Retired Elm Grove police K9 unit “Qai” passes away

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Elm Grove K9 Qai

Elm Grove K9 Qai

ELM GROVE — Elm Grove police officials say their retired K9 unit “Qai” passed away on Friday, July 20th at the age of 13 1/2.

K9 Qai was a German Shepherd trained in officer protection, search techniques to locate a suspect or a missing person, tracking of suspects, article/evidence searches, and drug detection.

During his years of service, Qai was most often used for his great ability to find illegal drugs.

During his tenure, he faced numerous deployments throughout Elm Grove and aided other law enforcement agencies throughout the State of Wisconsin.

In 2009, Qai and his handler, Assistant Chief Gus Moulas received the distinguished award of Canine Handler of The Year by the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Canine Handler Association.