18-year-old man in custody following north side standoff

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MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police sealed off streets near 25th and Chambers on Milwaukee's north side as a standoff unfolded Thursday evening, August 2nd.

Christal West says it began near 10th and Burleigh, where West says two women were fighting when one got so upset, she called in another man with weapons, and they began shooting up houses in the area.

"I got off work early to come home to a war zone. If you look at the bullet holes, he had no regard for life," West said.

According to witnesses, no one was hurt.

West says the two then fled to 25th and Chambers, where the SWAT Team was called in. FOX6 News crews on the scene reported hearing police telling people to stay in their homes as the man apparently barricaded himself in a home.

"I've never seen anybody barricade himself in a house like this. I don't know what's going on with him, but that's crazy," one witness said.

Police were able to take an 18-year-old man into custody following what they say was a 3.5 hour standoff. Police say the initial shots fired near 10th and Burleigh stemmed from an argument among family members.

Police say their investigation into this incident is ongoing.

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