girlfriend and his girlfriend’s mother went to a hotel and got high.

If convicted, Goodenough could face life in prison.

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