Milwaukee’s Tour de Fat turns heads on the city’s streets

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MILWAUKEE -- "Fat Tire" beer is a type of beer Brew City cyclists know well. Recently, the label paid tribute to the men and women who ride on two tires with a part cycling, part alcohol celebration and masquerade, also known as the Tour De Fat!

Bikes of all shapes and sizes paraded around Milwaukee's downtown Saturday, July 14th.

Cyclists were encouraged to dress up in costumes to celebrate a kind of cycling carnival atmosphere. "Sam the Seamstress" enforces a sort of dress code, though what that code is, isn't exactly clear.

Dan Dreke rode his very uniquely built bike during the festival -- built with a reclining seat, two front wheels and one rear tire.

"It's called the Daydream Machine, because you're kinda angled up to the sky," Dreke said.

Pilot Evan Pack steered the half man, half machine bar on wheels. It travels up to six miles an hour, and pours 41 pints!

"There was beer involved in the production of this bike," Pack said.

The tour is sponsored by New Belgium Beer. It also raised money for the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin.

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