Sikhs react to new developments in Sikh Temple shooting case

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MILWAUKEE -- Members of the Sikh community reacted to new developments following the Sikh Temple shooting on Sunday, after a media briefing Wednesday morning. FBI Special Agent In Charge Teresa Carlson announced the gunman, 40-year-old Wade Michael Page died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head at the scene Sunday. Officials initially believed Page was fatally shot by Oak Creek police.

Members of the Sikh community Wednesday reacted to the news Page had turned the gun on himself. They say they believe Page's actions Sunday, killing six at the Oak Creek temple, were premeditated and his death was part of the plan.

"He already had his mind made up.  He wasn't going to leave the Sikh Temple alive, regardless if he were going to be killed by the officers or if he was going to commit suicide.  Either way, his wish did come true,"  Balhair Dulai, a member of the Sikh community said.

Instead of projecting anger, Sikhs are extending their sympathies to Page's family who says they're also grieving following the shooting.

"We are sorry that we lost seven people, including him.  His mom, the stepmother, the whole family is affected and I think we should stand with them also," Dr. Harcharan Gill said.

Sikhs say they are thankful for the show of support from around the world, through vigils and donations.  They hope to turn this tragedy into a positive lesson -- that the Sikh faith is one of compassion and love, not one surrounded by hate.

"We as Sikhs don't believe in hate.  We are a peace-loving community.  The only thing we'd like to stress right now, is let's get together and educate so this will never happen to anyone else and no one gets hurt," Dulai said.

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