Kids run the show during Junior Achievement’s BizTown

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MILWAUKEE -- 90 kids from the Boys and Girls Club had a chance to act like adults for the day on Thursday, July 26th during Junior Achievements "BizTown" program.

"They're learning about commerce, government, supply and demand, as well as checkbooks," Amy Learch with Junior Achievement said.

The goal of the program is to teach kids financial responsibility. Half a dozen adults took a back seat and let the kids run the show.

"Financial education and teaching youth to be responsible citizens is a top priority. The younger you start, the more they're going to learn it, and it's going to be part of their everyday life," U.S. Bank volunteer Diane Schneidler said.

The training inspired fourth-grader Juanita Lipsy, who served as mayor for the day.

"I hope I realize how to be a good leader, and be able to grow up and be a good leader. I kind of want to be mayor or governor or president," Lipsy said.

The kids earned two "paychecks." It was fake money, but the kids got to buy real items at stores!